Saturday, January 15, 2011

'Mister Doubtfire' Fools Babes for Sex

(Glasgow, Scotland) A 26-year-old local woman, Samantha Brooks, has been accused of obtaining sex by fraud for allegedly tricking two women into believing that she was a man and consequently engaging in sex with them.

She posed as Mr. Lee Brooks for at least eight years and reportedly proposed to one of the women.
Brooks faces two charges of obtaining sexual contact by fraud, which are broken down into various subsections, the High Court in Glasgow heard today.

The charge alleges that she pretended to each woman that she suffered from testicular cancer and that they could not therefore handle her penis, in an attempt to induce each to believe that she had a penis.

It alleges she tried to hide her breasts from the women by telling one that she had suffered burns on her back and needed to wear bandages around the chest area.

She allegedly told the other that she had suffered a stab wound to the torso which meant she had to wear bandages and clingfilm around the chest.
Call me curious. Where in Scotland does one find perfectly stupid women who will have sex with a pretend-male, cancer-suffering, stabbed and bandaged burn patient? Frankly, this report sounds like a porn video script.

However, despite the weirdness it's probably safe to assume that some actual Scottish men are pissed that Samantha Brooks gets more trim than they do.

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