Wednesday, March 11, 2009

City Wants Stricter BB Gun Laws

(Grand Island, Nebraska) The Grand Island Chief of Police, Steve Lamken, has proposed a code change to the city council. Specifically, the city council is being asked to create legislation which would outlaw loaded BB, pellet or paintball guns in cars.

Apparently, the change is desired to tackle a serious vandalism problem in the city. Young troublemakers are being blamed for riding around town and shooting out windows, many windows, with their BB, pellet and paintball guns. Property owners are suffering losses in the tens of thousands of dollars.
It is a problem Grand Island Police wants to fix. And the chief said he thinks he has an idea by making it illegal to carry loaded bb, pellet and paintball guns in cars.

"I would hope it would bring some caution to driving around with them," said Lamken.

Because if they are caught with them loaded, the guns will be taken away for 60 days, held until proven they have not been used in any vandalism cases.

"I think it is a good idea to have it on there, they do not need them loaded in their car," said Joyce May of Wayne's Pawn Shop.
Frankly, I believe that severe punishment works better. Form a task force to catch a few vandals, elevate the charges to conspiracy to terrorize the city, bring in the feds and send them to prison for a few years. The police would probably just have to do it once since word would get around that breaking windows gets you prison.

Additionally, I'd investigate the guy who sells replacement glass.

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