Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sex Offender Mom Violates Probation

(Cabarrus County, North Carolina) Three year ago, mother of three Amber Benitez Holt was convicted of taking indecent liberties with a minor for plying a 15-year-old girl with tequila and having sex with her. The trial judge ordered Benitez Holt to register as a sex offender and gave her probation with the stipulation that she possess no pornography.

A few months ago, Mrs. Holt's ex-husband, Victor Benitez, brought to the attention of authorities that Holt was producing pornographic images and videos for the Internet, some of which she actually appeared in. Probation officers subsequently searcher Amber and Mitchell Holt's home and found "hundreds of pornographic images, including pictures of Amber Holt herself."

A deputy testified he found sexually explicit chat under her screen name "myraginredhead."

Prosecutors also played a home video of couples engaged in various sex acts at a birthday party for Amber Holt's current husband, Mitchell Holt. While Amber Holt did not appear in the video, evidence showed she was present behind the scenes as it was produced.

[ ... ]

Amber Holt broke down crying as she made a brief statement after six hours of testimony and argument, telling the judge that it is "very hard to see my husband's and my personal private things exposed. We have tried to take every precaution. I'm sorry."
Get a clue, Mrs. Holt. If you want to keep something private, don't put it on the Internet.

Judge Erwin Spainhour ultimately sent Mrs. Holt to prison for producing pornography and possession of drugs in violation of the terms of her original sentencing agreement. Holt gets 90 days and three months 'intensive supervised probation.' She'll be home for Christmas.

One might conclude that the sentencing from her first trial was a bit too lenient to actually capture her attention. Of course, that's the rule, isn't it? Female sexual offenders are often not treated as serious criminals in courts of law.

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