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Women With Troubles - September 2006

The following is a listing of women with troubles reported in the news during September 2006. Each name is linked to an Interested-Participant blog entry displaying detailed information.
(AR) Deanna Bobo, 38,
teacher, married mother of 5 kids - Sentenced to 12 years in prison for sex assault of boy, 14,

(AZ) Veronica Bullock, 26,
mother of two - Pleaded guilty to sex abuse of boy, 12,

(CA) Dedra Ann Archini, 35,
daycare operator - Charged with having sex with nephew, 13. Rearrested for violating bail conditions and contacting victim.

(CA) Karen Anderson, 30,
neighbor, married mother - Embroiled in controversy for leaving family and running to Australia to be with schoolboy, 16, she met on Internet,

(CA) Beccy Hasselbarth, 34,
juvenile camp corrections officer - Charged with unlawful sex and oral copulation with inmate, 17,

(CA) Shanon Beth Hillhouse, 33,
school med. aide - Charged with unlawful sex with boy, 17,

(CA) Ann Elizabeth Miller, 27,
teacher - Sentenced to one year in jail for lewdness with boy, 15,

(CA) Adriana Renee Rivera, 28,
juvenile camp corrections officer - Sentenced to probation for unlawful sex with boy, 17,

(CA) Danielle Walls, 27,
teacher - Sentenced to one year in jail for unlawful sex with boy, 16,

(CO) Tammie Liberty Lee (aka Tammie Lee Reed), 40,
teacher - Arrested twice and charged for possession of methamphetamine,

(CT) Sarah Colby, 23,
MySpace friend - Arrested for sex assault of boy, 15,

(DE) Elizabeth M. Loper, 44,
babysitter - Charged with sexually assaulting 4-year-old boy,

(FL) Renee Dunham, 33,
neighbor - Charged with sex abuse of boy under 16,

(FL) Colleen N. Grear, 22,
neighbor - Charged with sex assault of boy, 14, allegedly seduced via MySpace,

(GA) Aimee Melissa Josey, 42,
web-surfing Mom - Faces trial for molesting boy, 14,

(ID) Rayenell Carmona Underwood, 27,
neighbor - Re-arrested for violating bail conditions and contacting boy, 14

(IL) Yolanda Dipert, 45,
neighbor - Faces multiple counts of child sex assault committed with brother-in-law, Lee E. Dipert, 50,

(IL) Kathy Miraglia, mid-30s,
teacher, married, three kids - Sentenced to 8 years in prison for engaging in sex with two teen students,

(KS) Melissa Contreras (aka Melissa Truman, Melissa Servaes), 33,
neighbor - Sentenced to 32 months in prison for aggravated indecent liberties with boy, 15,

(MA) Susan Clickner, 47,
teacher - Pleaded guilty to rape of boy, 14. Sentenced to 18 months in prison.

(ME) Jennifer Conant, 35,
homemaker and mother - Pleads not guilty to gross sexual assault of boy under 14,

(NC) Amber Benitez Holt,
neighbor- Sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating probation on unlawful sex conviction by publishing pornography on Internet,

(NC) Mary Kathryn Strain, 35,
divorcee - Arrested for statutory rape of boy, 15, starting in 2004,

(NY) Linda Christopher, 30,
neighbor - Sentenced to 30 days in jail for rape of boy, 16,

(NY) Marlene Herne, 39,
Brownie scout leader - Sentenced to 18 months in prison for abusing girls , ages 7 through 9,

(NY) Lina Sinha, 41,
teacher - Plea deal on charges of rape, sodomy rejected by judge. Next court date Oct.18.

(OH) Dawn M. Fisher, 33,
neighbor - Pleaded no contest to unlawful sexual conduct with boy, 14, who fathered her child,

(OK) Teresa Lea Delancy, 34, and Phillip Delancy, 38,
couple - Arrested for rape, molestation of boy, 14,

(OK) Monica Watson, 42,
neighbor - Arrested and charged for attempted solicitation of boy, 14, via MySpace,

(OK) Elisa Dawn Nielson, 31,
YMCA basketball coach - Convicted of child molestation of 11-year-old boy,

(OR) Suzanne Swift,
U.S. Army soldier - Charged with being AWOL, claims sexual harassment,

(SC) Kimberly Moody Alexander, 45,
teacher, married, two kids - Arrested for performing lewd act on boy, 14,

(TX) Laniece Linthicum, 26,
neighbor - Admitted to sex with boy, 16,

(TX) Deborah Joyce Lux (aka Deborah Joyce Conway), 32,
neighborhood mother - Charged with sex assault of two boys, ages 13 and 16,

(UT) Roselyn Luke, 46,
teacher - Faces rape, sodomy charges of boy, 12, in 1990-91 school year,

(UT) Cameo Patch, 29,
teacher, recently divorced, 3 kids - Sentenced to probation for oral copulation of boy, 17, because she's female, the judge said.

(VA) Bonnie Sue Davis, 35,
special ed. teacher - Pleads guilty to dramatically reduced charges related to alleged sex with boys, ages 14 and 15, and gets sentenced to nothing,

(WI) Angela M. Kalscheur, 25,
youth counselor - Charged with sex assault of boys, ages 16 and 17,

(WI) Lisa Myhre (aka Lisa Street), 33,
special ed. teacher, mother of 3 kids - Sentenced to 7 years in prison for sex assault of boy, 14.
As always, I thank the tipsters.
Hells Angels Raided

(Ontario, Canada) The Ontario Provincial Police conducted major raids this week in an operation aimed at taking down the criminal enterprises of the Hells Angels.

At the centre of the raids was the Hells Angels Oshawa chapter, where police uncovered a plot to kill a "recruiter" who was trying to rebuild the Bandidos bike club -- long-time rivals of the Angels, said a source familiar with the investigation.

Police have already seized assets, including their beloved motorcycles, but are now setting their sights on their businesses and clubhouses.

Investigators say the world's largest bike gang has moved well beyond the illicit drug trade to owning businesses, including restaurants, bars, tow truck companies and fitness clubs -- assets the police are now targeting under proceeds of crime legislation.
The took their motorcycles. I guess they'll just be angry pedestrians now.
HIV Called "Gay Disease"

It appears that the dictionary of political correctness may have to be revised.

One of Southern California's most influential gay institutions has launched a controversial ad campaign that describes HIV as a "gay disease."

The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center's departure from 20 years of countering the idea of AIDS as a gay plague is designed to reach gay men who have grown complacent about the illness.

The message "HIV is a gay disease" and the tag line "Own It. End It" will appear on billboards and in magazines.
Controversial? I would guess it's inflammatory. Since the onset of HIV infections in the early 1980s, homosexual advocates have adamantly maintained that it's not a gay disease and all segments of society are at equal risk. Statistics, however, indicate otherwise.
In Los Angeles County, about 75 percent of HIV cases are among men who have had sex with other men. But nationwide, gay and bisexual men account for about half of recent HIV transmission, according to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.
Unfortunately, AIDS/HIV has been primarily political in nature and less of a public health issue. It needs to be handled as a public health problem.

It's probably safe to assume that at least some members of the gay community will protest the campaign.

Companion post at The Jawa Report.
Babysitter Accused of Raping Boy

(Dover, Delaware) A 44-year-old babysitter, Elizabeth M. Loper, was arrested for sexually assaulting a 4-year-old boy she was watching at her home. The incident allegedly happened on September 15 and police were notified by the Child Advocacy Center after the boy was interviewed.

Loper has been charged with rape, endangering the welfare of a child and committing a dangerous crime against a minor. She is being held at the Women's Correctional Institution with bond set at $9,000.

Tip: Don Morgenstern

Friday, September 29, 2006

Schwarzenegger Vetoes Driver's Licenses for Illegals

(Sacramento, California) Eight times wasn't a charm.

From SacBee:
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed legislation Thursday to allow illegal immigrants to obtain California driver's licenses, marking the eighth consecutive year such proposals have died.
German Muslim Sentenced for Honor Killing of Sister

(Wiesbaden, Germany) A 25-year-old German Muslim of Turkish origin, Ali Karabey, was sentenced today for the shooting death of his sister, Gonul. The murder was committed to preserve family honor by preventing Gonul from marrying her German boyfriend.

According to testimony, Karabey tracked his sister to a hideout she used after running away from home. Once he found her, Karabey shot her repeatedly.

Karabey was sentenced to life in prison, however, German law specifies that he can be released in 15 years. Fifteen years for cold-blooded, premeditated murder seems awful lenient but it's better than the hand slap he likely would have received in Turkey.
SHOCKER! Wildlife Doo-Doo Major Polluter

That's right. Smokey the Bear, Mother Goose, Bambi, Peter Rabbit and all their furry friends living in the wilderness are dropping daily loafs of steaming ecology which are subsequently flushed by rainfall into the streams and rivers. And, of course, the steaming ecology in the stream and rivers is measured by scientists and called pollution. Significant pollution. In fact, wildlife pollution exceeds human or livestock pollution in a number of rivers.

Holy moly, Batman! What do we do?

I don't have an answer but it must be a galling problem for the environmentalists who regularly advocate for the pristine purity of nature. I don't think they anticipated that the 'pristine purity' would be accompanied with animal pee-pee and doo-doo. Environmentalists are so obsessed with nature that they apparently forgot what every rational person knows. Bears do sh*t in the woods.

Nonetheless, people are scratching their heads on the problem. One suggestion was to force the wildlife to use diapers but I don't think that idea will get much support. The wildlife port-o-potty and the animal litter area ideas seem unworkable. So, what do we do? Who knows?

Frankly, the news of significant wildlife pollution is a direct result of advances in methods and sensitivity of scientific analyses. It seems measurement has become so precise that a bear can defecate in Montana and a biologist in New Orleans can test the Mississippi River water and tell you what the bear ate.
Debra Lafave and Nick Carter

Arguably the most well-known child molester, Debra Lafave, apparently has a history with former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. On yesterday's Howard Stern radio program, Carter revealed that "he dated Debbie LeFave, 23, for 18 months when they were classmates." According to Carter, he broke up with her when he discovered that she was unfaithful to him "with a girl."

Well, hubba-bubba! Lafave was switch hitting and Carter was heartbroken. Carter also related to Stern his sex experiences with Paris Hilton who he characterized as snooty. Readers are cautioned to realize that Carter is promoting a television show so his recollection of his sexual escapades may well be exaggerated.

Nonetheless, it's noteworthy that Lafave seemed to be unfaithful well before her sexual liaison with a student broke up her marriage and got her convicted as a molester.

Tip: Jason Cann
Wal-Mart Opens in Chicago

Great news for Chicagoans!

From Chicago Tribune:
More than 15,000 people applied for the nearly 400 jobs at the store, said Ed Smith, the store's manager, adding that 98 percent of the employees live in the neighborhood. He said the lowest paid employees make $7.25 an hour, something only two workers earn.
Brand spanking-new jobs plus always low prices have to be considered an all-around improvement for the community. This is capitalism at work and I'm all for it.

Alderman Emma Mitts is elated. "I'm going to celebrate," she said. Others did also at a morning ribbon-cutting ceremony which was described as "a cross between a church revival -- with the crowd of employees and Wal-Mart business executives shouting "Amen!" -- and a pep rally, with cheering and a performance by a high school marching band."

Next time you hear the union-backed Democrats belching their idea of what the people want, remember this post. And remember that the people want jobs and low prices. That means they want Wal-Mart.
Blog Rage

Usually collegial Dean Esmay posted a rant yesterday where he wrote that Michelle Malkin, Little Green Footballs, JihadWatch and The Jawa Report are traitors. Dean's post and resultant comments contend that the aforementioned sites treat all Muslims the same and fail to recognize that there are good Muslims who are allies of the United States. He asserts that doing so means we are not embracing our allies that are Muslims, therefore, we are traitors to them.

Dean doesn't cite any specific examples, rather, his entire basis for his rant is gross generalizations of what he perceives the authors think. In doing so, he does exactly what he's accusing others of. Nonetheless, his traffic has likely spiked as Instapundit, Michelle Malkin, and others have linked to him. And there have been responses.

The general criticism is that Dean doesn't back up his accusations. Specific criticism is varied. Michelle Malkin says Dean's rant is simple traffic bait and an example of how not to argue about Islam or anything else. LGF calls it an impression of a yapping chihuahua. And The Jawa Report (Vinnie) does a bit of line-item fisking of Dean's words. Vinnie also mentions that Dean appears to spend too much time trying to impugn Christianity while neglecting to grasp the close association of terrorism to Islam.

My first thoughts on Dean's psychological ungluing were that it was an attack on me personally since I contribute regularly to The Jawa Report. Secondly, I was struck by the remarkable similarity between Dean's outburst and Bill Clinton's theatrics during the recent interview with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. Other than seething acrimony, neither Clinton nor Dean presented a sound basis for their accusations. Nonetheless, people will turn their heads when they hear something shrill.

In summary, I see Dean Esmay getting a traffic spike while, in a Clintonesque way, he ignites dialogue about Islam.
School Medical Aide Accused of Sex with Boy

(Elk Grove, California) A 33-year-old medical assistant at a Sacramento High's St. Hope Academy, Shanon Beth Hillhouse, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly engaging in sex with a 17-year-old student. Elk Grove Police investigators believe the sexual episodes occurred at Hillhouse's home over the past week.

Hillhouse faces two counts of oral copulation and unlawful sexual intercourse with a male student under the age of 18. She was booked into the Sacramento County Jail and she is scheduled to be arraigned today.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Woman Accused of Sex Abuse of Boy

(Lehigh Acres, Florida) A 33-year-old Lehigh Acres woman, Renee Dunham, was arrested earlier today for allegedly engaging in sex with a boy under the age of 16. Dunham was charged with sexual abuse of a child and lewd and lascivious behavior with a child.

According to a Lee County Sheriff's Office release, a suspicious message on the boy's cell phone led to the boy confessing to his father that he had engaged in sex with Dunham. The father alerted the police.
Layoffs At Zippo

Effective tomorrow, Zippo Manufacturing Co. will layoff 121 employees, about 15% of its workforce. The company blames Chinese knockoffs of its trademarked lighter for hurting sales. Also blamed are Transportation Security Administration regulations, high fuel prices and anti-smoking pressure.

Looking ahead, I foresee more shrinking of the market for Zippo lighters and additional downsizing just because fewer and fewer people are smoking. Except overseas, but that's where the knockoffs can prevail with impunity.

Worth mentioning is the real problem with selling a product of such quality and durability that there is little repeat business. Zippo has to rely on brand new customers to buy their product and those people are dwindling with the intense opposition to smoking.
Teen Girls and Flying Bra

(Toledo, Ohio) Tuesday was not a good day for James Campbell. Driving on I-75, he swerved to avoid an object coming towards him and ended up rolling his car several times. Both Campbell and his passenger, Jeff Long, sustained severe injuries.

So, what was the unidentified flying object? It wasn't a piece of tire, a rock, or even an animal.

It was a red bra, previously hung on the antenna of a Mercury Sable occupied by four teenage girls who, well, went a little wild. And the Ohio Highway Patrol is considering charges against them.

Mr. Long, 47, of Toledo, said he and Mr. Campbell, 37, also of Toledo, saw the girls sticking their pierced tongues out and making inappropriate gestures toward them. He said one girl climbed from the back of the car to the front, hung a red bra on the antenna, and rolled up the window.
Obviously, the bra didn't stay attached to the antenna, flew through the air and startled Mr. Campbell. So, in addition to a fractured vertebra in the neck and a broken thumb, Campbell was given a ticket for failure to control his vehicle and not wearing a seat belt.

Campbell's story was supported by witnesses who saw the girls, all 17 years old, flashing other motorists. It's not clear whether they will be cited.

In all my years of driving, I've never experienced any Girls Driving Wild. Maybe it's because I don't brake for unmentionables.
Kuwait Increases Security Level

(Kuwait City) Not surprising, Ayman al-Zawahri opens his mouth and people get jumpy.

From Arab Times Kuwait:
The Ministry of Interior has raised the security level around the country particularly the sea following threats issued by the deputy leader of the al-Qaeda network Ayman Al-Zawahri to strike at Kuwait, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting senior security officials.

A reliable source said the terrorist might most likely try to infiltrate into the country via the sea during the month of Ramadan.
Al Qaeda attacking from the sea? Suicide swimmers? That would be new, I believe.

Nevertheless, everybody would be less jumpy if Ayman Al-Zawahri's mouth were shut ... permanently.
Getting Tail?

I easily sympathize with Winter, a baby dolphin, which lost its tail after becoming entangled with fishing line.

Winter, a bottlenose dolphin, was a frail, dehydrated 3-month-old when she came to Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution in December. But marine scientist Steve McCulloch immediately saw this rescue was unique -- Winter not only needed a new tail but also the key joint that allows it to move in powerful up-and-down strokes.
Goes without saying ... without the joint, there wouldn't be any up-and-down strokes. One doesn't have to be a marine biologist to know that.

To correct the condition, a team of scientists is working on designing a new tail for Winter. It's expected to be an expensive prosthetic and it will have to be replaced with newer larger versions as the dolphin grows. A dolphin in Japan was fitted with an engineered tail and it cost $100,000.
The Joking Convict

How sick is this?

(Marietta, Ohio) So, this guy, who is in prison, tells a woman to send him some pics of a naked little boy. She does and the corrections officers discover them. Both are then prosecuted.

From The Marietta Times:
Angelo Santos, 35, had faced up to eight years in prison and $15,000 in fines for soliciting the photos, which were sent to the prison in late 2004 by Becky K. Smith, 36, of 95 Sandhill Road Apt. 4.

Santos agreed Tuesday to plead guilty to a fifth-degree felony charge of pandering obscene material involving a minor. In exchange for the plea, prosecutors dismissed two related charges.

Santos' attorney, Rolf Baumgartel, of Marietta, said his client was merely joking when he requested the photos. He said the man is not a sex offender and not sexually aroused by boys or men.

"This was a very poor joke that went too far," Baumgartel said.
Ha ha! Some joke.

Becky Smith gets six months for her part in the scheme.
Teacher Susan Clickner Sentenced

(Lowell, Massachusetts) In the summer of 2005, 46-year-old eighth-grade science teacher at Blanchard Middle School, Susan Clickner, was arrested and charged with statutory rape of 14-year-old boy. She pleaded not guilty to statutory rape and was released on bail.

Clickner allegedly lured the 14-year-old into the back seat of her car and molested him April 2005. Subsequently, the boy told his parents who alerted police.

The case against Clickner came to conclusion yesterday.

From Lowell Sun:
A former Westford school teacher is headed to jail after she pleaded guilty in Lowell Superior Court this morning to raping a 14-year-old male student in the backseat of her car last April.

Susan Clickner, 47, of Groton, was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in jail, with 18 months to serve, followed by five years probation after she admitted that during the 2004-2005 school year she had sex with one of her science students, an eighth-grader at the Blanchard Middle School in Westford.
Judge Kenneth Fishman ordered Clickner to register as a sex offender and also barred her from teaching.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Brownie Leader Gets 18 Months for Sex Abuse of Girls

(Massena, New York) In October 2005, 39-year-old former Girl Scout Brownie leader Marlene Herne was arrested for allegedly abusing five girls in her troop.

In April of this year, Herne was indicted on 28 counts, including felony counts of sexual abuse, forcible touching, endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated sexual abuse. The acts of abuse were against five girls, ages 7 through 9, from 2003 to 2005. She pleaded not guilty.

In July, Herne admitted to abusing three of the girls between 2003 and 2005 and this week she was sentenced to 18 months in prison. She was also ordered to register as a high-risk sex offender and serve ten years probation.
Woman Sues for 3rd-Parent Status

(Toronto) Check out this story. It appears to me that it leads directly to the legalization of polygamous relationships.

From Globe and Mail:
A woman in London, Ont., wants the Ontario Court of Appeal to recognize her as the third parent of a boy she's raising with her lesbian partner.

The application, if allowed, would be believed to mark the first time in Canada a child would legally have more than two parents, and would fundamentally change the definition of the word "family."
If a child has two moms and one dad, why couldn't the youngster have 10 moms and one dad?
Terrell Owens Attempts Suicide

(Dallas, Texas) Sports news! Dallas Cowboys high-priced star Terrell Owens attempted suicide last night by taking an overdose of pills. Apparently, he was depressed. My sentiments have already been expressed by Texas Fred.
Anyone that is SERIOUS about committing suicide doesn't do it with a friend there to stop them, they don't call the Suicide Prevention Hotline or 9-1-1 so the call can be traced and the paramedics can 'ride to the rescue,' and they don't make a spectacle out of it when they're a $25 MILLION dollar 'baby' for an NFL team ...

Someone intent on committing suicide is the person who's remains are found, plain and simple, and ANYTHING less is a cry for help or attention ...

All I can say to Terrell Owens is, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again, and better luck NEXT time ....
Actually, I don't wish Owens dies but I do wish he wasn't such a baby. He needs intense therapy.

[Update 09/28/06]

Terrell Owens now says he didn't attempt suicide even though it was in the police report. More drama for the Dallas Cowboys to contend with. Sheesh!
Ted Strickland's Employee Evaluation

In truth, this is not really an employee evaluation for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland. It's more of a general description of his performance as a worker, from which can be gleaned his attitude toward reliably showing up every day and plugging away at the many mundane tasks encompassed in a job.
A Washington Post analysis shows Strickland has missed more votes than all but two members of Congress. He is also rated one of the least effective members of Congress by the non-partisan group Strickland himself even admits in an interview that he "may not have left deep footprints in the Congress." In addition, he has never passed a piece of legislation during his 12 years in Congress.
My take is that Strickland's approach to working appears to be what I have often heard called "no-load" and "light-weight." They sometimes show up for work and, when they do show up, they don't do any work. Typically, organizations function infinitely better when the no-loads and light-weights are absent.

Tell me, am I reading Strickland right?

Female Teacher Accused of Rape, Sodomy of Child

(Provo, Utah) A 46-year-old sixth-grade teacher at Sunset View Elementary School, Roselyn Luke, has been accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with a 12-year-old boy 15 years ago. The victim, now 27, alleges the sex abuse occurred several times during the 1990-91 school year. According to Utah law, the statute of limitations time period of four years for her alleged crimes doesn't start until the alleged abuse is reported.

Luke faces two counts of rape of a child, two counts of sodomy upon a child and two second-degree felony charges of sexual abuse of a child. Luke was terminated from her teaching position.

Notably, a comment thread on another site contains the insights of several former students who seriously question the credibility of the accuser. Additionally, school officials have indicated that no other students have come forward with accusations and, therefore, conclude that the Luke case is an isolated incident.

[Update 02/26/07]

Charges dismissed.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pakistan War-Gamed the U.S.

Before deciding to join the war against the Taliban, Pakistani President Musharraf assessed the consequences of not joining the U.S. effort.
"I war-gamed the United States as an adversary," Musharraf writes. "The question was: if we do not join them, can we confront them and withstand the onslaught? The answer was no ... Our military forces would be destroyed."

"The Americans would undoubtedly have taken the opportunity of an invasion to destroy (Pakistan's nuclear) weapons... Our economic infrastructure, built over half a century, would have been decimated," he says.

"We could not endure a military confrontation with the United States from any point of view," he adds.
Teacher Busted for Meth, Again

(Grand Junction, Colorado) In October 2005, 40-year-old first-grade teacher at Lincoln-Orchard Mesa Elementary School, Tammie Lee Reed, was arrested at her home for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana. The Mesa County School District put Reed on paid administrative leave.

The drugs were found while police were investigating a theft complaint from her estranged husband. She was booked and released on $7,600 bond.

Notably, since last October Tammie Lee Reed has legally changed her name to Tammie Liberty Lee and, under that name, she was arrested Sunday as a suspect in a check fraud case. During booking, the now 41-year-old Lee aka Reed was found to be in the possession of methamphetamine.

After a short time, the deputy heard screaming coming over the jail radios and found a detention officer attempting to open Lee's mouth and repeatedly yelling at her to "spit it out." The officers told the deputy Lee had placed baggies containing meth in her mouth and was trying to swallow them, the affidavit said.

Another deputy placed a Taser against Lee's back and told her he was going to deploy it if she didn't comply. After she continued to struggle with the officers, the deputy deployed the Taser, then deployed it again after she became more combative and difficult to control. Lee then spit out the baggies, according to the affidavit.

The detention officers told the deputy they discovered the meth during the strip search when Lee turned her back to them and attempted to push the baggies into a body cavity. She then threw the baggies into a toilet, grabbed them out of the toilet, shoved them in her mouth, spit them out after she was hit with the Taser, grabbed one of the baggies and tried to shove it back into a body cavity before detention officers got it away from her, the affidavit said.
WHOA! Meth freak goes bananas. Drama in the booking room! [To clarify ... make that 'suspected' meth freak.]

Yesterday, in a classic "Well DUH!" moment, Lee aka Reed told Mesa County Judge Craig Henderson that she was in jail against her will. Judge Henderson replied, "People in jail usually are."

A battery of charges is expected to be filed on Friday. Lee aka Reed will likely face counts of check fraud, theft of between $500 and $15,000, possession of a controlled substance, evidence tampering, introduction of contraband, obstructing a peace officer and violating bail-bond conditions.

Lee aka Reed was due to be tried this week for the charges from last October but that's been delayed since she asked for a new lawyer. Meanwhile, she's still on paid administrative leave from the school.

[Update 01/10/07]

Lee pleads not guilty to all counts. Trial date scheduled.
Another Priest Murdered in El Salvador

(San Salvador) A Roman Catholic priest, Rev. Ricardo Romero, has been murdered for no apparent reason. We see it happening regularly in El Salvador.

From Reuters:
The suspected murder of a Catholic priest, whose battered body was found on the side of an El Salvador highway on Monday, has mystified authorities in a country with a troubling history of killing religious figures.

The Rev. Ricardo Romero's body was found next to his car 42 miles west of the capital of San Salvador, with his skull crushed. Police said initial investigations ruled out robbery or kidnapping as a motive.

An employee at the rectory in the Pipil Indian community of Santa Catarina Masahuat where Romero worked said the priest had no known enemies.
El Salvador has a filthy history of killing priests which is ironic since the country was named for The Savior, he who delivers from danger. Trust me, there is no deliverance from danger in El Salvador.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Al-Qaeda Big Omar al-Faruq Killed

(Basra, Iraq) Formerly a leader in Jemaah Islamiya and a July 2005 escapee from Bagram prison in Afghanistan, Omar al-Faruq was killed by British forces in southern city of Basra today. Faruq was killed while resisting arrest during a pre-dawn raid by about 200 British troops.

Faruq was an active and important terrorist, having worked with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in the Philippines before beginning his career as an important liason for al-Qaeda in Southeast Asia. He admitted during questioning to being responsible for a series of church bombings in Indonesia in 2000 and several unsuccessful terrorist plots in 1999 and 2000.

Illustrating his close relationship to al-Qaeda leadership, Omar al-Faruq, aka Mehmood Ahmed Mohammed, escorted Ayman al-Zawahiri on a tour of Aceh, Indonesia, in 2000.

Cheers to the Brits on their success.
Bill Clinton Has Issues

Okay, can we all agree that former President Bill Clinton is under a heap of stress? I think so. And, as with anybody, there's a breaking point. There's that moment in time when one can't take it anymore and one must "spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."

Consequently, it's understandable that Clinton reached the breaking point in an interview with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace yesterday. Wallace asked a seemingly straightforward question about Clinton's efforts to kill Osama bin Laden and the stress-ridden former president let his temper flare. Reaching the breaking point is a character trait in everyone but the threshold varies considerably. Clinton seems to have been caught at a bad time, with a mountain of stress.

Fortunately, the release of raw emotion seemed contained during the years of his presidency. Presumably, the job was as stressful, finger on the nuclear button and all, as his current vocation but he seemed to be able to relieve that stress regularly and thereby not lose his temper and act irrationally.

Therefore, I suggest we all put Monica Lewinsky on our Christmas lists.

Companion post at The Jawa Report.
Egypt Bans European Newspapers

(Cairo) Astonishing! U.S. ally in the Middle East, Egypt, apparently doesn't have any appreciation of a free press. I guess if one bans the messenger, the truth doesn't exist.

From Reuters:
Egypt has banned editions of two French and German newspapers, Le Figaro and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, because of articles deemed insulting to Islam, the state news agency MENA said on Sunday.

Under a decree issued by Information Minister Anas el-Feki, the two editions will not be able to enter the country, it said.

"They published articles which disparaged Islam and claimed that the Islamic religion was spread by the sword and that the Prophet ... was the prophet of evil," it added.

The edition of Le Figaro, dated September 19, contains an opinion piece on Islam and the Prophet Mohammad by French philosopher and high school teacher Robert Redeker.

"Merciless warrior, pillager, murderer of Jews and polygamist -- that is how Mohammad portrays himself in the Koran ... Hatred and violence live in the book by which every Muslim is educated, the Koran," Redeker wrote.

The edition of the German newspaper, dated September 16, contains an article by German historian Egon Flaig looking at how the Prophet Mohammad was a successful military leader.
Next will likely be book-burning and fatwas against writers. It's a thrill a minute with Islam.
No Sense of Irony in Islam

Charles Krauthammer states, as many people have, that Islam is a belief system that breeds fanatics without a sense of humor. More so, they have no sense of irony.
They fail to see the richness of the following sequence. The pope makes a reference to a 14th-century Byzantine emperor's remark about Islam imposing itself by the sword, and to protest this linking of Islam and violence:
• In the West Bank and Gaza, Muslims attack seven churches.

• In London, the ever-dependable radical Anjem Choudary tells a demonstration at Westminster Cathedral that the pope is now condemned to death.

• In Mogadishu, Somali religious leader Abubukar Hassan Malin calls on Muslims to "hunt down" the pope. The pope not being quite at hand, they do the next best thing: shoot dead, execution-style, an Italian nun working in a children's hospital.
"How dare you say Islam is a violent religion? I'll kill you for it" is not exactly the best way to go about refuting the charge. But of course, refuting is not the point here. The point is intimidation.
And, it works. Everyone kowtows to these fanatical thugs.
Somali Refugees Flock to Kenya

(Nairobi, Kenya) As the fundamentalist Islamic Courts Union destabilizes the country of Somalia, fearful refugees are flocking to Kenya for safety. According to Emmanuel Nyabera, spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), a massive relief operation may be required since the camps in Kenya have reached capacity.

From The East African:
Since September 13, more than 3,400 Somali have escaped fighting in their country to find refuge in Kenya, bringing the tally to almost 25,000 since the beginning of the year. There are more than 227,000 refugees already in Kenya, mainly from Somalia and Sudan.

Mr Nyabera said that, from interviews with UNHCR officials, it had emerged that the refugees, who are mostly women and children, were mainly from Mogadishu, Kismayu, and Lower Juba province.

Incidentally, these regions are not so far in the hands of the Islamic Courts Union.

Outside Mogadishu, the Islamic Courts are in control in the provinces of Lower Shabelle, Benadir, Middle Shabelle, Hiran, Gelgedut and parts of Mudug region.

Refugees from Baidoa -- the seat of Somalia's interim government -- have also started trickling into Kenya.
From a big picture perspective, both Somalia and Sudan are being taken over by warring Islamists and the people who don't convert to Islam are running for their lives. Both the Sudanese government and the Islamic Courts Union have vowed to fight any peacekeepers sent to quell violence.

So far, the UN has only talked about East African strife and the African Union's attempt at keeping peace in Sudan failed. Unlike 1991 when Somalia was a media darling, the current situation is getting considerably less emphasis. Consequently, the march of Islamic belligerence in Africa continues.

East Africa is not a teapot yet but give it time. Sooner or later, it will whistle.

Companion posts at In The Bullpen and The Jawa Report.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

U.S. Blamed for Attack on U.S. Embassy

How nuts is this? In the spirit of "the woman caused her own rape," Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says that the U.S. is to be blamed for Muslims attacking the U.S. Embassy.

From Arab Times:
Syria's 40-year-old president was asked why the United States should be considered at fault for an attack that Assad said appeared to have been carried out by Syrians.

"Because they contribute to hopelessness here, to silencing dialogue between cultures," he said.
So, America contributes to hopelessness and silences dialogue? Well, I guess you could believe that if you believe that Islam is the religion of peace.
NYT Scoops Intelligence Leak

Today's New York Times announces that the Iraq War worsens the threat of terrorism. The source of the information is the classified National Intelligence Estimate, the principle authoritative document for a defined national security issue. The disclosure came courtesy of "several officials in Washington involved in preparing the assessment or who have read the final document."

So much for security clearances, eh?

The Times also notes that "some government officials were unhappy with the structure and focus of earlier versions of the document" and, therefore, it took two years to complete. Apparently, unhappiness is an excuse for not producing. I presume that readers of the National Intelligence Estimate just have to guess which parts were prepared by the happy and the unhappy government officials.

It might be asserted that unhappiness in government employment led directly to the headline-grabbing nugget that the Iraq War worsens terrorism. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if the story had been largely drafted before the unhappy government officials were even consulted. It happens sometimes, an opinion searching for a basis, flimsy or otherwise.

Even so, it's hardly news that the Iraq War inflames terrorists. What doesn't? Publishing cartoons of Mohammad in Denmark, or anywhere else, and Playboy magazine in Indonesia worsens terrorism. Sending girls to school in Afghanistan and the mere existence of Israel fires up the fanatics. And, don't dare let the Pope read a book or a nun will be murdered and churches will be firebombed. The list goes on. Abu Ghraib. Gitmo. A movie by Theo Van Gogh. Everything and anything seems capable of worsening the threat of terror.

As a tactic, terrorism is not going to disappear. Therefore, it must be fought, globally and in Iraq. Interestingly, the NYT mentions that Iraq has become the primary training ground for terrorists since they no longer can go to Afghanistan. Simple logic tells us that Iraq is the place to dedicate military resources if the goal is terrorist bud-nipping. Unfortunately, simple logic doesn't apply when a newspaper's opinion pieces are masqueraded as news.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Child Sexual Assault

(Paris, Maine) In August, 35-year-old homemaker and mother, Jennifer Conant, was indicted on charges of gross sexual assault of a boy under 14 years of age. Conant allegedly engaged in sex with the boy during a number of episodes in 2004 and 2005. At the time, the boy was 12 and 13 years old.

Earlier this month, Conant pleaded not guilty to five counts of gross sexual assault against the boy. According to Assistant District Attorney Richard Beauchesne, the earliest trial date will be in December.
Teacher Education

Check out this quote from the Education Schools Project.
Teacher education in the United States is principally a mix of weak and mediocre programs.
Doesn't surprise me in the least. There's more at SCSUS.
Convicted Teacher Challenges Teacher/Student Sex Ban

(Hartford, Connecticut) Here's an interesting report. A teacher was convicted of sexually assaulting two of his students and, subsequently, appealed his conviction on grounds that the law banning sex between teachers and students is unconstitutional.

The lawyer for Van Mckenzie Adams told the high court yesterday that teachers have a right to have sexual relations with students who are 16 or older. Attorney Richard Emanuel, says the state law under which the teacher was convicted is unconstitutional and "overly broad."
The Connecticut Supreme Court is currently deliberating the issue.

Tip: Jason Cann

Companion post at Conservative Thinking.
Shocker! Female Teacher Gets No Jail

(Spotsylvania, Virginia) The sex crimes case of teacher Bonnie Sue Davis has finally come to conclusion.

To refresh readers' memories, Davis, a 35-year-old special education teacher at Courtland High School, was arrested and charged with nine offenses involving sexual relations with two students, ages 14 and 15. She ultimately faced counts of sodomy and indecent liberties with a child.

Then, at some moment in time, the prosecution decided that a deal would be offered to Davis where the felony charges would be dropped in return for a guilty plea. It's not clear why this was done. I can only assume that the prosecution had a weak case and decided to quickly get it over with. I believe they should have dropped all charges if they were not going to pursue the case with vigor. In any event, Davis was only charged with misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency.

Yesterday, Davis pleaded guilty under an Alford plea which means she acknowledges that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict her. Apparently, it also means that she can loudly announce her innocence and claim she was railroaded which she commenced doing right after yesterday's proceedings.

Nonetheless, she was sentenced to no jail and no probation for two misdemeanors. It troubles me that the outcome was not more definitive. Either Davis should have been exonerated by dropping all charges or there should have been a trial. Instead, justice in the case is nothing.

Previous posts:
07/21/06 - Teacher Sodomy Case Progresses,
04/01/06 - Teacher Arrested for Sodomy of Two Boys.

Companion post at Conservative Thinking.
Osama Reported Dead, I'll Believe When I See His Head

(Paris) My brow is furrowed. Reportedly, leaked information from a French secret document says Osama bin Laden died last month in Pakistan from typhoid. Supposedly, the information originally came from the Saudis.

From Khaleej Times:
"According to a usually reliable source, the Saudi services are now convinced that Osama bin Laden is dead," the document said.

"The information gathered by the Saudis indicates that the head of Al Qaeda was a victim while he was in Pakistan on Aug. 23, 2006, of a very serious case of typhoid which led to a partial paralysis of his internal organs."

The report, which was stamped with a "confidential defence" label and the initials of the French secret service, said Saudi Arabia first heard the information on Sept. 4 and that it was waiting for more details before making an official announcement.
According to the French Defense Ministry, the scoop was published in a French regional newspaper, L'Est Republicain. There is no confirmation of the story by anyone so far. Pakistani officials released a statement denying any knowledge of the story.
Leader of Ansar al-Sunnah Captured

What a way to start Ramadan? Catch the murdering thug Muntasir al-Jibouri. Priceless.

Iraqi state television has reported that the leader of Ansar al-Sunna, a group with links to al-Qaeda in Iraq, has been captured along with two of his aides.

Muntasir al-Jibouri was arrested in the town of Muqdadiya, about 80km northeast of Baghdad, in the troubled province of Diyala, the report said.
It's not clear who his captors were but it's logical to assume he'll spend some time in an Iraqi prison. More pricelessness.

And, because of Ramadan, Jibouri will have to spend his days fasting, getting cranky from not eating, and having nothing to blow up.

Companion post at The Jawa Report.
Woman Accused of Solicitation for Sex

(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) A 42-year-old woman from Parkville, Missouri, Monica Watson, was arrested by the FBI on a complaint of traveling across state lines for the purpose of engaging or attempting to engage in illicit sex. Watson allegedly solicited sex from an undercover officer who posed as a 15-year-old boy.

According to the FBI, the boy's parents alerted the authorities after discovering that their then 14-year-old son was receiving inappropriate communications from an adult woman. A detective then assumed the identity of the boy and continued the communications with Watson.

I suspect that the boy had a MySpace account.

[Update 09/26/06]

This report confirms that a MySpace account was used in the communications between Watson and the boy. Also, her case will go to a federal grand jury next month.

[Update 06/03/07]

Watson pleads guilty and is sentenced to prison.
Sex Offender Mom Violates Probation

(Cabarrus County, North Carolina) Three year ago, mother of three Amber Benitez Holt was convicted of taking indecent liberties with a minor for plying a 15-year-old girl with tequila and having sex with her. The trial judge ordered Benitez Holt to register as a sex offender and gave her probation with the stipulation that she possess no pornography.

A few months ago, Mrs. Holt's ex-husband, Victor Benitez, brought to the attention of authorities that Holt was producing pornographic images and videos for the Internet, some of which she actually appeared in. Probation officers subsequently searcher Amber and Mitchell Holt's home and found "hundreds of pornographic images, including pictures of Amber Holt herself."

A deputy testified he found sexually explicit chat under her screen name "myraginredhead."

Prosecutors also played a home video of couples engaged in various sex acts at a birthday party for Amber Holt's current husband, Mitchell Holt. While Amber Holt did not appear in the video, evidence showed she was present behind the scenes as it was produced.

[ ... ]

Amber Holt broke down crying as she made a brief statement after six hours of testimony and argument, telling the judge that it is "very hard to see my husband's and my personal private things exposed. We have tried to take every precaution. I'm sorry."
Get a clue, Mrs. Holt. If you want to keep something private, don't put it on the Internet.

Judge Erwin Spainhour ultimately sent Mrs. Holt to prison for producing pornography and possession of drugs in violation of the terms of her original sentencing agreement. Holt gets 90 days and three months 'intensive supervised probation.' She'll be home for Christmas.

One might conclude that the sentencing from her first trial was a bit too lenient to actually capture her attention. Of course, that's the rule, isn't it? Female sexual offenders are often not treated as serious criminals in courts of law.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Cablevision Gives Stock Options to Dead Guy

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York is investigating Cablevision Systems Corporation, apparently, for good reason. The company granted options to Vice Chairman Marc Lustgarten after he had died and then backdated the documents to before he died. As a result, Lustgarten's estate is entitled to exercise the options at will since he's dead.

Something stinks in Cablevision's management.
Rattlesnakes at NY Highway Rest Area

(Painted Post, New York) Now that cool autumn weather has arrived, the infestation of timber rattlesnakes, Crotalus Horridus, at the Interstate 86 rest area outside Corning is no longer a problem. The area is in the southern Finger Lakes region.

Timber Rattlesnake
Crotalus Horridus

The snakes are still there but the ambient temperature has forced them into their dens. Consequently, New York upstaters don't have to worry about stepping on them.
Woman Gets 30 Days for Rape

(Albion, New York) Last May, 30-year-old Medina woman, Linda Christopher, was arraigned for engaging in sex with a 16-year-old boy. In June, Christopher pleaded guilty to third degree rape and faced a possible four years in prison.

This week, Christopher was sentenced to 30 days in jail. She must also complete 10 years probation and register as a sex offender.

Thirty days for rape cannot be considered stiff.

Tip: Don Morgenstern
Egypt Wants Nukes

Just great. That's what we need. Another klepto-thugocracy with nukes.

President Hosni Mubarak on Thursday called for Egypt to pursue nuclear energy, as the US ambassador said Washington would be willing to help its Mideast ally develop a peaceful program.

[ ... ]

US Ambassador to Egypt Francis Ricciardone said the United States had no problem with an Egyptian nuclear program and was ready to supply technology to help.
Aren't we nice?
Hezbollah Victory Celebration

(Beirut, Lebanon) Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah is in Beirut to deliver a victory speech today. Apparently Hezbollah won something.

Tens of thousands of people are streaming into Beirut for the 'divine victory' rally where victory celebrations will be held by Hizbullah in Dahiya, Beirut, following the war with Israel.

The rally is expected to begin at 4:30 p.m. and according to the Arab media, people began arriving from across the city and villages in south Lebanon from Thursday evening in order to find space.
The celebration is going to be broadcast on the Hezbollah house organ, al-Manar. Check your local listings.
Illegal Aliens in Duffel Bags

(Falfurrias, Texas) Try to imagine a method by which illegal aliens haven't tried to sneak into the U.S.

In two separate incidents Wednesday, border patrol agents in Falfurrias found nine undocumented immigrants hidden under layers of blankets and sealed in two nylon duffel bags.
Being sealed in a duffel bag in the hot Texas climate must have been like a stove.

As most informed people are aware, the liberal press thinks it fools people by calling illegal aliens 'undocumented immigrants.' On the contrary, it merely highlights the political agenda of the putatively 'objective' journalists.
Immigration Bills Passed

Interested readers should take time to review the latest immigration-related legislation passed by the House of Representatives. Digger has encapsulated the salient points well.
Immigration Law Enforcement Act (HR 6095) passed 277-140 (link),

The Border Tunnel Prevention Act (HR 4830) passed 422-0 (link),

The Community Protection Act (HR 6094) passed 328-94 (link).
Be sure to check out how your Congressman voted. It would be nice to hear the arguments against these bills. I consider them to be reasonable and necessary.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Beauty Queen Teacher Avoids Prosecution on Sex Charge

(Carrolton, Texas) In June, 25-year-old Spanish teacher at Hebron High School, Amy McElhenney, was arrested and charged with having an improper relationship with an 18-year-old student, a second-degree felony.

McElhenney, a former Miss Bexar County beauty queen and contestant in the Miss Texas Beauty Pageant, posted $5,000 bond and was released.

Today, a Denton County grand jury declined to indict McElhenney for the alleged sex offense.

McElhenney's resolution is consistent with the cases of Debra Lafave and Pamela Rogers. The pretty ones seem to get little or nothing for their inappropriate behavior.

Companion post at Conservative Thinking.
Wal-Mart Discounts Drugs

Announced today, Wal-Mart intends to sell hundreds of generic drugs for a flat $4 per prescription. Wal-Mart's opponents are going to be miffed.

I can't imagine that all opponents, primarily Democrats, will criticize this move by Wal-Mart. Some will, I'm sure. Those with a modicum of common sense will logically trumpet the drug program because there are a lot of voters who will directly benefit. Those Democrats that are shackled to the unions will still find something about the drug deal to complain about.

Nonetheless, upon initial review, the new Wal-Mart program appears to be a great idea.
HS Govt Class: Supreme Court Elected Bush

On Tuesday, the teacher in my son's 12th-grade American Government class complained that Al Gore actually won the 2000 presidential election and George Bush was named President because of his buddies. Specifically, the teacher said it was relationships with brother Jeb Bush and Florida SecState Katherine Harris coupled with a majority conservative Supreme Court that made George Bush President of the U.S.

I sense an underlying distaste for the American form of representative democracy on the part of this teacher. Possibly, she's not the best match for teaching American Government.

Companion post at The Jawa Report.

[Update 09/26/06]

In followup conversations, my son assessed that at least 80 percent of the entire student body either hates President Bush or thinks he's simply stupid. My son blames the fact that the youngsters get most of their news and opinion from The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert. Obviously, readers should take with a grain of salt all second-hand information and realize there was nothing scientific employed in the gathering of the information.

Nonetheless, it has a ring of substance. And it all takes place in Middle America, not California nor Massachusetts, in a fairly conservative region of Ohio.
Accused Molester Returned to Custody

(San Mateo, California) Last April, 35-year-old daycare operator Dedra Ann Archini pleaded not guilty to charges she engaged in sexual relations with her 13-year-old nephew. Archini was charged with six counts of statutory rape and a misdemeanor charge of child annoyance and released on $150,000 bail.

In August, now 36-year-old Archini agreed to a deal with the district attorney's office. She pleaded no contest to one count of child molestation in exchange for a one-year jail sentence. Sentencing was scheduled for this week.

But wait! Sentencing has now been delayed until October since Archini was found to have violated a no-contact order and emailed her 13-year-old victim sometime in the past few weeks. She also failed to meet with a doctor for evaluation as a pedophile. As a consequence, Judge Craig Parsons raised Archini's bail to $500,000 and she was taken into custody.

Presumably, Archini will have to negotiate a new plea agreement. Frankly, her behavior appears to warrant a meaningful stretch in the slammer.

[Update 10/11/06]

Archini sentenced.
Female Counselor Accused of Sex with Boys

(Madison, Wisconsin) A 25-year-old former counselor at a resident youth facility, Angela M. Kalscheur, has been accused of engaging in sex with four teen boys at the home.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court, Kalscheur faces one count of felony sexual assault of a 15-year-old boy and nine counts of misdemeanor sexual intercourse with a child for having sex with boys ages 16 and 17.

Holy-moly! If the allegations are true, it seems the Spring House Group Home on South Ingersoll Street was a harem of boys for Ms. Kalscheur.

Police began to investigate the case in June 2005. The 15-year-old boy, who denied having sex with Kalscheur, told Madison Police Detective David Gouran that Kalscheur often would be the only staff member in the group home after another worker left at 3 p.m. He said that in addition to sexual activity she often exposed herself to boys at the home.

The boy said he never told other staff members about it because he used the information to blackmail her into letting him stay out past 10 p.m. and to avoid doing work.

A 17-year-old boy told Gouran that both he and the 15-year-old had frequent sex with Kalscheur, and that she had initiated sex with him the first time.

When initially asked about the allegations, Kalscheur told Gouran that it was "a bunch of crap."
She later had a different story.
[S]he admitted having sex with the boys after Gouran suggested that loneliness and low self-esteem, along with sexual overtures from the boys, may have contributed to her actions. Kalscheur acknowledged that with some of the boys, compliments and flattery escalated to sex. She also admitted having oral sex with one boy on his birthday and others in their bedrooms at Spring House.
What? No cake and ice cream?

A September 28 court appearance has been scheduled. (Tip: Don Morgenstern)
Monogrammed T-Shirt? Sure, You Can Vote!

The American Civil Liberties Union has come out against any measures requiring voters to have positive evidence of their identification when casting ballots. The ACLU contends that voter identification laws impose undue and unnecessary burdens on Americans' fundamental right to vote. By ACLU logic, citizens are disenfranchised if they are required to positively identify themselves at election time.

I'd disagree. The only people who would be disenfranchised would be the non-citizens, those who attempt to cast multiple ballots under multiple names, and . . . uh . . . dead people. Nonetheless, Democrats have been supporting the ACLU position. Or, is it the ACLU is supporting the Democrat position? It's hard to tell which group is taking the leadership position. However, it is easy to see that the Democrats and the ACLU are supportively sleeping together on the issue of loosey-goosey election day controls.

Via Stop The ACLU.

This has been a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email or Add your site to the mailing list and blogroll. Over 200 blogs already on-board.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Woman Accused of Seducing Boy Through MySpace

(Jupiter, Florida) A 22-year-old woman, Colleen N. Grear, was arrested yesterday and charged with sex assault of a 14-year-old boy she seduced through Grear faces one count of using a computer to seduce or solicit a child and three counts of sexual assault of a child under age 18.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, Grear allegedly met the boy at least three times and had sex with him at least once.

The inappropriate behavior was discovered by the boy's mother who alerted the police.

[Update 09/22/06]

From the Orlando Sentinel, here are additional details regarding the Grear situation.
Teary-eyed, she told detectives: "I'm 22 and he's 14. I knew better. I'm a mother and have a 2-year-old daughter of my own," according to sheriff's Detective Cass Collins.

[ ... ]

Grear is a Florida Atlantic University student who works as a full-time lab technician at Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, Collins said.

She worked last year as a cheerleading coach or assistant at Maranatha Christian Academy in Palm Beach Gardens and remained affiliated with the school Wednesday, Collins said. School officials could not be reached for comment despite attempts by phone. Grear's lawyer, Jack Goldberger, said she is a "sweet girl who has never had contact with the system." He declined to discuss the details of the case but said "there is another side to the story." She is deeply upset, he said.
So, she allegedly lured the boy via, repeatedly had sex with him, and knew she was committing a crime. Hey, but she's a "sweet girl" and given recent rulings of a similar nature, she'll probably get probation.

[Update 10/17/07]

Grear gets jail.
Boot Camp Officer Gets Probation

(Fresno, California) In exchange for pleading no contest to charges related to harboring a fugitive, 28-year-old former teen boot camp officer, Adriana Renee Rivera, was sentenced to three years probation.

In accordance with the plea deal, charges of unlawful sexual intercourse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor were dropped. During sentencing, she apologized.

"I know that I was responsible. I was a peace officer and I failed to do my duties and for that I apologize," Rivera said.
Rivera's attorney, Tony Capozzi, asserted that she was the victim in the relationship with the 17-year-old. He stated that Rivera experienced Stockholm Syndrome.
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

(Cleveland, Ohio) Earlier this month, a high-ranking leader from the United Arab Emirates arrived for medical tests at the Cleveland Clinic. Police escorted the leader in a limousine to the clinic for an appointment and afterward back to the airport for a same-day flight home.

Special treatment? Definitely. And indicative of a closeness consistent with the announcement that the UAE has agreed to a Cleveland Clinic franchise in Abu Dhabi.

Under terms of a 15-year deal with Mubadala Development, a government-owned agency, the Clinic will establish, develop and operate a hospital in Abu Dhabi, the nation's capital. It will be called Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

"This is an opportunity for us to have a long-term relationship and build a facility where we can transfer our culture, not just our technology," Clinic chief Dr. Toby Cosgrove said. "They want to use our model of health care."
Good luck on the 'transferring culture' idea. So far, the Muslims haven't been all that tolerant of other cultures.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is tentatively scheduled to open in three years.
AWOL Female Soldier Claims Harassment

(Eugene, Oregon) As one of only a handful of female soldiers among hundreds of highly-trained, young, testosterone-charged male soldiers, U.S. Army Specialist Suzanne Swift was logically approached. Swift claims she was also sexually harassed and abused. As a result, Swift went AWOL (absent without leave) for six months before she was arrested by authorities in June.

From The Register-Guard:
She said she refused to return to Iraq in January because she feared she would be subjected to a repeat of the sexually charged atmosphere that plagued her first deployment.

From February 2004 to February 2005 she was stationed in Karbala as a military police officer.
Army authorities are contemplating whether to court-martial Spc. Swift on a charge of desertion or reprimand her through non-judicial punishment.

To a degree, Swift's allegations have been supported by Army investigators, however, according to Ft. Lewis spokesman Joseph Piek, "In this investigation, she has never claimed that she was abused or raped." Nonetheless, the website,, claims actual rape occurred in addition to sexual harassment. A 'private therapist' also weighed in with a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Meanwhile, Spc. Swift's case has become the cause du jour for the leftist crowd, including the left-leaning media. Peace activists and feminists, in particular, have recharged their noise-making neurons. Consequently, the real issue regarding Suzanne Swift's failure to abide by her contractual obligation to serve and protect the U.S. as a soldier is being muddied by groups with a variety of political agendas.

Companion posts at Conservative Thinking and The Jawa Report.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yemen Arrests Terrorist Linked to Bin Laden

(Sanaa, Yemen) According to President Ali Abdullah Saleh, bodyguard Hussein al-Jerdani, companion of Osama bin Laden and owner of an al Qaeda safe house, was arrested Sunday by Yemeni officials.

From Yahoo News:
"We have arrested a major terrorist who was planning operations against American installations and the Movenpick hotel," Saleh said at a press conference Tuesday, the eve of a presidential election marked by persistent Islamist and tribal unrest in the Middle East's poorest country.

He said the suspect was a bodygard for Faisal bin Shamlan, a former oil minister who is his main challenger in Wednesday's five-way presidential race, only the second such election since north and south Yemen unified in 1990.
Jane at Armies of Liberation is skeptical. Based upon the circumstances and the timing of the 'arrest' of a terrorist, who just happens to be working for Shamlan, seems like an election eve ploy by President Saleh. Apparently, Saleh is more than capable of dirty tricks to assure that his 28-year rule continues.

It's also notable that the various reports of the arrest of Hussein al-Jerdani don't agree on what his name is. As a minimum, he's been called Hussein al-Jirdani, Hussain al-Darajani, Hussein Ahmed, and Hussein al-Jerdani. A suspicious observer might be led to believe it's done intentionally to confuse the authorities.
Talk Like A Pirate

Avast! Ye Buccaneers!
Aargh ! Aargh! Aargh!

Loot! Loot! Loot!

Aargh! Aargh! Rum!

Rum! Rum! Rum!

Wench! Wench! Rum!

Aargh! Aargh! Aargh!

Better Wench! Rum! Rum!

Rum! Rum.


Zzzz . . . zzz . . . .
Sailors' delight.
Teacher Cameo Patch Gets Probation

(Tooele, Utah) Last January, 29-year-old Tooele High School substitute teacher Cameo Patch was arrested for illegal sexual activity with a student and, last month, she pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of misdemeanor sexual battery.

Yesterday, 3rd District Judge Mark Kouris sentenced Patch to probation.

From Salt Lake Tribune:
The judge suspended a one-year jail term and placed Patch on probation for 36 months. He also ordered her to obtain a psycho-sexual evaluation and fined her $2,000. But the judge said Patch could deduct the cost of the evaluation and her ongoing counseling from the fine.
Judge Kouris then explained.
"If this was a 29-year-old male and a 17-year-old female, I would be inclined to order some incarceration."
After which, he blamed the 17-year-old student for causing Patch to commit a crime. Therefore, it appears that Judge Kouris believes in equality before the law, except for female defendants. Hmmm . . . I'm not sure he would see common agreement on the issue throughout the judiciary.

Nonetheless, this is the first time, to my knowledge, that a judge has openly admitted a bias against men. It happens all the time but it's never acknowledged.

Regarding Cameo Patch, she's going back to her family of three kids. Unfortunately, her husband divorced her after it became known she was giving oral sex to a student in the parking lot. Since she was convicted of a misdemeanor, one must presume that she retains her teaching credentials and will likely show up in another classroom soon.

Monday, September 18, 2006

High IQ Means Fewer Hangovers

(Edinburgh, Scotland) Scottish scientists conducted research which found that people with high IQ's have fewer hangovers following a night of heavy drinking than less intelligent imbibers.

"The main finding of this study was that higher IQ scores at 11 years of age were associated with a reduced risk of alcohol induced hangovers in middle age," said Dr David Batty of the University of Edinburgh.

In a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, Dr Batty and his colleagues looked at IQ test scores of 11-year-olds taken in Aberdeen in 1962 and sent questionnaires to them between 2000-2003 asking about their drinking habits.

Responses from more than 7000 showed a higher IQ score was associated with a lower prevalence of hangovers.
Frankly, I think this research also provides evidence that not all scientists have high IQ's. What a bunch of hooey. Next we'll probably see research on the relationship of automobile accidents to the driver's hair color which finds that redheads get back-ended more often. Hey, as long as there is money for research, someone will find a way to spend it.

Tip: John Ray
Leftist French Newspaper Circling Bowl

Sacre bleu!

(Paris) Traditionally, far left newspaper Liberation was offered to readers without regard for operating costs. According to Pierre Haski, deputy editor, "[I]nvestors were happy for us to keep the losses to a minimum."

Unfortunately, the philosophy of losing money is now being rejected by the newspaper's largest shareholder, Edouard de Rothschild, who stopped paying operating costs. Per Haski, "For the first time in our history, we have a shareholder who invested in the newspaper to make money."

Hmm . . . invest to make money! What a smashing idea?

The primary problem the newspaper faces is that the 1960's radical-left agenda it spews is capturing the hearts and minds of too few people. One media expert summed it up, "The newspaper's readership has aged from the 1960's and is now literally dying off."

I'll not mourn the demise of a far-left newspaper.

On a related note, the far-left radio network Air America appears to be following the same business model as Liberation. Lose money until all pockets are empty, then fold. And, above all, never recognize that the far-left agenda is sour.

Companion post at In The Bullpen.
Hiding Tips from Tax Man

Shocking! Absolutely shocking!

(Ottawa, Canada) Waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and others who receive tip income are not claiming the full amount on their Canadian tax returns. They say that they are advised not to.

Those who said they sought guidance from a tax professional suggested "accountants or other taxation professionals often advised them to underestimate the amount of tips they earned, referred to as 'doing the minimum,'" says the $35,000 report, delivered to the Canada Revenue Agency in May.
This is appalling. So what if those waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and others are working sweaty-long hours to eke out a respectable living and must rely on the occasional gratuity to get by. The gluey palms of government must be filled. Therefore, all tip income should be declared.

For the sake of full disclosure, I have experience working in jobs where I received tips and, for the life of me, I was never able to keep very good track of the total, running amount. When it came time to declare the income, I just had to guess estimate. You can trust that I made full-faith guesses estimates.
Morning-After Pill Does Nothing for Abortion Rate

Contrary to what people have been led to believe, the morning-after contraceptive pill has no apparent effect on abortion rates. That's what has been reported out of the United Kingdom. Abortion rates increased from 11 per thousand in 1984 to 17.8 per thousand in 2004, even though the morning-after pill has been available over-the-counter since 2001.

Writing in the British Medical Journal, Professor Anna Glasier, director of the Lothian Primary Care NHS Trust in Edinburgh, said that while the morning-after pill had been heralded as the solution to rising abortion rates, it had failed to deliver.
It appears that the option of abortion is being heavily relied upon due to its availability and ease. Also, widepspread use of the morning-after pill may not be logical. If someone is too lazy and too irresponsible to use contraception before or during the sex act, what basis is there to believe that a person will become less lazy and less irresponsible within 72 hours afterwards?

From a psychoanalytical standpoint, one might say that the brains of human beings cease to function just prior to, during, and for some time after engaging in sex. My experience supports that contention.
Feeling Lucky?

Regarding Iran, Charles Krauthammer writes:
The mullahs are infinitely more likely to use these weapons than anyone in the history of the nuclear age. Every city in the civilized world will live under the specter of instant annihilation delivered either by missile or by terrorist. This from a country that has an official Death to America Day and has declared since Ayatollah Khomeini's ascension that Israel must be wiped off the map.

Against millenarian fanaticism glorying in a cult of death, deterrence is a mere wish. Is the West prepared to wager its cities with their millions of inhabitants on that feeble gamble?

These are the questions. These are the calculations. The decision is no more than a year away.
Stealing a phrase from Dirty Harry, "Do we feel lucky?"

Meanwhile, demonstrating world-class surrendering skills, French President Jacques Chirac urged world powers not to refer Iran to the UN Security Council while pleading for a universal Rodney King-like approach. Come on, fellas. Can't we just get along?

I'd guess that Chirac is trying to milk the remainder of his term as president while working to delay the shoe hitting the fan. Then he can watch the mayhem from the bleachers and not be responsible for anything.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rocket Scientists Dissed

The American Association of Brain Surgeons conducted research and found that rocket scientists are not as smart as originally thought.

Child-Molesting Teacher's Aide Gets 7 Years

(Racine, Wisconsin) In November 2005, 33-year-old special education teacher's aide at Park High School, McKinley Middle School and Knapp Elementary School, Lisa Myhre (aka Lisa Street), was arrested and charged for alleged sexual assault of a boy over a two-year period starting when he was 14. She was booked and released.

In April of this year, Myhre was caught with another boy who, by the way, is the 16-year-old father of her infant child. New charges were filed for sex assault, obstructing an officer and bail jumping.

In June, Myhre pleaded guilty in accordance with a deal from the prosecution and this past Thursday, she sobbed as Judge Barry sentenced her to seven years in state prison. She also faces nine months in a county jail and eight years of extended supervision.

The judge ordered that Myhre's extended supervision period shall assure that "she is not to possess any items that would allow her to connect to the Internet, she must comply with the Sex Offender Registry and pay child support if required." Judge Barry also ordered that Myhre be barred from benefitting financially from her crimes.

Interestingly, Myhre's attorney, John Michael Matousek, didn't appear satisfied with the sentence. He remarked that the sentence seemed to be determined by the attractiveness of the defendant.
"The better you look, the less time you get," he said. "It seems to be an odd factor that occurs. Anybody who subscribes to that notion is ridiculous."
I'm not sure but it seems he's saying that his client suffers from seven-year's worth of ugly and it should not be that way in a court of law. Based on some recent examples, most notably Debra Lafave, I believe he's on to something.

Myhre's ex-husband, Donald Street, expressed relief that the episode was over. Life can return to normal for him and his three children.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Female Officer Accused of Sex with Boy

(Laguna Niguel, California) A 34-year-old correctional officer at a juvenile camp, Beccy Hasselbarth, has been accused of having sex with a 17-year-old male inmate. She faces charges of felony unlawful sexual intercourse and oral copulation and misdemeanor child annoyance. Additionally, she has been charged with being an accessory after the fact in the boy's escape from the Los Pinos Youth Facility.

The alleged offenses occurred between February and October of 2005. Hasselbarth is in custody with bail set at $400,000. Her arraignment is scheduled for September 29.

Tip: Don Morgenstern

[Update 01/29/08]

Hasselbarth sentenced to jail.

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