Sunday, October 25, 2009

Georgia Teacher Arrested for Multiple Charges

(Dalton, Georgia) Earlier this month, a 39-year-old elementary school teacher with Dalton City Schools, Amie Gabriel, was arrested for multiple offenses involving alcohol, a controlled substance and a Hummer.

Dalton Police officers initially responded to a hit and run report.
Witnesses told police a woman driving a white Hummer hit two vehicles and left the scene.

Police spotted the Hummer in a nearby parking lot and identified the driver as 39 year-old Amie Gabriel as the driver. Gabriel told police she may have hit the cars but wasn't sure. Damage to her bumper confirmed she was the hit and run driver.

Gabriel lost her balance when police conducted a field sobriety test. She told police she had two margaritas with dinner.

Police also found a bottle of pills in Gabriel's purse that were prescribed to someone else. Gabriel told police she took the pills from a student who was not supposed to have them.
Gabriel continues to teach while the authorities decide what to do.

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