Friday, September 01, 2006

Internet Love Mom's Visa Under Fire

(Perth, Australia) There's a new development in the 'American Mom and Aussie Schoolboy' story. As a reminder, 30-year-old Karen Anderson left her husband and toddler daughter Amanda in California to travel to Western Australia and engage in love-making with an Aussie schoolboy she met on the Internet, 16-year-old James Berry [also spelled 'Barry'].

According to a report from PerthNow, Australian Senator Ross Lightfoot has now questioned the legitimacy of Anderson's travel visa.
"Visitors' visas are for the purpose of tourism and/or family reunion.

"From long experience in representing members of my constituency I know that had Mrs Anderson made an application to enter Australia for the purposes of a romantic or sexual liaison, the application would in all probability have been refused."

Senator Lightfoot today alerted the Department of Immigration to the possibility that Mrs Anderson may have misrepresented the reasons for her visit to Australia and voiced his concerns should she apply for an extension to her existing visa or an alternative visa.

"I have been assured that should Mrs Anderson make a further application, it is likely to be closely scrutinised. Her financial status will be queried and, should she apply for a working visa, character, health and other matters will be examined.

"My preference would be to see this woman's visa cancelled today but if I cannot achieve that, I will do everything I can to ensure that she will be unable to return to Australia when her current visa expires. I have also advised the Minister's office," the Senator said.

"One wonders, had the roles been reversed and it was a 30 year of male entering Australia for the purposes of sex with a 16 year old girl, whether the community outrage would have been more manifest."
Given that the 16-year-old was reportedly a virgin prior to the arrival of Mrs. Anderson, it's understandable that the Aussies would express some outrage. I believe Mrs. Anderson's actions could be considered a form of sex tourism which has been recognized as a significant human rights problem. Many nations are struggling to eradicate the practice.

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