Monday, February 28, 2005

Human Corpse Plastination

(Sieniawa, Poland) A German artist named Gunther von Hagens has bought land and buildings in western Poland for a planned human corpse plastination factory. It's expected that 300 people will be employed in the factory where human bodies are preserved by replacing the natural body fluids with solid plastic. The bodies are then placed in exhibitions.

This guy is sick.
UBL Tells Zarqawi to Hit U.S.

From a Fox News report we learn that intercepted communications from Osama bin Laden to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi contain instructions for Zarqawi and his followers to attack inside the U.S. The Department of Homeland Security believes the threat to be credible but nonspecific.

I don't want to downplay the seriousness of any threat but, frankly, this one doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It wasn't too long ago that Zarqawi was an independent operator with a ragtag group of followers comprised of a mix of ex-Baathists, fanatical Muslim recruits and volunteers from other Arab countries, and possibly a few Syrian regulars. They adopted a variety of confusing names and appeared to be primarily undisciplined thugs kidnapping, murdering, and bombing opportunistically. To all of a sudden have Zarqawi's followers attack inside the U.S. with the sophistication of al-Qaeda's 9-11 plotters, some of whom spent a long time in the U.S., just doesn't seem readily feasible. Also, it's probably not a stretch to assume that Zarqawi and his boys already have their hands full in Iraq.

Of course, I could be wrong.

The Jawa Report
Speed Of Thought
Backcountry Conservative
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One other thing. I don't discount for a second that Zarqawi and his group have the ability to expand operations outside Iraq and into neighboring countries. Attacking American or U.S.-friendly interests in the Persian Gulf area or Jordan or Turkey seems quite possible.

[Update] Chad Evans at In The Bullpen raises an interesting point about Zarqawi's psychological makeup. From a strategic perspective, Zarqawi failed in his attempt to get the U.S. out of Iraq, he failed to start a civil war, he failed to stop the January elections, and he failed to intimidate Iraqis into not voting. Now he's being directed by bin Laden to expand his theater of operation while his forces are stressed by loss of fighters, vaporized suicide bombers, and the capture or death of key organizational members. In a nutshell, Zarqawi's not getting a lot of positive feedback to fortify his ambition and bolster his motivation. Hell, if it wasn't for the MSM continually touting Zarqawi as a celebrity 'militant' with a noble cause, he wouldn't have any reason to get out of bed in the morning.
U.S. Ignores Canada Says Outgoing Envoy

During a recent interview, outgoing Canadian envoy to Washington, Michael Kergin, lamented that no one in the U.S. pays much attention to Canada. Simply put, Canada is important but not prominent. He explains:
"I could be down here on the corner of Constitution and Pennsylvania and yell the worst implications against the White House and I don't know that people would care very much or notice. It would have to be pretty awful to get a footnote in the Washington Times (newspaper)."
While Kergin whines about being ignored, he believes that the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Paul Cellucci, is listened to even while sleeping.
"In Canada, if Paul Cellucci snores loudly at night, there's somebody around who's going to say he's in an awful foul mood and he's going to hit us tomorrow on our lack of military (resources)."
It probably hasn't dawned on Kergin that the U.S. already has to listen to a reeking pant load of leftists that are home grown so it would be redundant to listen to Canada. Not only that, but having a reputation as a haven for drug users, homosexuals, radical environmentalists, and U.S. military deserters probably harms overall Canadian credibility among American conservatives.

[Update 3/3/05] From John Ray at Dissecting Leftism we learn that Michael Kergin is not the only source of complaint about Canada being irrelevant on the international stage. According to commentary in the National Post, Canada has become a bit player due to long-term neglect of international responsibilities. As a blunt example, the newspaper explains:
Our refusal to participate in the U.S. ballistic missile shield, a project that would protect Canadian and American cities alike from immolation, is perhaps the best example yet of how thoroughly fantasy and reality diverge in Ottawa. On Thursday, our government declared it would have nothing to do with the shield -- a foolish gesture meant to placate the pacifists in the Liberal caucus. But the next day, our PM advanced the conceit that the Americans would still have to consult with us before activating the system. One can practically hear the howls of laughter emanating from the few Washington officials who still bother to inform themselves of Ottawa's pronouncements: Can anyone seriously imagine that the President would ask our PM for permission to shoot down a missile heading for a U.S. target?
Michael Kergin might want forego his whining in favor of recommending positive changes like the newspaper did. More at the links.
BTK Killer Confesses

A source close to the investigation said Sunday that Dennis Rader has confessed to six of the slayings he is alleged to have committed. So far, no confirmation of a confession has come from the District Attorney's office.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Chavez Embraces Socialism

Why is this even news? Having Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announce he is embracing socialism after having his lips firmly tattooed to Castro's glutes for the past decade is anything but surprising. Chavez made his announcement during a speech Friday on international poverty which he undoubtedly wishes to expand. Of course, given the failure of the Soviet Union, Chavez envisions inventing "socialism of the 21st century." Whatever that means.
Wal-Mart and the Union

(Montreal, Quebec) According to CBC News, the Labor Relations Board in Quebec ruled that Wal-Mart was harassing and intimidating employees at a Sainte-Foy store outside Quebec City and ordered the company to stop. The complaint, filed by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), contended that one Wal-Mart cashier was asked by a manager to reveal the names of union sympathizers. The order from the Labor Relations Board also requires Wal-Mart to display the ruling in the store's lunchroom for 30 days. A Wal-Mart spokesman, Andrew Pelletier, indicated the company will comply with the ruling but denied that employees were intimidated.

Meanwhile, in Loveland, Colorado, a secret ballot election within the Wal-Mart Tire and Lube Express Department resulted in the overwhelming rejection of the UFCW. In responding to the defeat by the voters, the UFCW spewed allegations of harassment and intimidation of workers and irregularities in voting (read: ballot stuffing by newly added employees). Unfortunately for the union, the accusations may not be viewed as all that credible since the election was conducted by the National Labor Relations Board. One thing is sure though, the defeat in Loveland will add to the sting of a similar defeat at a Wal-Mart Tire and Lube Express in New Castle, Pennsylvania, two weeks earlier.

By observing the ongoing crusade of the UFCW to insert itself into the retail business of Wal-Mart, some features are noticeable:
<> There doesn't seem to be a cohesive, well-expressed and understood argument for why Wal-Mart workers need to organize.

<> In virtually all attempts to organize, the union will make anecdotal and vague claims that Wal-Mart workers have been harassed and intimidated. Interestingly, for some odd reason, union organizers seem to be immune from allegations of intimidation and harassment even though they seem to be experts.

<> Despite the circumstances, labor disputes in Canada will generally result in rulings favoring the union.

<> There should be no doubt that Wal-Mart will unfailingly resist attempts to unionize and will opt to shut down a store rather than cater to unreasonable union contract demands.

<> As long as there are hundreds of thousands of non-union workers waiting to be tapped for $10 or $20 a paycheck for the coffers of the UFCW, the union will be there, probably drooling.
In summary, the Wal-Mart battle with the unions is a big business soap opera which will continue as the workers of the world are freed from the oppressive bonds of capitalism and unite for social justice.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Body of Raiedah Wazan Dumped on Street

(Mosul, Iraq) Following up on a previous report, the body of Raiedah Mohammed Wageh Wazan was found dumped into the street in Mosul and identified by her husband, Salim Saad-Allah.

Raiedah Mohammed Wageh Wazan
Raiedah Mohammed Wageh Wazan

Four bullets to the head killed her and, although it's suspected that she was targeted by Al-Qaeda for working as an anchor for the U.S.-funded Nineveh TV, there has been no confirmation on who kidnapped and killed her.

It was also reported that her 10-year-old son and her cameraman were kidnapped with her, but no information on their whereabouts has been released.

Chad Evans at In The Bullpen is also following this story. It's also worthy of reiterating that the MSM is paying scant attention to the reports about a female Iraqi broadcast journalist being kidnapped and murdered. I'm convinced that if Wazan had been anti-American as opposed to pro-American, the NYT, WAPO, LATimes, BBC, and AFP would be all over this story.
R2-D2 Pinched For DWI

(Lancashire, England) Star Wars' droid hero R2-D2 actor Kenny Baker, 70, was arrested for weaving across the road in his Mercedes and found to be above the legal limit in blood alcohol.

R2-D2, aka Kenny Baker

The 3-ft, 8-in actor has been banned from driving for a year and paid fines and court costs of about $200.

Trackback to Wizbang Auto Linkfest.
'BTK' Murderer Arrested

(Wichita, Kansas) Police announced the arrest of 59-year-old Dennis Rader as the suspected 'BTK' serial killer at his home in Park City, Kansas, a few miles north of Wichita.

Dennis Rader
Dennis Rader

The photo came via Internet search from an archived web page of the Park City Compliance Department where Dennis Rader is/was the Supervisor. Although responsibilities are defined as handling animal control, housing problems, zoning, general permit enforcement, and a variety of nuisance cases, it seems that Rader is/was primarily the dogcatcher, a job which specifies the killing of unwanted animals.

In another archived web page, Dennis Rader shows up as President of the Christ Lutheran Church in Wichita. Interestingly, both current representations of the Compliance Dept. web page and the Lutheran Church web page are out of commission.

Based upon the skimpy, and unverified, information available, it would seem that there's nothing out of the ordinary about Dennis Rader. Could be that's why it took so long to catch him. In fact, it seems Rader has done some things which might indicate that he wanted to be caught. He appears to want the limelight.
Ritalin Linked to Possible Cancer Risk

According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, results from blood analysis of a small group of Ritalin users indicate a twofold to threefold increase in abnormal chromosome breaks which are associated with an increased risk of cancer.

Researchers affiliated with the University of Texas Medical Branch conducted the study. It's believed that the size of the study was too small to make any definitive statement concerning cancer risks with methylphenidate, the generic name for Ritalin. Future study is considered necessary.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Man Buys Every Copy of Newspaper Issue To Hide Arrest

(Chowchilla, California) Here's an odd story. Jack William Pacheco was arrested for methamphetamine possession and didn't want his neighbors in the community to know. As such, he went to the newspaper's office, gas stations, convenience stores, and coin-operated news racks and bought every copy of The Chowchilla News he could find.

Pacheco's tactic didn't work. The newspaper just printed more copies.
Female Teacher Caught Having Sex With Student

(Sacramento, California) Arrested for statutory rape after police caught her boffing one of her students in the back seat of a car, McClatchy High School Special Ed teacher Margaret De Barraicua, 30, has been released from the Sacramento County Jail pending trial.

Margaret De Barraicua - Boffs her student

Oddly, while she was engaged in sex with the 16-year-old boy, she wasn't troubled by her two-year-old which she had strapped in a child-restraint seat. It's not known what the little toddler thought of mommy's squealing and shaking in the back seat. There's also been no comment from De Barraicua's husband.

[Update 03/01/05]

De Barraicua arraigned.
Wife-Carrying Championship

There's a rule book which says anyone can participate and being married is not a prerequisite. The course is 80 meters long, including a 10-meter sand pit and an 8-by-5-meter water pit that's a meter deep. Fastest through the course wins the wife's weight in beer and cash.

Wife-Carrying Logo
"Makin' a beer run."

The winners also qualify for the World Wife-Carrying Championships in Sonkajarvi, Finland, in July. North American Championship Winners Pete Knelsen and Amanda Richardson of Ontario, Canada, qualified late last year for this year's event. In addition to Australia, qualifying competitions are scheduled this spring for Germany, Estonia, South Africa, and other countries.

The current world record holders in the wife-carrying event are Margo Uusorg and Birgit Ulricht from Estonia who burned through the course in 55.5 seconds.
Zarqawi Aides Captured

According to this report from ABC News Online, Talib Mikhlif Arsan Walman al-Dulaymi, also known as Abu Qutaybah and a key lieutenant of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was captured on February 20 in Anah, a town northwest of Baghdad about 60 kilometers from the Syrian border. Abu Qutaybah functioned as a bag man and courier for Zarqawi while also arranging safe houses and transportation.

In more news from The Jawa Report, Mohamed Najam Ibrahim, a leader in Zarqawi's network who has been blamed for a number of beheadings, was captured in the city of Baqouba. Ibrahim and his unnamed brother are being interrogated by Iraqi authorities.

Frankly, I haven't been keeping the statistics, but it sure seems that many of Zarqawi's 'top aides' and 'key lieutenants' have been reported killed or captured over the past year. I tend to be skeptical about the classification of these people as 'top aides and key lieutenants' since organizations usually crumble without leadership. It seems more likely that at least some of the 'top aides and key lieutenants' are just gophers with little or no organizational authority.

Also covering: Backcountry Conservative
Climbing While Drunk

(Kingston, Jamaica) After getting hammered at the Holiday Inn SunSpree hotel bar and realizing he was locked out of his room, John Adams, 51, of Wayne, Ohio, thought he could scale the building to his third floor room. He thought wrong.

Rest in peace.
Thompson's Suicide Occurred in Middle of Phone Call

Hunter S. Thompson was talking to his wife on the phone when he offed himself. Coincidence or cause? You make the call.

I know, it's not very respectful but I overheard it among chatter at the local coffee shop this morning. Another said, "I never heard of this Thompson guy but I've been married so I know where he's coming from."
Anglican Church in Turmoil

According to this report, leaders of the Anglican Church in England have asked the U.S. Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada to withdraw temporarily from the International Anglican Communion to reconsider their positions on homosexuality. The leaders also called for an immediate moratorium on the blessing of homosexual unions and the ordination of bishops involved in homosexual relationships.

It appears that the Canadian Anglican and American Episcopalian philosophy of bending over to pressure from homosexual activists has caused a serious rift in the Anglican faith worldwide. The latest mandate is an attempt to repair the damage. Some believe that they may never regain full status within the Anglican Communion.
Girl Missing

(Homosassa, Florida) In breaking news from Central Florida, 9-year-old Jessica Marie Lunsford disappeared from her home on Thursday morning. A nationwide alert has been issued.

Jessica Marie Lunsford
Jessica Marie Lunsford

Jessica is white, 4 feet 10 inches tall, weighs 70 pounds, has light brown shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. Anyone with information is asked to call (352) 726-1121.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Decapitated Woman Found in Northern Iraq

A female reporter, Raaeda Al-Wazzan, for the Iraqi Media Network and her 10-year-old son were abducted by terrorists earlier this week and it's speculated that the Islamic Army of Iraq is responsible. Disturbingly, the decapitated body of a woman was found today in the suburbs of the town of Erbil, Northern Iraq, and police believe it might be Al-Wazzan. At present, there's no confirmation about anything. In fact, it almost seems as though this story is being ignored by the MSM. It's really frustrating that a story about a female Iraqi reporter being kidnapped with her child doesn't get prominent attention by the elite media.

Hat tip to Chad Evans and Rusty Shackleford for reporting on the story.
Terrorists Trained by Beheading Animals

According to this AP story, Syrian Intelligence Officers conducted training of terrorists in Iraq on how to behead people. One officer, Lt. Anas Ahmed al-Essa, 30, of the Syrian Intelligence Service, stated in a video broadcast by state-run Iraqiya TV that they beheaded animals as practice for decapitating hostages.

Dr. Shackleford has already covered this story along with Chad Evans at In The Bullpen, however, the 'beheading animals' aspect is probably worthy of additional mention. If, in fact, animals were beheaded during training, and it can be proven, the pro-terrorist bias in the leftist media will be greatly reduced. It's interesting that the anti-American utopians can watch innocent people being beheaded day after day without comment, but let a dog or a cat or Mary's little lamb lose its noggin and the do-gooders will have a cow. So, let's see the videotape.
Public Schools Compete For Students Through Advertising

(Marshfield, Wisconsin) Smack in the middle of the state of Wisconsin, adjacent Marshfield and Spencer public school systems are spending taxpayer dollars out of the local education budget to advertise for students during an open-enrollment period.
"This is a serious time for schools, the end of the open enrollment period," said Dave Wessel, Superintendent for Spencer. "We live in an information age. Things are clearly different now than they used to be. Parents have more choices now than they ever did before."
To have a local public school official actually whine about having to provide a competitive education experience to students is great. Let there be more whining.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More Female Teacher - Male Student Sex News

In Houston, Texas, former teacher Adrianne Hockett, 25, is currently on trial facing three charges of sexual assault of a child for allegedly having a 7-month-long sexual relationship with a 15-year-old special needs student at Alief Hastings High School.

Adrianne Hockett
Adrianne Hockett
(Photo -

[Update 3/2/05] According to this report, Hockett was convicted of one count of sexual assault and sentenced to 180 days in jail and fined $10,000. Judge Debbie Mantooth Stricklin added several probation conditions, including no Internet or teaching for 10 years, no contact with the former student, and registration as a sex offender. She could have received as much as 20 years in prison. Personally, after hearing she took a 15-year-old special education student with mentality of a first-grader and plied him with booze and marijuana in order to molest him, I thought she got off with a light sentence. Turn things around and imagine what a male teacher would have received for taking a 15-year-old female student with the mentality of a first-grader and given her booze and dope to have sex. The male teacher would never get out of prison. Hockett got a hand slap.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, former Olympic High School English teacher Nicole Pomerleau, 31, pleaded guilty to taking indecent liberties with a 16-year-old student. She was sentenced to probation, 60 hours of community service, and she must surrender her teacher's license. She won't be required to register as a sex offender.

Nicole Pomerleau
Nicole Pomerleau
(Photo -

Adding to the mess Pomerleau has created is the fact that she is married with two children, ages 7 and 10.
Lessons Learned From Rathergate

Two weeks from today, on March 9, Dan Rather will sign off from CBS Evening News for the very last time. Even a disinterested observer would have to conclude that Rather's departure has been hastened by his culpability in the blatant attempt by CBS to perpetrate a fraud on the American public and influence the outcome of a presidential election. Rather's goodbye will be a headline news event and, presumably, it will close the book, drop the curtain, and tie up the last loose end of the network's self-inflicted shame -- Rathergate. Right?

NO! Not right, not even close to right. If anything, the same questions beg answers now as before because they haven't been answered. AND, there are new questions. Let's look at a few.
:: Who created the original fraudulent documents regarding Lt. Bush's Air National Guard service?

:: Why has no one actually lost a job even though the 'independent panel' directed CBS to get rid of several producers?

:: Why has 'forget-the-rules' Democrat Bill Burkett not been investigated for possession of forged federal documents?
That first question is the big ugly dumpling. To date, with all the investigations and international media interest and hand-wringing and furrowed brows and seminars on journalistic integrity, that question goes unanswered. Not surprisingly, CBS is acutely aware of the volatility of the unanswered questions and has officially muzzled Dan Rather. When he vacates the anchor chair on March 9, "he will be limited to seven controlled interviews with the press to avoid questions about the scandal." So, from a symbolic and practical perspective, March 9 is the day that Rathergate effectively will be swept cleanly under the carpet.

All that said, it's probably not inappropriate to outline some of the most salient lessons learned from Rathergate.
It's perfectly acceptable to be a journalist and a political operative at the same time as long as you don't admit to the latter at any time.

In a media organization, no one in a position higher than producer or assistant producer will ever be fingered in an investigation even though everyone knows that these people never act without permission.

If a producer is fingered in an investigation, there's a high probability that nothing negative will result.

With impunity, blind-as-a-bat grassroots party fanatics can author Shakespearean schemes with props to publicly attack political opponents.
There are other lessons, of course. In particular, the little stuff like don't use a 1980s computer to forge text supposedly written on a 1970s typewriter and don't underestimate the collective knowledge and experience of the blogosphere.

Personally, I'd like to see some sort of corrective measures actually implemented. As it is now, there's no reason to believe that CBS won't plot to fraudulently influence a future election.

[Update 2/28/05] Hold the phone. It appears that as of 2/25 three of the four CBS staffers designated for termination have left. According to this report,
CBS confirmed Sunday that Betsy West, a CBS News vice president, and Mary Murphy, a senior producer on 60 Minutes, have left the network. Josh Howard, the executive producer of 60 Minutes Wednesday whose resignation CBS also has demanded, has refused to leave.
Rather's producer, Mary Mapes, was let go previously.

Interestingly, it's also reported that Rather is puzzled that the media didn't play up the fact that the independent panel found no evidence of political bias as was contended by critics. Well, Dan, give it some thought. In the past week, Walter Cronkite and Mike Wallace admitted that they don't watch your broadcasts and no one in the media wants to defend that you're not politically biased. There must be a reason.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Butchered Eagles

(Vancouver, British Columbia) On two separate occasions within the past month, a total of 40 slaughtered carcasses of eagles have been found in North Vancouver. The birds' talons and tail feathers were removed and it's believed they are being offered for sale on the black market and possibly smuggled into the U.S.

A reward of $10,000 has been offered by the Ministry of Land, Water and Air Protection. Interestingly, the penalty for first offense poaching or trafficking in eagle parts is a spanking $50,000. They must command a pretty fair price on the black market.
Missiles Stolen From Ukrainian Naval Base

(Kiev, Ukraine) Breaking news from The Australian:
Two anti-aircraft missiles and a launch system have gone missing from a Ukrainian naval base in the Crimean peninsula.

Guards came across two unidentified persons breaking into a weapons depot near Chernomorskoye, western Crimea, the defence ministry said today.

The two escaped, but guards then discovered a depot with a forced padlock from which two missiles stored in containers and a launch system for the Strela-3M portable air defence missile system were missing.
The Deputy Head of the Ukrainian Navy, Igor Matviyenko, is overseeing a search for the thieves and an investigation of the circumstances. In the meantime, we've got portable SAMs loose in the Ukraine.
Chewing Gum Tax

(London, England) It seems that Brits are not properly spitting out their chewing gum and the politicians are preparing to do something about it. Two solutions to the 'problem' are being considered at present. First is a tax on chewing gum to ostensibly pay for cleaning up the used gum. Second is an effort to classify spent chewing gum as litter and thereby make it a criminal littering offense to spit it out. As a littering offense, fines can be levied to ostensibly help clean the gum up.

Personally, I don't buy that a 'problem' is going to be solved because this whole effort looks like another blatant attempt by tax-and-spend politicians to confiscate money from the public. Just watch. Despite whether taxes and/or fines are levied, the 'problem' with Brits spitting out their chewing gum will not change.
Miniskirt Voted Top All-Time Fashion Item

(London, England) According to this report, the high-fashion department store Harvey Nichols surveyed 3,500 shoppers to determine the best and the worst fashion items of all time. Results indicate a particular fondness for the miniskirt as the top fashion item, followed by jeans and the little black dress. Voted the worst fashion item was the shell suit (whatever that is), followed by leg warmers and leggings.

Of course, the survey is about as subjective as can be. Still, I can't knock the choice of the miniskirt. The top ten in both the best and the worst are at the link.
Four Ohio Teens Missing

(Marion, Ohio) Early Saturday morning, twin 15-year-old girls Michaela and Marlana Kinser skipped town with two 16-year-old boys, Ricky Jackson and Jimmy Tyler.

Michaela & Marlana Kinser Ricky Jackson & Jimmy Tyler
Missing Ohio Teens

According to friends, they planned on driving to the Grand Canyon and then on to California. They are traveling in a red 1995 Chevrolet Beretta with Ohio license plate number BK16FX. Anyone with information should notify the Marion County Sheriff.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Teacher Angela Stellwag Charged With Sexual Assault

(Riverside, New Jersey) Here's a circumstance that seems to somewhat parallel the world-famous Mary Kay Letourneau case. Substitute teacher Angela Stellwag, the 24-year-old daughter of Delran Mayor Joseph Stellwag, was arrested and charged with sexual assault of a 14-year-old male Riverside High School student.

Angela Stellwag

Apparently, Stellwag started the relationship with the eighth-grader last summer and, over time, the rumors started flying. According to one report, Stellwag and the boy even talked of marriage. However, when school officials became aware of the rumors, Stellwag was terminated and an investigation commenced. Superior Court Judge Marvin E. Schlosser allowed Stellwag to be released after posting $20,000 bail.
UK Wants Homosexual Navy

(London, England) From a report:
The British navy said on Monday it had joined a scheme to encourage recruitment of gays and lesbians, while also helping those on board to feel happier about revealing their sexuality.

The royal navy will work with the gay-rights group Stonewall, which runs the programme, to promote equal working conditions for lesbians, gays and bisexuals.

Under the deal, Stonewall will also offer advice on how to recruit potential homosexual sailors through the so-called pink press.
The scheme described seems to entirely ignore national defense and lean toward developing an all-homosexual British Navy. If that's the goal, it's irresponsible. Turning a warship into a laboratory for lovers' quarrels is absolutely foolish.
Female Teacher Cuts Deal in Sex With Student Case

(Fremont, California) Former Kennedy High School English and world history teacher LaDonna Rangel, 35, accepted a deal pleading no contest to a charge of sex with one of her students and was sentenced to five years probation. She also must relinquish her teaching license.

Interestingly, very little information about this case has been released to the public. Also, we can only speculate about what punishment would have resulted if the teacher were a male and the student were a female. My guess would be that a male teacher would have been forced to register as a sex offender and have been sentenced to some time in the slammer.
Recruiting Homosexuals in High School

(Gwinnett County, Georgia) There's quite a controversy regarding homosexual clubs at Berkmar High School. It seems that some parents are beginning to think that the sole purpose of shoving homosexuality down the throats of kids is for recruitment into a sex club.

Imagine that.
Veteran Cop Gets Second DUI

(Hamilton, Ohio) Butler County Sheriff's Captain Greg Blankenship was found by Hamilton police to be drunk and passed out while in the drive-thru line at a fast food restaurant. It's the second time the 23-year veteran has been cited for DUI.

Obviously, Blankenship has a big problem.
Female Teacher Charged With Molesting Boy

(Farmington, Missouri) Bethany Sherrill, a 24-year-old former teacher at Farmington Elementary School, has been charged with molesting a 14-year-old student from a middle school where she once taught.


Interestingly, leaving text messages with sexual overtones on the cell phone of her boy-toy victim was Sherrill's undoing. His parents raised the alarm.

Sherrill resigned her position from the elementary school. She is out of jail on $10,000 bond. If convicted, she faces a possible seven years in prison.

[Update 11/24/06]

Sherrill takes plea. Sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Exorcism Classes

(Rome, Italy) To more fully educate the clergy in the temptations of evil, courses are now being offered by the Vatican-linked Pontifical Academy on Satanism, black magic, and exorcisms.

I think this is all well and good, but it does beg one big question. How come they didn't learn about evil in their introductory coursework to become holy men? If they had, maybe society would see fewer pedophile priests.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Organ Donor Infects 3 With Rabies

(Neu Isenburg, Germany) A 26-year-old organ donor, who died from heart failure after using cocaine and ecstasy, was found to have rabies after her organs were transplanted into six other individuals. She got the disease during a trip to India last October.
Doctors said there was little hope for a woman in Hanover who received a lung transplant and a man in Hannoversch-Muenden near Kassel who received a kidney transplant. A man in Marburg who received a pancreas and kidney is also in critical condition.
Three other patients who received transplants are not showing symptoms of the disease.

Apparently, doctors are more concerned about lack of organs for transplant than they are about occasionally transplanting diseased organs.

[Update 2/22/05] According to an updated report, the 70-year-old man who received a kidney transplant at a Hannoversch Muenden clinic in northern Germany has died. The woman in Hanover who received a lung transplant also died. The man in Marburg who received a pancreas and kidney is hanging on in serious condition.

Also, it appears that the 26-year-old female donor had been thoroughly tested for bacteria, viruses and tumors with no negative findings before the transplants, according to the German Organ Transplant Foundation. I guess 'thorough testing' doesn't detect rabies.

Catallarchy posts on the transplant issue in Grand Rounds XXII and raises the salient point that there should be more debate about opening up the marketplace for transplant organs. I think more debate on the issue is desirable and, if it leads to more organs being available for transplant, potentially quite beneficial.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Plague Outbreak Kills Dozens

The World Health Organization has confirmed that 61 diamond miners have been killed by the plague in a remote part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Many of the 7,000 miners working in Zobia, north of the city of Kisangani, have fled since the outbreak began two months ago, and could have spread the highly contagious disease, the United Nations agency said.
Treatment requires isolation and administration of antibiotics and, unfortunately, it appears that they are just getting started.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Body Odor in School

(Elyria, Ohio) A $50,000 lawsuit was filed yesterday in Lorain County Common Pleas Court against the local Sheffield-Sheffield Lake School District for humiliating a student. A teacher, David Stacko, required a fourth-grader to spray himself with Lysol in front of classmates because of body odor.

The incident in question occurred in March 2003. It seems odd that the family would wait two years before filing suit.
Wal-Mart Stock

Word is that Wal-Mart stock is a very good investment at this time.
Pajama-Clad Female Teacher, Bottle of Tequila, Boy-Toy Student

(Greenville, North Carolina) South Central High School English teacher Katherine B. Tew, 30, 112 South Baywood Lane, was arrested and charged with taking indecent liberties with a student and sex offense with a student. She has been released on $10,000 bond pending an April hearing in Pitt County District Court.

Katherine Tew
Katherine Tew

After her sex-toy student boyfriend spilled the beans, an investigation was launched which resulted in finding that Tew, known as "Katy" Tew, was engaging in a extended-term, passing-love-notes relationship with the 17-year-old. The nature of their relationship would explain the late-night prancing in pajamas while pulling plugs from a bottle of tequila.

It's time to add Katherine B. Tew to the master roster of temptresses.

[Update 01/24/06]

Tew convicted, gets probation.
Fun With Google

SEARCH: '"tax decrease" OHIO' for years 2000 through 2005
2000 - 678 hits
2001 - 309  "
2002 - 642  "
2003 - 641  "
2004 - 749  "
2005 - 195  "
SEARCH: '"tax increase" OHIO' for years 2000 through 2005
2000 - 29,700 hits
2001 - 25,800  "
2002 - 31,200  "
2003 - 34,000  "
2004 - 39,400  "
2005 - 35,000  "
Geez! You would imagine the numbers would be a little closer.
How 'Bout Those Meatballs?

(Stockholm, Sweden) According to this report, Viktoria Ed found a penis in a bottle of ketchup as she was putting the sauce on her bread rolls.
"It looked like a penis, of an adult if it's human, and medium sized," she told AFP.

"It's disgusting. The top of the bottle was intact, as if it had just left the factory. We'd like to know how this thing ended up in a ketchup bottle."
The ketchup, Godegaarden brand, was made in Turkey and distributed by a company called Axfood.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Address For Jacko in Hospital

Send Michael Jackson your good wishes for a quick recovery to:
Pediatrics Unit Floor
Marian Medical Center
Santa Barbara, CA
According to MHKing, the information has been confirmed by WMAL anchor Michelle Basch.

Jacko's in the kiddie ward? Somebody tell me I'm hallucinating.
'Dogs Playing Poker' Sold For Almost $600K

(New York) At Doyle's auction house, an unidentified private collector purchased two paintings of dogs playing poker for a staggering price of $590,400.

A Bold Bluff
A Bold Bluff by Cassius Coolidge (1844-1934)

The two paintings, "A Bold Bluff" and "Waterloo: Two," were from a 1903 series of dogs playing poker by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge and were estimated to draw bids in the $30,000 to $50,000 range. Obviously, the estimates were wrong.

An interesting sidelight about Coolidge is that he's also the creator of life-size cutouts into which one's head is placed, allowing the person to be photographed as a character or animal. I also should mention that I've got a dogs playing poker tapestry somewhere. It's probably out in the garage in a box with some bicycle parts. Or, maybe it was a dogs playing pool tapestry. Oh, well, nevermind.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

21st Annual Iron Dog Race

According to a Kenai Peninsula Online report, the launching of the 2,000-mile Iron Dog snowmobile race began Sunday morning at 11am, with racers leaving the starting line in two-minute intervals. Twenty racing teams of two, driving separate snowmachines, will travel from Big Lake, Alaska, to Nome, Alaska, and back, competing for a $75,000 purse.

Teacher's Aide Accused of Sex With Boy

(Canton Township, Michigan) A former teacher's aide with the Plymouth-Canton Community School District, Susanne Eble, 35, has been charged with three counts of third-degree and one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct for a relationship with a 14-year-old boy. Eble was released on $10,000 bond pending a hearing on February 25.
Funny Hats and Noisemakers!

Congratulations to Steven Taylor! PoliBlog is two-years-old today and my guess is that PoliBlog will be around for a long, long time.
"We Will Not Let That Happen."

Cheers to Kevin Aylward for his smack-down letter to John D. Bair, VP - Tulsa World, who has threatened legal action against bloggers for violating copyright. Kevin kindly advises that it's not a good idea to try to silence the blogosphere.

Curiously, a quick look at Google suggests that VP John Bair has moved through the ranks in the TulsaWorld organization, recently holding the position of Circulation Director. As such, it would seem that his experience is better suited for plotting truck routes and delivery schedules rather than confronting the complexities of copyright law.
Homeless Leaving San Francisco

On January 26 and 27, a census of the homeless population in San Francisco found that 6,248 people were on the streets, in jails, in shelters, and in rehab and emergency centers. The total homeless was 28% less than the number compiled during a prior census (8,640) in October 2002.

The reason attributed for the decrease in homeless people is that the city of San Francisco reduced the amount of monthly pay for vagrants from $410 to $59 as part of its welfare-slashing Care Not Cash program. As a result, the homeless are slowly migrating away from San Francisco. One would imagine that everyone in the city would be overjoyed with the good news, but that's not the case. According to Jennifer Friedenbach of the Coalition on Homelessness, "It's an outrageous undercount, politically motivated."

Since the power, influence, and revenue of the homeless advocacy groups is directly tied to the actual number of homeless, it is understandable that they would be outraged and highly critical of any report that the number of homeless has decreased. The only time the homeless advocacy groups are happy is when the numbers of vagrants increases.
Older Doctors Are More Risky

According to Harvard Medical School research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a significant number and variety of studies link older physicians to lower-quality health care. The reason given is that doctors are hard pressed to keep pace with the rapid increase in new medical knowledge while seeing a full schedule of patients.

Pretty blunt, eh?
Vaccinated By Potato

Initial results from studies in delivering hepatitis B vaccine orally by genetically-modified potato are encouraging. Since people in poorer countries are much more likely to take an oral rather than an injectable vaccine, the potato vaccine may dramatically reduce the incidence of hepatitis B worldwide.

By the way, look for the anti-GM crowd to be all upset about the new potatoes. I'll have my medicine with extra butter.
Drinking While Teaching

(Cleveland, Ohio) Last Friday, school authorities escorted a female teacher out of Mary B. Martin Middle School for allegedly drinking while teaching. Her name was not released. The Cleveland Public School System has placed her on administrative leave until a disciplinary hearing has been conducted. If found guilty of drinking while teaching, she could be fired and lose her teaching license.

Trackback to Beltway Traffic Jam.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Everyone Is An Expert

Everyone is an expert at something. Usually, it requires that a lot of time and study to be devoted to the subject prior to being recognized as an expert. So, just how did Dr. Rusty acquire the hands-on experience and knowledge to become an expert on Russian Mail Order Brides?
Student Explains Sex With Kathy Denise White

(Lumberton, Texas) Student Michael Ferguson, 18, described how the relationship with 39-year-old Kathy Denise White started and ended in a classroom.

Kathy Denise White

Last August, she started writing love letters to Ferguson and asked him to go home with her in September. According to an interview conducted by Hometown News' Andrea Bishop:
Ferguson says he had his brother Daniel drive him to her Lumberton home.

"We had sex, when we got in the house. She said hey come to my bedroom, and that's where I went."

"We had sex; she came out in a robe and told my brother, 'you're next.' My brother said no thank you and walked out," Michael said.

"That night I found out she had kids," Michael continued. "And I just felt nasty! Another man's bed? That's just sick."

Ferguson says the second encounter happened at Lumberton High School during an early morning tutorial session.

"She just started grabbing me and hormones were on and it just happened," said Michael Ferguson. "She gave me oral sex."

"That was even more weird for me and that was the last time. After that I said leave me alone."

"That's when she threatened me about my grades -- holding graduating over my head. I couldn't handle it."
It's not difficult to see that Michael Ferguson was somewhat traumatized by the relationship and that Kathy Denise White appeared to use her power over him as a teacher to get sex. It also appears that White was quite ready and willing to have sex with other teenage boys.

[Update 07/18/07]

Case moves forward, finally.

[Update 03/15/08]

White accepts plea deal, gets probation.
Bodies Found From Afghan Jet Crash

ABC Online report:
The first bodies from an Afghan plane which crashed and killed 104 people have been recovered from a frozen mountainside where they have been lying for the past 11 days.

Bad weather had until now prevented troops from removing any corpses from the site east of the capital Kabul, where the Kam Air Boeing 737 came down on February 3.

"As part of the ongoing safety operation, the Afghan National Army found several bodies and they have been carried out to Kabul airport," the Defence Ministry said in a statement.

"After the identities of the bodies have been established they will be handed over to their families."
All 104 people on board were declared dead last Tuesday by the investigation committee. Twenty-four were foreign nationals. The flight data recorder was located and has been sent to the U.S. for analysis. The cockpit voice recorder has not been found yet.
60 Dead in Tehran Mosque Fire

Aljazeera.Net reports:
Around 60 people have died and 200 more were injured after a faulty electrical heater started a blaze in a Tehran mosque crowded with worshippers for a major Shia Muslim festival, Iranian state television reported.
It's reported that an explosion was heard to occur before the blaze, however, it could have been an electrical short. The fire burned the Ark mosque near Tehran's main bazaar, capable of accommodating 4,000 worshippers.
Teresa Heinz Not Kerry

Mrs. John Kerry doesn't want to be known by that name now that the election is over. Her preference is to use her first husband's name. So, use Teresa Heinz and realize that her sincerity is just as authentic as a John Kerry duck hunt. (via In The Bullpen)
Greenpeace Push For Perfume Regulations

Greenpeace contends that the public is in danger from toxic chemicals in fragrances and, therefore, the perfume industry should be regulated by the government. The environmentalists also want to ratchet the perfume industry into using only substances that they deem are safe. The primary chemicals of concern are phthalate esters and synthetic musks, but neither group is currently considered hazardous. According to the Greenpeace Toxic Campaigner, Francis de la Cruz, it's difficult, if not impossible, to determine human risk and danger from the chemicals.

I don't know, but this sure seems like a case of solving a problem that doesn't exist. The chemicals are presently not considered dangerous and the Toxic Campaigner thinks it's near impossible to determine if they are dangerous, yet, for some reason, we must pass laws to control them.

Greenpeace and the Toxic Campaigner will need a stronger case to convince me.
Koppel - Stephanopoulos Swap?

According to this report, ABC is considering doing the switcheroo with Ted Koppel's Nightline and George Stephanopoulos' struggling This Week to try and bolster ratings. Personally, I don't care since I watch neither. The network, however, seems to be taking the idea very seriously.
Police Chief Loses Gun

(Reynoldsburg, Ohio) On January 3, Reynoldsburg Police Chief Jeanne Miller walked out of the library forgetting her handbag with her loaded pistol inside. Safety Director Sharon Reichard is expected to recommend disciplinary action by the end of business today.

My guess is that this is probably not an unusual event for female police officers while men don't typically have the problem, that is, except for those men that carry purses. (via Mike Meckler)
Aggressive, Drug-Resistant HIV Strain

(New York) Scientists and doctors are feverishly pursuing the cause of a rash of super-aggressive HIV infections. Cases are being studied in New York and Massachusetts where patients have not responded to commonly prescribed medications. In one drug-resistant case, a man progressed from initial diagnosis to full-blown AIDS in three months. Interestingly, a possible lifestyle link to the recreational use of crystal methamphetamine and multiple unprotected sex partners has been suggested and is being investigated.

Experts and officials are urging against overreacting to the alleged new viral strain until research results have been obtained.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Airport Screener Misses Butcher Knife

A security screener at Newark Liberty International Airport was probably too busy looking for nail files and cuticle scissors to notice a butcher knife in Katrina Bell's purse. The screener was reassigned to be retrained. Let's hope this was just an isolated security lapse.

A little interesting is the reason Katrina Bell carried a butcher knife in her purse. She had it for blind dates that go badly.
Germans Won't Investigate Rumsfeld

(Karlsruhe, Germany) According to F.A.Z. Weekly, German Federal Prosecutor Kay Nehm has decided not to investigate Donald Rumsfeld over human rights abuses and war crimes at Abu Ghraib.

Apparently the Germans don't have enough cases clogging their court system so they passed a law that gives them worldwide jurisdiction for human rights violations and war crimes. Fortunately, with regard to Abu Ghraib, Rumsfeld is getting a pass. For now.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Submarine Skipper Relieved of Command

(From U.S. 7th Fleet Public Affairs)
The commander of U.S. 7th Fleet, Vice Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert, relieved Cmdr. Kevin Mooney of his command of USS San Francisco (SSN 711) Feb. 12. The decision to relieve Cmdr. Mooney was made following non-judicial punishment (NJP) proceedings held in Yokosuka, Japan. Additionally, as a result of the NJP, Mooney received a Letter of Reprimand.
An investigation determined that Cmdr. Mooney failed to follow procedure. I guess he can pretty much kiss his naval career goodbye.
More Teacher-Student Sex

(Lumberton, Texas) Following an investigation by the Lumberton Police Department, Kathy Denise White, 39, was indicted by a Hardin County grand jury on two felony charges of improper sexual relationship with a student.

A former resource teacher at Lumberton High School, White turned herself in to the police and was subsequently released on $2,500 bond. If convicted, White faces a possible 20 years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

[Update 07/18/07]

With the addition of Kathy Denise White, the roster of adult women who have been accused of doing sexual things with boys now grows to 14. They are:
Pamela Smart,
Debra Lafave,
Mary Kay Letourneau,
Lisa Suitter,
Amber Jennings,
Sarah Suzanne Bench-Salorio,
Janay Jill Willson,
Morgan Lee Brown,
Tammy Lee Huggins,
Rebecca Ann Boicelli,
Sylvia Johnson,
Sheryl Jean Graham,
Denise Bongers, and
Kathy Denise White.
It's worth mentioning that compiling the list required little effort. Incidents of grown women playing with boys are popping up in the news almost daily.

[Update 03/15/08]

Kathy Denise White accepts plea deal, gets probation.
Fired For Drinking Wrong Beer

(Racine, Wisconsin) Working for CJW Inc., the area's supplier of Miller Brewing Co. products, Isac Aguero unwisely allowed his picture to be taken while enjoying a competing brand of beer. The picture showed up in the local newspaper and CJW Inc. fired him the next day.

Wrong Beer
Isac Aguero - Fired for drinking wrong beer.

So, we now have a beer distributor in Wisconsin who fires employees for drinking the competitor's product to go along with the previously discussed Michigan company that fires any employees it finds are smoking while at home. How long will it be before some company requires a DNA profile from job applicants to screen out those people at risk for genetic maladies and diseases? Slowly but surely, companies are trending toward hiring people and maintaining a workforce based on characteristics that are not job-related.

Aguero may seek employment with Anheuser-Busch.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Blogging Libel Insurance

Here's an interesting item. Be apprised that some protection from libel damages may be available to bloggers via their homeowners' or renters' insurance policies. Eugene Volokh discusses. Of note is that it seems libel coverage will depend on the specific wording of each policy and the governing state laws, so it's difficult to make sweeping generalities. Additionally, it appears that displaying advertisements or having a tip jar may also impact the extent of coverage. (via Les Jones)
The Big Boot

Congratulations are in order for Red Wing Shoes for creating the world's largest boot. Immediately, it was recognized by officials at the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest shoe.

Giant Red Wing
Giant Red Wing Shoe

A herd of 80 cattle had to be skinned to make the 16-foot tall boot which will be on display at the company's facilities in Red Wing, Minn., to commemorate 100 years in business. The anniversary celebrates Red Wing Shoes' commercial success for a century as a "Made in the U.S.A." company which one report says "has proven that American manufacturing companies can compete when they produce stellar products, good marketing and a commitment by ownership to weather economic changes when they are buffeted by tough competition."

Unfortunately, another report says David Murphy, president of Red Wing Shoes, is running for his life trying to keep up with foreign competition. In three years, the company has downsized from 720 workers at two plants in Red Wing to 424 workers at one plant. The company continually seeks to apply additional streamlining and has increased their purchase of components from China for assembly in Red Wing.

Another avenue being pursued by Red Wing Shoes is to get tax dollars dedicated to subsidizing the workforce. The JOBZ (Job Opportunity Building Zones) program gives subsidies to companies planning on hiring in rural areas. Murphy is seeking an expansion in the program to include subsidies for companies to prevent the loss of jobs. Several lawmakers plan on introducing legislation next month to enlarge the scope of JOBZ, but there presently doesn't seem to be much support.

In summary, Red Wing Shoes built a big boot to commemorate its 100th anniversary as a "Made In The U.S.A." company, however, the future success of the company is not clear because of persistent commercial pressure from foreign suppliers.
Shambolic Riot at Store Opening

(London, England) Last night at midnight local time, managers opened the doors to a brand new Ikea Furniture Superstore and more than 6,000 people charged in. Several people were injured in the rush, including one stabbing, and it was reported that security personnel fled the scene. With the situation out of control, the managers decided to close the doors after only 30 minutes.

This story has been given quite a bit of press and, frankly, I don't think it should have been. Cheap prices advertised for desirable products will produce a flood of customers every time and it does all the time in the U.S. Maybe it's because this event happened in England as opposed to the U.S. that makes it newsworthy.

Nevertheless, according to one report, shopper Merrison Gittens, 48, said, "It was awful to see what was happening. It was absolutely shambolic. A lot of the security men just ran away."

That's not a typo and I haven't been able to find 'shambolic' nor 'shambol' in any of my dictionaries. Maybe it's a colloquialism.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Shannon Airport - Sanctuary For American War Resisters

(Shannon, Ireland) Since many American military personnel travel through Shannon Airport for duty assignments in Europe and the Middle East, the anti-American Irish leftists want to turn the airport into an officially recognized sanctuary for deserters while encouraging as many soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen to disobey orders.

Hey, but not to worry. According to Irish anti-American activist Michael Birmingham, "This is not in any way an 'Anti-American' suggestion." Birmingham says he just wants end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan by getting the word out to all American military that they shouldn't reboard their flights after refueling at Shannon.
Journalist Shot Dead in Somalia

(Mogadishu, Somalia) From the, it's reported that veteran BBC producer Kate Peyton, 39, was shot in the back and killed yesterday outside her Mogadishu hotel. According to witnesses, an armed man walked up to her at the hotel's gate, fired once, and then escaped in a car with other passengers.

It appears that she was specifically targeted for extermination to demonstrate to the international community that the country of Somalia remains unsafe. Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Ghedi said the criminals will be pursued and brought to justice. Meanwhile, chances are that Eason Jordan is right now trying to figure out how to blame her death on the United States.

Rest in peace, Kate Peyton.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pamela Turner - Charged With Raping Schoolboy

(McMinnville, Tennessee) Centertown Elementary School PE Teacher Pamela Turner, 27, was arrested and charged Monday with 15 counts of sexual battery by an authority figure and 13 counts of statutory rape of one of her students, a 13-year-old boy.

Pamela Turner
Pamela Turner

Curiously, Turner's husband filed for divorce last month, citing alleged inappropriate marital conduct. Really?

Previous speculation that there may be an epidemic of female child molesters gets more support almost daily. Turner is currently free on $50,000 bond. If convicted, she faces a possible 100 years in prison.

[Update 02/27/06]

Pamela Rogers sentenced and released from jail.
Madrid Bomb Blast

Concerns for the future 2012 Olympic Games were on the minds of authorities after a car bomb detonated outside Madrid's main convention center, the most serious terrorist attack since last year's bombings of four commuter trains that killed over 190 people. Today's blast injured 15 and came only hours before King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia and Mexican President Vicente Fox were due to open an art exhibition at the convention center. The Basque separatist group ETA is blamed for the bombing.

I need to go back and check my notes. I thought that the country voted last year for a socialist government because it was the bombers' choice. So, even though the bombers got their socialists in power, the country still has bombings. Maybe appeasement doesn't work.

[Update @ 1300 EST] It's now being reported that the bombing injured 39 people.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bad Bug

I don't know how it occurred or what prompted it, but about noon yesterday I was feeling like a million bucks and then, by 230pm, I had a fever of 101.4 degrees Fahrenheit. It was accompanied with pains throughout my arms, legs, chest, shoulders, and head. Never have I had a malady lay me down so quickly.

Some aspirin and acetaminophen seem to be working with the pain and fever, but I suspect that whatever I have will take a few days to run its course.

That said, I want to wish my friends and acquaintances down in Louisiana a "Happy and Safe Mardi Gras!"
Russians Try To Outlaw Jewish Organizations

(Moscow, Russia) A few weeks ago, a group of State Duma members submitted a petition calling for the Prosecutor General to launch proceedings "on the prohibition in our country of all religious and ethnic Jewish organizations as extremist." Also included was the blanket statement that "the entire democratic world today is under the monetary and political control of international Judaism." The deputies making the appeal (about 20 signed the petition) were primarily Communist and Nationalist Party members.

The Israeli Embassy and prominent Jewish Rabbi Adolf Shayevich expressed outrage for "the raving condition of animal anti-Semitism." In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the petition was regrettable and that the authors had withdrawn the document from consideration.

In related report from yesterday, the State Duma adopted a letter condemning the original anti-Semitic petition. The final vote was 306-58 which is hardly comforting since 58 Russian lawmakers still are prepared to outlaw Jewish organizations because of their blatant anti-Semitism.

One question begging to be asked is why the MSM haven't reported and stressed this egregious attempt to legislate anti-Semitism in Russia?

Monday, February 07, 2005

Female Troops in Semi-Nude Mud-Wrestling Scandal

(Baghdad) During a party at Camp Bucca military prison in Iraq, the exuberance resulted in a semi-nude female mud-wrestling match at which, and get this - it's unbelievable, pictures were taken and, shock of all shocks, sent to the media.

Girl Troops Gone Wild
US Troops Mud Wrestle at Camp Bucca

Involved were members of the 160th Military Police Battalion of Tallahassee, Florida, and the 105th Military Police Battalion of Asheville, North Carolina. One soldier, Deanna Allen, 19, photographed flashing her weapons of man's distraction at bug-eyed male G.I.s, was demoted.

Personally, this whole incident seems to be not much more than NC-17 fun, but it was photographed. Excuse me, but didn't anyone get the word out about pictures creating international political storms? If pictures are taken of anything of the least bit of public or prurient interest to anyone, you can bet your life that those pictures will show up in a newspaper somewhere, and then, everywhere.

[Update] Replaced pix. In larger size, it's easy to see that someone has altered the pic with a black marker pen.
Suicide Bombers Kill At Least 25 in Iraq

According to this report, terrorists targeted Iraqi police in two separate attacks earlier today. At least 12 policemen were murdered and four were wounded in a suicide attack at a hospital complex in Mosul. They had gathered to be paid. According to a statement posted on the Internet, the attack was carried out by "a lion from the martyrs brigade of the Al-Qaeda Group of Jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers," an arm of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's organization of thugs.

Meanwhile, as men lined up to join the police force in the city of Baquba, northeast of Baghdad, a suicide car-bomber drove up and detonated. Thirteen are reported to have been murdered.

Worthy of mention is that among the media reports cited above, not one refers to the suicide bombers as anything harsher than militants or insurgents. Note to the BBC,, and the AFP:
If it looks like a murdering terrorist thug, and
It acts like a murdering terrorist thug, and
It boasts about being a murdering terrorist thug, then
By any reasonable measure of truth and accuracy,
It is a murdering terrorist thug.
It is not a militant nor an insurgent nor a locomotive nor a box of hammers nor a duck. It is a murdering terrorist thug.

Be aware that the first time one of your newsrooms decides to start being accurate in describing circumstances, everybody involved will be hailed as courageous visionaries destined for professional accolades and to be written about in journalism textbooks for centuries. Alternatively, though, journalists that do speak up may just be fired, but at least they will be able to walk away secure in the knowledge that the spineless jokers they left behind continue to believe that colder winters are caused by global warming.

[Update] Jeff Quinton reports the death toll has reached 26.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Greenie Charged With Littering

(Beachwood, Ohio) An environmentalist was distributing flyers on SUVs when he got into an argument with a woman who didn't want his flyer on her windshield. The woman gave the flyer back to the 41-year-old greenie who became upset and threw the flyer on the ground. After being called by a passing motorist, police charged the environmentalist with littering and disorderly conduct. The report didn't name the littering environmentalist.

Personally, I think there should be ordinances to prevent organizations from blanketing parking lots with flyers of any kind. In my mind, it doesn't make a difference whether the paper is on the ground or the windshield. It's litter.
Biggest Serial Killer in Post-War Germany

(Kempten, Germany) According to F.A.Z. Weekly, a 26-year-old male nurse is in jail awaiting charges after he confessed to killing 16 patients at the Sonthofen Hospital in southern Bavaria. In an ongoing investigation, police exhumed 42 bodies of other people who died at the hospital and after autopsies found that 13 additional deaths were linked to the nurse. The killer nurse committed his crimes by injecting a deadly mix of sedatives and anesthetics with other drugs in his patients.
"The accused cited pity as the motive in all the cases," said Herbert Pollert, the public prosecutor handling the case. "He wanted to spare seriously ill patients from pointless suffering because there were no prospects of a recovery."
It wouldn't surprise me if his euthanasia excuse works as a valid defense. Mercy killing seems to be quite popular among Europeans. They spend more time worrying about global warming than human life. With respect to formal charges, authorities are waiting for the results of a psychiatric evaluation.

It's a little disturbing that no one seemed to notice at least 29 people died when 'Nurse Mengele' worked his shift. Not only that, but his crimes probably would have not been discovered had he not confessed. It also seems odd that the nurse's name wasn't released. The only thing I can figure is that his name would link him to a prominent politician or celebrity or maybe he's a Muslim. Whatever the specific reason is for not releasing the name, I sense it's likely to be political.
Gaddafi's Violent Son

From a report in The Courier-Mail:
Gaddafi son accused of more violence

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's son Hannibal Gaddafi, who was allegedly embroiled recently in scuffles in France, has also been accused of a violent incident in Denmark.

"We have been informed by the police of this case of violence. But no complaint has been lodged with the police," the head of protocol at the Danish foreign ministry, ambassador Christopher Bo Bramsen, said.

"We are following the matter," he said, adding that Hannibal Gaddafi held a diplomatic passport and therefore enjoyed diplomatic immunity.
Since Daddy Gaddafi has been a rather incorrigible individual throughout his life, it should come as no surprise that his spawn is out of control.
17 Die At Spanish Youth Hostel

(La Todolella, Spain) A gas leak from a cooking canister is being blamed for 17 overnight deaths at a youth hostel in the province of Valencia. Police in Castellon confirmed the deaths only few hours ago. The hostel is located in a mountainous region popular with cyclists and hikers. No details have been provided about the deceased.

This is odd. It seems at least one person out of 17 would have awakened during the night with a splitting headache.

Companion post at Our Life.
Japan Confirms Human Death From Mad Cow

(Tokyo, Japan) The Health Ministry has confirmed that, for the first time, a man has died from mad cow disease in Japan. According to ministry official Masahito Yamada, the man lived in Britain for a short time in 1989 and it is "highly likely that he contracted the disease" while there. He developed symptoms of the disease in 2001.

Other Mad Cow News

In mad cow research, scientists from Yale University and the University of Zurich are reporting that infectious prions related to bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) have been found on body organs other than the brain.
Nancy H. Ruddle, Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Medicine, along with co-authors analyzed three organ systems that are typically free of prions: liver, pancreas and kidney, in five different mouse models of chronic inflammation. After the mice were infected with prions, the team detected prion accumulation in the inflamed organs.
The implication of the findings is that handling of the livers, pancreases, and kidneys of slaughtered farm animals may need to be reassessed.

. . .

In Poland, Krzysztof Jazdzewski of the National Veterinary Service reports that a new case of mad cow has been detected in a herd of 262 cattle. The herd has been isolated and all infected cows will be slaughtered. It's the 22nd case of the disease in Poland since testing began in 2001.

. . .

In Britain, authorities are claiming a link between mad cow disease and cosmetic implants. Behavioral observations of Joan Rivers are believed to be part of the scientific basis for the assertion.
Research: Most Automobile Accidents by Make

Here's a little tidbit of information that might be useful at a family gathering when that obnoxious brother-in-law of yours starts rubbing everyone's nose in the fact that he owns a fancy-shmancy and expensive German automobile. According to research conducted by the large GIO Insurance Group, Audi, Mercedes Benz, and BMW are in the top five makes of cars most likely to run into a tree.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Deserter Hassoun Fled Due To Anti-Muslim Bias

Everyone surely remembers Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun who was scheduled to face charges of desertion early last month, but didn't show up. Subsequently classified as a deserter by the U.S. military, he is believed to have gone to Canada or Lebanon. Well, in his defense, older brother Mohamad Hassoun is serving up a veritable buffet of excuses for his desertion. In an interview with the Associated Press, Mohamad states that Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun deserted the Marine Corps because 1) anti-Muslim bias prompted harsh treatment toward him, 2) he had an argument with his newlywed wife, and 3) he was under pressure due to the desertion charges against him.

Frankly, deserter Hassoun's brother makes him out to be quite a crybaby. I don't believe it. Based upon circumstances alone, it sure seems that Hassoun deserted due to apparent conflicting loyalties. Instead of being a United States Marine, he decided to be a fundamentalist Muslim.

Companion post at Our Life.
Woman, Boy, Illegal Sex

(Merritt Island, Florida) Last night, Brevard County Sheriff's Deputies arrested Denise Bongers, 32, on a charge of illegally engaging in sexual relations with a 16-year-old boy.

Denise Bongers
Denise Bongers
(Photo -

According to Deputy Tod Goodyear, the boy had been in an argument with his parents when he blurted out that he was having relations with Bongers. The police had been called because of the domestic disturbance at which time the illegal sex became known. Bongers has a child and is married, but separated from her husband. Deputy Goodyear stated that Bongers banged the boy only once.
White House Chef Fired

Hired by Hillary Clinton as White House Executive Chef 11 years ago, Walter Scheib III has been told to look for a new job. Apparently, a newly-appointed social secretary, Lea Berman, decided that change was desirable. So, for those that are fortunate enough to get an invitation to dinner, be apprised that soon there'll be a new head saucemaker in the White House.
Flight 93 National Memorial

Over 1,000 proposals were submitted for the Flight 93 National Memorial and five finalists have been chosen. I think it's impossible to look at the final proposals and not feel a strong mix of emotions.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Flip The Bird, Get A Ticket

Flight attendant Stephen Corey expressed his sentiments to Pennsylvania State Trooper Samuel Nassan III by gesturing with his middle finger. Trooper Samuel Nassan III responded by awarding Corey with a traffic citation for an improper hand signal.

Somewhat miffed, Corey filed a federal lawsuit yesterday contending that the Pennsylvania State Police violated his free speech rights. The lawsuit names as defendants Nassan, the Pennsylvania State Police, and Jeffrey Miller, State Police Commissioner. Corey seeks compensatory and punitive damages.

Stephen Corey can probably rely upon his goodwill account with the Pennsylvania State Police being at zero.
Mayor Jane Campbell Changes Tune

(Cleveland, Ohio) After Mayor Campbell announced that Cleveland would install red-light cameras to pick the public's pocket, her astute political thinking was shaken by criticism that traffic fines should have something to do with safety or accidents or statistics or anything other than outright theft. So, she has restated her position to incorporate words such as safety and accidents and statistics.

My take is that Mayor Campbell seems to be adopting a persona that is largely indistinguishable from the infamous Miss Cleo. The only noticeable difference is that Miss Cleo at least predicted the future in her scam.
Man Killed by Sherry Enema

(Lake Jackson, Texas) Tammy Warner, 42, was charged with negligent homicide for giving her husband, Michael Warner, 58, a sherry enema that killed him. Apparently, Warner's doctor told him not to drink because he had ulcers and would get heartburn. As an alternative, he coaxed his wife into giving him the enema which raised his blood alcohol level to 0.47 percent, high enough to be fatal. Police believe his wife knew it could kill him but did it anyway.

Obviously, we've been introduced to a whole new meaning for 'bottoms up.'

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