Saturday, September 30, 2006

Women With Troubles - September 2006

The following is a listing of women with troubles reported in the news during September 2006. Each name is linked to an Interested-Participant blog entry displaying detailed information.
(AR) Deanna Bobo, 38,
teacher, married mother of 5 kids - Sentenced to 12 years in prison for sex assault of boy, 14,

(AZ) Veronica Bullock, 26,
mother of two - Pleaded guilty to sex abuse of boy, 12,

(CA) Dedra Ann Archini, 35,
daycare operator - Charged with having sex with nephew, 13. Rearrested for violating bail conditions and contacting victim.

(CA) Karen Anderson, 30,
neighbor, married mother - Embroiled in controversy for leaving family and running to Australia to be with schoolboy, 16, she met on Internet,

(CA) Beccy Hasselbarth, 34,
juvenile camp corrections officer - Charged with unlawful sex and oral copulation with inmate, 17,

(CA) Shanon Beth Hillhouse, 33,
school med. aide - Charged with unlawful sex with boy, 17,

(CA) Ann Elizabeth Miller, 27,
teacher - Sentenced to one year in jail for lewdness with boy, 15,

(CA) Adriana Renee Rivera, 28,
juvenile camp corrections officer - Sentenced to probation for unlawful sex with boy, 17,

(CA) Danielle Walls, 27,
teacher - Sentenced to one year in jail for unlawful sex with boy, 16,

(CO) Tammie Liberty Lee (aka Tammie Lee Reed), 40,
teacher - Arrested twice and charged for possession of methamphetamine,

(CT) Sarah Colby, 23,
MySpace friend - Arrested for sex assault of boy, 15,

(DE) Elizabeth M. Loper, 44,
babysitter - Charged with sexually assaulting 4-year-old boy,

(FL) Renee Dunham, 33,
neighbor - Charged with sex abuse of boy under 16,

(FL) Colleen N. Grear, 22,
neighbor - Charged with sex assault of boy, 14, allegedly seduced via MySpace,

(GA) Aimee Melissa Josey, 42,
web-surfing Mom - Faces trial for molesting boy, 14,

(ID) Rayenell Carmona Underwood, 27,
neighbor - Re-arrested for violating bail conditions and contacting boy, 14

(IL) Yolanda Dipert, 45,
neighbor - Faces multiple counts of child sex assault committed with brother-in-law, Lee E. Dipert, 50,

(IL) Kathy Miraglia, mid-30s,
teacher, married, three kids - Sentenced to 8 years in prison for engaging in sex with two teen students,

(KS) Melissa Contreras (aka Melissa Truman, Melissa Servaes), 33,
neighbor - Sentenced to 32 months in prison for aggravated indecent liberties with boy, 15,

(MA) Susan Clickner, 47,
teacher - Pleaded guilty to rape of boy, 14. Sentenced to 18 months in prison.

(ME) Jennifer Conant, 35,
homemaker and mother - Pleads not guilty to gross sexual assault of boy under 14,

(NC) Amber Benitez Holt,
neighbor- Sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating probation on unlawful sex conviction by publishing pornography on Internet,

(NC) Mary Kathryn Strain, 35,
divorcee - Arrested for statutory rape of boy, 15, starting in 2004,

(NY) Linda Christopher, 30,
neighbor - Sentenced to 30 days in jail for rape of boy, 16,

(NY) Marlene Herne, 39,
Brownie scout leader - Sentenced to 18 months in prison for abusing girls , ages 7 through 9,

(NY) Lina Sinha, 41,
teacher - Plea deal on charges of rape, sodomy rejected by judge. Next court date Oct.18.

(OH) Dawn M. Fisher, 33,
neighbor - Pleaded no contest to unlawful sexual conduct with boy, 14, who fathered her child,

(OK) Teresa Lea Delancy, 34, and Phillip Delancy, 38,
couple - Arrested for rape, molestation of boy, 14,

(OK) Monica Watson, 42,
neighbor - Arrested and charged for attempted solicitation of boy, 14, via MySpace,

(OK) Elisa Dawn Nielson, 31,
YMCA basketball coach - Convicted of child molestation of 11-year-old boy,

(OR) Suzanne Swift,
U.S. Army soldier - Charged with being AWOL, claims sexual harassment,

(SC) Kimberly Moody Alexander, 45,
teacher, married, two kids - Arrested for performing lewd act on boy, 14,

(TX) Laniece Linthicum, 26,
neighbor - Admitted to sex with boy, 16,

(TX) Deborah Joyce Lux (aka Deborah Joyce Conway), 32,
neighborhood mother - Charged with sex assault of two boys, ages 13 and 16,

(UT) Roselyn Luke, 46,
teacher - Faces rape, sodomy charges of boy, 12, in 1990-91 school year,

(UT) Cameo Patch, 29,
teacher, recently divorced, 3 kids - Sentenced to probation for oral copulation of boy, 17, because she's female, the judge said.

(VA) Bonnie Sue Davis, 35,
special ed. teacher - Pleads guilty to dramatically reduced charges related to alleged sex with boys, ages 14 and 15, and gets sentenced to nothing,

(WI) Angela M. Kalscheur, 25,
youth counselor - Charged with sex assault of boys, ages 16 and 17,

(WI) Lisa Myhre (aka Lisa Street), 33,
special ed. teacher, mother of 3 kids - Sentenced to 7 years in prison for sex assault of boy, 14.
As always, I thank the tipsters.

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