Tuesday, October 11, 2005

1st-Grade Teacher Busted for Drugs

(Grand Junction, Colorado) A 40-year-old first-grade teacher at Lincoln-Orchard Mesa Elementary School, Tammie Lee Reed, was arrested at her home last week for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana.

Tammie Lee Reed aka Tammie Liberty Lee

Sheriff's deputies found methamphetamine in a lipstick tube in Reed's purse and two bags of marijuana in her bedroom. Reed claimed that the drugs were not hers and must belong to her boyfriend. The deputies found the drugs while searching for evidence of theft on a complaint filed by her estranged husband. She was released after posting $7,600 bond. Formal charges are expected this week.

[Update 09/26/06]

Tammie Lee Reed changes name to Tammie Liberty Lee. She faces new charges of meth possession.

[Update 01/10/07]

Lee pleads not guilty to all charges. Trial date scheduled.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

This is absolute slander. I know this lady, and shes a total sweetheart, and a commendable kind hearted individual. Not only is this article poorly written by what appears to be someone too proud of an associates in journalism, but its an over exaggerated rendition of loosely pieced together "facts", complied into what seems to be a small town witch-hunt; country folk locals looking for a hometown antagonist to gloat about.


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