Thursday, August 14, 2003


[From Puggs at Random Nuclear Strikes.]
Congressman "Mothership" Kucinich has launched a new tactic in his campaign for the presidency. This one can be called the "Kucinich Wants Your Tax Credit" campaign tactic. Jeff Cohen, Kucinich's communications director, sent a call for supporters:
"As a father, I am writing you about Dennis Kucinich. Some of us have just received child tax credits from the IRS and others will be receiving their checks in the coming weeks, up to $400 per child," Cohen said.

"I am asking you to donate all or part of that check to the Kucinich for President Campaign ... for your children and all children," Cohen said, terming it a "peace dividend toward our children's future."

Cohen urged supporters to "invest" in the campaign and "pass all or part of (the tax credit) on to Kucinich."

Okay, let me see if I understand this. For months, he fought tooth and nail against the tax credit and it still was approved by Congress. So, he couldn't stop it, therefore, he wants it. Instead of using the money in a sluggish economy to help your children and your family, he wants you to give your money to him. To Kucinich, a man who has the qualifications to be elected to lead the Environmental Liberation Front, a known terrorist organization.

He fought to prevent the taxpayer from receiving his or her money. And now that the taxpayer has their money back, he wants it. Is it me or doesn't it seem that he just doesn't want the taxpayer to have their money. He'll do anything to make the taxpayer have less money. Somebody, please tell me why anyone who doesn't smoke marijuana would support Dennis Kucinich for President of the United States.

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