Monday, November 03, 2008

Dead Voters in Cleveland

(Cleveland, Ohio) According to a report by, dead people are voting in Cuyahoga County. Kind of spooky, eh?
Among the thousands of graves at Highland Park Cemetery, one modest tombstone stands out.

Alex Holmes Sr. has been at rest in that cemetery for 15 years. But recent election records show he cast a ballot in this year's primary.

And our 5 On Your Side investigation found a home on Cleveland's east side listed as Holmes' address.

Jeremy Moore, Holmes' grandson, was stunned.

"He's deceased. Deceased since 1993," Moore said.

And it doesn't appear to be a name mix-up.

Records reveal Alex Holmes Jr. -- who is still alive -- voted in the same election as his deceased father.

Cuyahoga County Elections Director Jane Platten said she'll look in to it.
Previously, investigators found 13,000 dead voters registered in Cuyahoga County and more than two dozen cast ballots. Elections officials said that dead people would be removed from the rolls.

Nevertheless, investigators have found thousands more dead voters on the rolls with their ballots still being cast from the grave.

H/T Patrick Poole

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