Friday, September 29, 2006

Wal-Mart Opens in Chicago

Great news for Chicagoans!

From Chicago Tribune:
More than 15,000 people applied for the nearly 400 jobs at the store, said Ed Smith, the store's manager, adding that 98 percent of the employees live in the neighborhood. He said the lowest paid employees make $7.25 an hour, something only two workers earn.
Brand spanking-new jobs plus always low prices have to be considered an all-around improvement for the community. This is capitalism at work and I'm all for it.

Alderman Emma Mitts is elated. "I'm going to celebrate," she said. Others did also at a morning ribbon-cutting ceremony which was described as "a cross between a church revival -- with the crowd of employees and Wal-Mart business executives shouting "Amen!" -- and a pep rally, with cheering and a performance by a high school marching band."

Next time you hear the union-backed Democrats belching their idea of what the people want, remember this post. And remember that the people want jobs and low prices. That means they want Wal-Mart.

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