Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Weedkiller Treatment for Cancer?

A doctor is under federal indictment on 87 counts for allegedly defrauding insurance companies.

Standing silently at the center of a raging controversy over whether he is a quack or a miracle worker, Dr. Totada R. Shanthaveerappa faced his accusers in federal court Tuesday.

The diminutive 70-year-old Stockbridge doctor is charged with defrauding insurance companies by claiming he used orthodox medicines when he was actually using chemicals found in weedkiller to treat cancer patients and others. He quickly made bond and was released after making his first court appearance.

Outside the courthouse, defense attorney Don Samuel praised the Indian-born doctor's "pioneering efforts to save people's lives."

"He is making people's lives more bearable," Samuel said.
I don't know where Dr. Shanthaveerappa received his training but I'm sure he wasn't taught to administer herbicides to humans in any reputable medical school. However, since he comes from India, I speculate that it's possible he picked up some innovative home remedy tricks during his formative years on the subcontinent.

In a way, it makes sense. The loose logic of country doctorin' could lead to the conclusion that "If it kills the weeds, then surely it can kill the cancer." Of course, the same logic would conclude that Scotts Miracle-Gro would work for erectile dysfunction.

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