Friday, June 05, 2015

West Virginia Woman Accused of Stealing Headstones

Penny Snodgrass

(Alum Creek, West Virginia)
Penny Snodgrass, 54, of South Charleston is facing a long list of charges after police say she confessed to stealing headstones and grave decorations of veterans from Brounland Cemetery in Alum Creek.
Snodgrass was booked into custody with bond set at $75,000.


Wireless.Phil said...

And not just there.

The Veterans will replace them, but why do it if they will only take them again?

No need for GoFundme pages that may end up keeping the money.

Either dope addicts or people without jobs.

Something I've worried about for a few years, my father in 1989 is a WW-2 Vet, I'm a Vet.

They aren't just stealing those small markers, they are stealing the complete bronze headstones.

Do a Google search, not a Google News search, for "veteran's bronze grave markers stolen", " vet grave bronze headstones stolen", "vet bronze headstones stolen"

Stolen in Boston, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, NY Times 2007, Minnesota, and who knowx wherd eles.

I will have to call the cemetery to find out if they got my dad's.

But there is help, sort of.

The Federal government will replace them, however if you replace them, what's to stop them from taking them again?

Doom said...

Too old and feeble to track down, and spit at, military men in the airports?


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