Monday, September 18, 2006

Morning-After Pill Does Nothing for Abortion Rate

Contrary to what people have been led to believe, the morning-after contraceptive pill has no apparent effect on abortion rates. That's what has been reported out of the United Kingdom. Abortion rates increased from 11 per thousand in 1984 to 17.8 per thousand in 2004, even though the morning-after pill has been available over-the-counter since 2001.

Writing in the British Medical Journal, Professor Anna Glasier, director of the Lothian Primary Care NHS Trust in Edinburgh, said that while the morning-after pill had been heralded as the solution to rising abortion rates, it had failed to deliver.
It appears that the option of abortion is being heavily relied upon due to its availability and ease. Also, widepspread use of the morning-after pill may not be logical. If someone is too lazy and too irresponsible to use contraception before or during the sex act, what basis is there to believe that a person will become less lazy and less irresponsible within 72 hours afterwards?

From a psychoanalytical standpoint, one might say that the brains of human beings cease to function just prior to, during, and for some time after engaging in sex. My experience supports that contention.

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