Monday, April 28, 2003

April 28, 2003 The blogging universe is a place I want to ask questions, make comments and not forget history.

My first comment concerns the President's tax plan and the expressed opinion of Ohio Senator Voinovich. It appears to me that the President wants to return to the people their own money. George Voinovich wants to keep the people's money for government use. The President says (and I believe him) that more money in the hands of consumers spurs the economy which results in increased tax revenue and, thereby, more than compensates for the loss associated with reduction in rates. Senator Voinovich maintains that tax reduction would increase the deficit and the bill would have to be paid by our progeny. I heard or read somewhere that Senator George Voinovich has never bought anything on credit which could explain his thinking, if true. There seems to be an honest disagreement based on values.

I'm not so sure that our senator realizes the position that Jacques Chirac is in at present. Loyalty is a paramount value. I don't see loyalty to the President from Senator Voinovich.

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