Sunday, September 18, 2005

Teacher Accused of Raping Boy

(Westford, Massachusetts) A 46-year-old eighth-grade science teacher at Blanchard Middle School, Susan Clickner, was arrested August 31 and charged with statutory rape of one of her students, a 14-year-old boy. Forty-six-year-old Clickner allegedly lured the 14-year-old boy into the back seat of her car and molested him last April. Unfortunately for Clickner, the boy told his parents who alerted police.

At her arraignment on September 1, Clickner pleaded not guilty to charges of statutory rape of a child. Subsequently, she was released on $5,000 cash bail. Blanchard Middle School Superintendent Stephen Foster suspended Clickner, 46, and he plans to recommend that she be fired.

Okay, she's 46 and he's 14. Tell me there's something about this case that I need to understand. Let me guess. Alcohol was abused, she didn't know what she was doing. Or maybe she's going through a divorce. Or maybe she recently lost a loved one. Sorry, I'm not buying it. If true, this is a simple sex crime committed against a child by an adult. Did I mention that she is 46 years old?

Based upon similar cases of women committing sex crimes, I'd wager that she'll plead to a lesser charge and get sentenced to no jail time, probably a suspended term with a couple years probation. Now, if it were a 46-year-old male teacher and his 14-year-old female student, then we would see some punishment. The guy would be collecting Social Security when he got released from prison.

[Update 9/21/05]

Interestingly, a reader, who was in Clickner's class last year, commented that it's inconceivable that Mrs. Clickner would commit the acts that are alleged. The reader 'Anonymous' believes the story was made up by a disgusting and perverted 14-year-old.

In another development, it seems that the Westford Police and the Blanchard School officials were tardy in notifying parents and the community of the arrest of Clickner. Complaints abound and there's some question about whether the police violated state rules regarding documenting arrests in the police log. Police are accused of keeping it a secret. Oddly, there doesn't seem to be much discussion concerning the merits of the accusations against Clickner.

[Update 9/28/06]

Clickner pleads guilty and is sentenced.

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