Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Two anecdotal examples of the current state of education in the US. The first is from the Jay Leno late night program where he asked the following question of a man he met on the streets of Los Angeles.
Question: Who wrote Handel's "Messiah?"

Answer: I don't read books.

The second example is from a segment of the television program "The Weakest Link."
Question: What is the closest whole number to pi?

Answer: Cake!

Both examples indicate an embarrassing lack of knowledge and I'm sure that every reader can think of others. But, there should be no surprise that the education system in the US is mediocre.

Ebony Reed reports in the Cleveland Plain Dealer,
The Ohio Department of Education announced yesterday that 191 schools need improvement. That's up from 161 schools.

Isn't it puzzling that even with all the recent attention and resources devoted to the public school systems, they seem to be getting worse?

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