Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ted Strickland's Employee Evaluation

In truth, this is not really an employee evaluation for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland. It's more of a general description of his performance as a worker, from which can be gleaned his attitude toward reliably showing up every day and plugging away at the many mundane tasks encompassed in a job.
A Washington Post analysis shows Strickland has missed more votes than all but two members of Congress. He is also rated one of the least effective members of Congress by the non-partisan group Strickland himself even admits in an interview that he "may not have left deep footprints in the Congress." In addition, he has never passed a piece of legislation during his 12 years in Congress.
My take is that Strickland's approach to working appears to be what I have often heard called "no-load" and "light-weight." They sometimes show up for work and, when they do show up, they don't do any work. Typically, organizations function infinitely better when the no-loads and light-weights are absent.

Tell me, am I reading Strickland right?


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