Friday, June 29, 2012

Ukrainian Hookers Face Limp Market

(Kiev, Ukraine)
In spite of the inflow of football fans in Ukraine for the time of the European Football Championship, the number of clients for Ukrainian prostitutes has not increased. Human rights activists and public figures were saying before the start of Euro 2012 that Ukraine would turn into a big brothel. However, it turns out that it is the fighters against prostitution, who create such a negative image for the country.

In Ukraine, brothels can be found under "Massage Parlor" signs, presumably in the basements of buildings. Some houses of ill fame do not have any signs at all. A client faces a steel door and a doorbell only. The prices for sexual services are equal for both foreigners and locals. The average price makes up nearly 700-800 hryvnas per hour (3,000 rubles or $100).[...]

The local representatives of the most ancient profession in the world said that they did not notice an abrupt increase in the number of clients during the days of the football championship.

Many predict an increase of the number of sex tourists prior to major sports tournaments. However, such prognoses do not materialize in most cases. That's what happened in Germany in 2006, when several brothels went bankrupt.
Whether fact or fiction, the Ukraine is notorious for its prostitutes and brothels. Strictly from a scholarly perspective, I suggest visiting the Ukraine to observe and converse with the reportedly unemployed prostitutes would be most informative.

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