Thursday, September 21, 2006

Accused Molester Returned to Custody

(San Mateo, California) Last April, 35-year-old daycare operator Dedra Ann Archini pleaded not guilty to charges she engaged in sexual relations with her 13-year-old nephew. Archini was charged with six counts of statutory rape and a misdemeanor charge of child annoyance and released on $150,000 bail.

In August, now 36-year-old Archini agreed to a deal with the district attorney's office. She pleaded no contest to one count of child molestation in exchange for a one-year jail sentence. Sentencing was scheduled for this week.

But wait! Sentencing has now been delayed until October since Archini was found to have violated a no-contact order and emailed her 13-year-old victim sometime in the past few weeks. She also failed to meet with a doctor for evaluation as a pedophile. As a consequence, Judge Craig Parsons raised Archini's bail to $500,000 and she was taken into custody.

Presumably, Archini will have to negotiate a new plea agreement. Frankly, her behavior appears to warrant a meaningful stretch in the slammer.

[Update 10/11/06]

Archini sentenced.

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