Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hot Babes Protest Sex Industry

(Kiev, Ukraine) With Ukrainian women being a large portion of the workers in the international sex trade, some local women are expressing concern regarding their image. As a result, female students from several universities dressed themselves as hot prostitutes and protested in central Kiev.


Frankly, I'm somewhat confused since the protest could just as easily be called an advertisement for hot babes in the Ukraine.
"We are not for sale:" a group of Ukrainian women gathered in central Kiev to protest against the country's burgeoning sex tourism industry.

The women - students from several universities - dressed as prostitutes to draw attention to a problem many Ukrainians say is tarnishing their country.

"Lots of foreigners come here for sex, and to put it bluntly sex tours are now being sold. We don't want our country to become a big brothel. It's a shame and it's shameful," says one of the protestors.
Check out the video.

It's estimated that 12,000 prostitutes are employed in the Ukraine with 4,000 in Kiev alone. By the way, prostitution is illegal but enforcement isn't a priority.

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