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Partying Teacher's Aide Gets Prison - Updated

(New Kensington, Pennsylvania) After striking a deal with the prosecution, 36-year-old former exotic dancer and teacher's aide Abbie Jane Swogger pleaded guilty today to multiple charges, including involuntary sexual deviate intercourse, indecent assault, endangering the welfare of children, corruption of minors, furnishing liquor to minors, unlawful contact with minors and possession with intent to deliver.

As a result, Judge Kevin Sasinoski sentenced Swogger to three to six years in prison and 36 years of probation. She was also ordered to register as a sex offender upon release from prison.

Addressing the court, Swogger made a statement indicating she was very sorry for hurting her family and the family of the victim.

According to Swogger's attorney, Michael Waltman, her criminal conduct stemmed from drug addiction which, presumably, will be corrected by prison and 36 years of probation with periodic drug testing.

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Pennsylvania Teacher's Aide with Teens at Hotel Party - Updated & Bumped
[Previous 3/31/08 post]
(New Kensington, Pennsylvania) A 34-year-old former exotic dancer and teacher's aide at Highlands Senior High School, Abbiejane Swogger, was questioned by police last Friday for allegedly contributing to the corruption of at least four minors including her own 15-year-old son.
New Kensington police said they found suspected crack cocaine, empty beer cans and used condoms in a room that Abbiejane Swogger, 34, of Harrison, shared with minors Thursday night at New Kensington's Clarion Hotel.

The room contained drug paraphernalia and a marijuana odor when officers arrived just before noon on Friday to follow up on reports of missing teens, said Detective Dennis Marsili.

Investigators questioned Ms. Swogger at the New Kensington police station Friday afternoon, but did not arrest her.
Police are to consult with the Westmoreland County DA's office on possible drug and corruption charges. Officers continue to investigate.
Ms. Swogger says she rented a hotel room to socialize and drink beer with adult acquaintances, but teenage friends of her son showed up and refused to leave. She maintained yesterday that she knew nothing about drugs in the room and did not give the teens any beer.

"I think if they drank, I would have known about it," she said, adding that she unsuccessfully urged the two girls to leave.

Ms. Swogger also said she did not have sex with any of the young people present. They may have had sex with one another, she said, but did so "discreetly."
Swogger has resigned from her school position. [End 02/26/08 entry]

[Update 02/28/08]

After being arrested on corruption charges, Swogger was released on bail and, now, she has been arrested again for violating her terms of release.
As part of Swogger's bail stipulation, she was not supposed to leave her house and was not supposed to have contact with minors involved in this case. Police claimed Swogger violated those two terms.

According to testimony in Magistrate Frank Pallone's courtroom, Swogger allegedly met and drove two 15-year-old girls just a block away from a 15-year-old boy's house that was involved in the hotel incident. Swogger allegedly wanted to exchange a cell phone with him so she and the boy could keep in contact.
Additionally, there is a new twist in the Swogger case.
New Kensington police said a nude photograph of Swogger surrounded by six males ranging in age from 16 to 20 years old has circulated around the school, region and into their hands.

"We received some e-mails and pictures of her and these young boys. At this time we are trying to determine where they took place and the identities of the boys and if there are any more pictures," said Thomas Klawinski of the New Kensington Police Department.
The plot thickens. Swogger has an appearance in court scheduled for March 6. In the meantime, she's locked up.

[Update 03/31/08]

This past week multiple charges, including some new, were filed against Abbiejane Swogger and she was remanded to the Westmoreland County Jail to await her preliminary hearing sometime in April.

The stripper-turned-teacher's aide faces counts of solicitation of minors for sex, unlawful contact with minors, cocaine possession, drug paraphernalia possession, and corruption of minors.
In the new charges, police allege Swogger "asked or encouraged" two 15-year-old runaway girls to have sex with her.

Swogger also is accused of asking the girls, one from Tarentum, the other from Brackenridge, to have sex with Swogger, a 17-year-old boy and another youth. The incident occurred at an overnight drug, beer and sex party held late last month in the Clarion Hotel, authorities said. [ ... ]

One of the 15-year-old girls told police Swogger tried to touch her breasts, told the girl she was bisexual, and suggested a "threesome" with the other 15-year-old girl. But the first girl told police she said no, even as Swogger undressed and told the girls how much she enjoyed having sex with the 17-year-old boy.
Prosecutors are contemplating charges of interfering with the custody of minors since Swogger allegedly helped the 15-year-old girls run away. However, with so many alleged offenses, Westmoreland County Assistant District Attorney Leo J. Ciaramitarois is still considering his options in proceeding with the prosecution.

On the other hand, Swogger's attorney is ready to have a cow.
Swogger's attorney, Duke George, described the new charges as "unbelievable" because police and prosecutors are "now alleging an orgy and using drugs with kids."
If convicted of the charges against her, Swogger will likely see a lengthy prison term.

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