Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Climate Scientist: Quit Washing to Save Planet

(Edinburgh, Scotland) Dr. David Reay of Edinburgh University is a Senior Lecturer in carbon management and Director of the Carbon Management curriculum. He is also a Fellow of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) in the School of Geosciences.

Consequently, Dr. Reay is considered a "world-renowned" expert on global warming and carbon emissions who regularly offers his insights on saving the planet.

In a recent piece in the New Scientist, Dr. Reay details his assessment of eco-crimes committed by the public. First, Reay contends that people should wash less frequently since personal hygiene and laundry are massive domestic energy users. Secondly, consumption of coffee should be eliminated or curtailed with the minimum being a switch from brewed to instant. Wasting food and replacing clothes before they're worn out are also considered eco-crimes by Dr. Reay.

Dr. Reay cites some numbers associated with energy and water savings, however, he strongly emphasizes that washing is the biggest energy hog. Reay's point is that people should learn to accept foul odors resulting from washing less frequently and wearing soiled clothing.

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