Sunday, September 17, 2006

Child-Molesting Teacher's Aide Gets 7 Years

(Racine, Wisconsin) In November 2005, 33-year-old special education teacher's aide at Park High School, McKinley Middle School and Knapp Elementary School, Lisa Myhre (aka Lisa Street), was arrested and charged for alleged sexual assault of a boy over a two-year period starting when he was 14. She was booked and released.

In April of this year, Myhre was caught with another boy who, by the way, is the 16-year-old father of her infant child. New charges were filed for sex assault, obstructing an officer and bail jumping.

In June, Myhre pleaded guilty in accordance with a deal from the prosecution and this past Thursday, she sobbed as Judge Barry sentenced her to seven years in state prison. She also faces nine months in a county jail and eight years of extended supervision.

The judge ordered that Myhre's extended supervision period shall assure that "she is not to possess any items that would allow her to connect to the Internet, she must comply with the Sex Offender Registry and pay child support if required." Judge Barry also ordered that Myhre be barred from benefitting financially from her crimes.

Interestingly, Myhre's attorney, John Michael Matousek, didn't appear satisfied with the sentence. He remarked that the sentence seemed to be determined by the attractiveness of the defendant.
"The better you look, the less time you get," he said. "It seems to be an odd factor that occurs. Anybody who subscribes to that notion is ridiculous."
I'm not sure but it seems he's saying that his client suffers from seven-year's worth of ugly and it should not be that way in a court of law. Based on some recent examples, most notably Debra Lafave, I believe he's on to something.

Myhre's ex-husband, Donald Street, expressed relief that the episode was over. Life can return to normal for him and his three children.

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