Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obama Rejected as Namesake for School

(Charleston, West Virginia) The Charleston Board of Education has announced that the new $13.5 million school to be built at the corner of Kanawha Boulevard and Florida Street will be named West Side Elementary School. Suggestions from students, faculty, staff, and community members were considered in the naming process.

According to community leader Pastor Matthew Watts:
The West Side name was the second choice of the students of the new school. Their first choice, Barrack Obama Elementary, was eliminated after some controversy. Watts says there were good intentions on the process to select a name, but the process itself was flawed.

"I do not believe that the children should have participated in the naming of the school,” said Watts. [...]

"I'd expect the kids to come back and say, 'Barack Obama, Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant.' That's the world in which they live,” said Watts. "But that's not the way you come to a consensus on public policy."

Watts believes the school board unintentionally turned the naming into a popularity contest that did not serve the best interest of the school.
Unfortunately, Pastor Watts, I suggest America elected a President in just that manner.

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