Thursday, September 28, 2006

Teen Girls and Flying Bra

(Toledo, Ohio) Tuesday was not a good day for James Campbell. Driving on I-75, he swerved to avoid an object coming towards him and ended up rolling his car several times. Both Campbell and his passenger, Jeff Long, sustained severe injuries.

So, what was the unidentified flying object? It wasn't a piece of tire, a rock, or even an animal.

It was a red bra, previously hung on the antenna of a Mercury Sable occupied by four teenage girls who, well, went a little wild. And the Ohio Highway Patrol is considering charges against them.

Mr. Long, 47, of Toledo, said he and Mr. Campbell, 37, also of Toledo, saw the girls sticking their pierced tongues out and making inappropriate gestures toward them. He said one girl climbed from the back of the car to the front, hung a red bra on the antenna, and rolled up the window.
Obviously, the bra didn't stay attached to the antenna, flew through the air and startled Mr. Campbell. So, in addition to a fractured vertebra in the neck and a broken thumb, Campbell was given a ticket for failure to control his vehicle and not wearing a seat belt.

Campbell's story was supported by witnesses who saw the girls, all 17 years old, flashing other motorists. It's not clear whether they will be cited.

In all my years of driving, I've never experienced any Girls Driving Wild. Maybe it's because I don't brake for unmentionables.

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