Friday, February 13, 2009

Oregon Woman Gets Prison for Raping Boy

(Metzger, Oregon) A 23-year-old local married woman, Theresa Dawn Leppin, was sentenced in Washington County Circuit Court to prison this week for raping a developmentally-disabled 14-year-old boy on four occasions around Christmas 2007. Judge Thomas Kohl gave Leppin two years and seven months behind bars.

Notably, around the same time as the rapes, Leppin became pregnant and ultimately gave birth in October 2008. At present, it's unknown who the father is.
According to Deputy District Attorney Dan Hesson, Leppin and the boy's mother worked together and, eventually, the mother came to trust Leppin enough to let her baby-sit. Leppin's husband and the boy were friends and enjoyed playing video games together.

When her husband was not home around Christmas of 2007, Leppin led the boy to the bedroom, told him she loved him, and had intercourse with him.

The boy had the mental capacity of a 6-year-old, Hesson said. Because of the child's age, the crime did not fall under the sentencing guidelines of Measure 11, which requires a minimum of six years and three months in prison, Hesson said.

The crimes were revealed when the boy became concerned he had contracted a sexually transmitted disease, and told his mother about the encounters.

When confronted by police, Leppin first denied the allegations. She then came up with excuses, including her malfunctioning glands and alcohol. Most repugnant, she finally burst into tears and blamed the boy, Hesson said.
Sobbing, Leppin apologized to the boy's family as she left court in restraints.


Unknown said...

That is a damn lie. They just wanted money. They didn't talk to her family which their was alibi. And they are drug addicts. Look at the boy now in and out of jail and lost his own children. The police just put words into her mouth to confess. All a crock of bullshit.

colin hill said...

there is no mention of proof!! they charged theresa with no evidence or proof of her crimes


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