Friday, July 15, 2005

U.S. Jets Kill 24 Taliban in Pakistan

Fairly fresh news that is thought provoking.

From The News International, Pakistan:
PESHAWAR: Twenty-four suspected Taliban fighters were killed in a missile attack by US planes near the Pak-Afghan border in North Waziristan Agency and the Pakistan Army troops have recovered bodies of the killed persons, official sources said here Friday.
The report says there were hundreds of Pakistani troops and scouts engaged in the operation. More interesting, though,
The Pakistani and US forces, the officials said, were in contact with each other about the emerging situation before and after the operation and killing of the fleeing fighters. This is for the first time Pakistan has admitted that US planes targeted the fleeing Taliban inside its territory. The US forces stationed in Afghanistan's border areas and its warplanes have been blamed several times for crossing over into Pakistani territory in the past.
A prudent observer would be led to assume that a working relationship has been developed between American forces in Afghanistan and the Pakistani military with regard to the border areas.

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