Monday, September 25, 2006

No Sense of Irony in Islam

Charles Krauthammer states, as many people have, that Islam is a belief system that breeds fanatics without a sense of humor. More so, they have no sense of irony.
They fail to see the richness of the following sequence. The pope makes a reference to a 14th-century Byzantine emperor's remark about Islam imposing itself by the sword, and to protest this linking of Islam and violence:
• In the West Bank and Gaza, Muslims attack seven churches.

• In London, the ever-dependable radical Anjem Choudary tells a demonstration at Westminster Cathedral that the pope is now condemned to death.

• In Mogadishu, Somali religious leader Abubukar Hassan Malin calls on Muslims to "hunt down" the pope. The pope not being quite at hand, they do the next best thing: shoot dead, execution-style, an Italian nun working in a children's hospital.
"How dare you say Islam is a violent religion? I'll kill you for it" is not exactly the best way to go about refuting the charge. But of course, refuting is not the point here. The point is intimidation.
And, it works. Everyone kowtows to these fanatical thugs.

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