Thursday, February 02, 2006

ROTC Harassed

(Santa Fe, New Mexico) No surprise in this story. There is little doubt that Santa Fe is a city populated with a preponderance of off-the-table leftists. Consequently, being anti-U.S. military is expected.

Navy Junior ROTC cadets say it's not uncommon to be called "Nazis" or "baby killers" as they walk the hallways of Santa Fe High School. Their classmates are largely anti-military, and school officials discourage students from participating in the program, they say.

"We're not welcome here," Cadet Marin Espinoza said. He said ROTC members are routinely harassed by other students who get especially impolite before ROTC events.

On Saturday, cadets discovered what they called the latest example of that hostility. The unit's 20 drill rifles and only Navy sword were stolen just before a drill competition in Farmington. In December, five swords and more rifles were stolen. The guns are World War II-era M-1 rifles that had been inoperable and were used in competitions and football halftime shows.
In the words of 17-year-old student Cmdr. Jonathan Lujan, "We have no one on our side. Not the community. Not the administrators. Not the students." In a rather lukewarm response, Principal Claudia Krause-Johnson is considering having "an assembly to foster a more welcoming attitude."

I wonder what Principal Krause-Johnson would do if the taunts of "Nazis" and "baby killers" were directed at Muslim students? Hold an assembly to wag her finger? I don't think so.

All that said, I'd like to propose a survey be conducted of the students at Santa Fe High School, asking the following question:
Between George Bush and Hugo Chavez, who would you rather have leading the country?
My prediction? Chavez in a squeaker.

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