Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another Priest Murdered in El Salvador

(San Salvador) A Roman Catholic priest, Rev. Ricardo Romero, has been murdered for no apparent reason. We see it happening regularly in El Salvador.

From Reuters:
The suspected murder of a Catholic priest, whose battered body was found on the side of an El Salvador highway on Monday, has mystified authorities in a country with a troubling history of killing religious figures.

The Rev. Ricardo Romero's body was found next to his car 42 miles west of the capital of San Salvador, with his skull crushed. Police said initial investigations ruled out robbery or kidnapping as a motive.

An employee at the rectory in the Pipil Indian community of Santa Catarina Masahuat where Romero worked said the priest had no known enemies.
El Salvador has a filthy history of killing priests which is ironic since the country was named for The Savior, he who delivers from danger. Trust me, there is no deliverance from danger in El Salvador.

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