Sunday, February 07, 2010

Endangered Species Condoms

The Center for Biological Diversity advocates taking action to address overpopulation since people are crowding out animal and plant species.

Free condoms emblazoned with endangered species will be distributed nationally next month. Just think, you can now have a spotted owl, a polar bear or a giant rat on your rubber.

Facilitating the effort to limit procreation among humans, volunteers are needed to hand out the condoms. It's believed that distribution of condoms is Plan A in the campaign to reduce the number of humans on Earth. Plan B hasn't been announced but it's feared that something more sinister may be in the works.

Follow the link if you want to volunteer.

[Add.] Note the tag line for the campaign:
The human population is at 6.8 billion and growing every second. Three species go extinct per hour. Coincidence?

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