Wednesday, November 09, 2011

St. Paul's Disrespected by Demonstrators

St. Paul's Cathedral

(London, England) For 300 years, the present St. Paul's Cathedral has stood as the embodiment of the spiritual life and heritage of British people.

Designed by the revered Sir Christopher Wren, St. Paul's has been the central site for national observances, state funerals and royal weddings.

Recently, St. Paul's has also been the site for #Occupy protesters who have demonstrated their displeasure with capitalism by using the cathedral as a latrine.
Staff at St Paul's have been forced to clear up human waste inside the cathedral, it emerged today.

They have made several trips with mops to remove the mess found on a carpet inside the church near the West Steps - just yards from the anti-capitalist protest camp.

One cleric furious at the use of the building 'as a latrine' said: ' This is desecration of a very holy place. it hurts me and it hurts the staff.'
The walls of St. Paul's have also been vandalized.
Meanwhile, vandals have spray painted '666' next to the main entrance.The provocative 'number of the beast' was daubed in silver paint on a wall to the left-hand side of the Christopher Wren masterpiece.

It was painted at head height in the middle of a silver painted heart near to the entrance and tagged LCDG! with an anarchist logo.

Note that LCDG stands for Libertarian Communist Discussion Group, an anarchist organization which seemingly approves of irreverently damaging property.

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