Sunday, November 06, 2016

Asylum chief is fired in Denmark after lurid details emerge of several female workers having sex with 'children' at migrant centres

An asylum chief has been fired after lurid details emerged of several female workers having sex with children at a refugee centre.

Sisi Eibye, head of the asylum programme at Langeland Municipality in Denmark, was shown the door yesterday after it was revealed at least three officials knew for months that one employee of the Børnecenter Tullebølle children's asylum centre had engaged in sex acts with underage residents.

The acts were photographed and videoed showing her having oral sex with at least one refugee and full intercourse with one of the boys at the centre in Tranekær.

Officials believe the woman had sexual relationships with at least three boys at the centre, while two other female workers are believed to have violated boys at the centre.

The two women were sacked and police are investigating while Funen Police said it was looking into the details of the first woman, The Local reports.

Although there has been some debate over the ages of many migrants from the Middle East travelling with no papers and no way to verify their dates of birth, the Danish Immigration Service (DIS) last week announced it would shut down the children's centre amid the claims.

The initial details were leaked to Radio 24syv and yesterday police said: 'It is clear that we are taking this case very seriously.

'When one's role is to protect vulnerable children, this is a very serious allegation,' spokesman Sten Skovgaard Larsen told Radio 24syv.

Ms Eibye was not one of the three women involved in the sex acts.

Documents obtained by the radio station showed the claims were first reported to the DIS last week, but that at least three top municipal employees knew about them as early as June 10.

The troubled centre houses around 40 boys, and residents sparked a mass brawl last month in which an employee was hit with a metal pipe by a 15-year-old brawl.

In the summer, five teenagers from the centre were charged with sexual assaults at the Langelandsfestival where they allegedly groped and raped a 16-year-old girl.

A month before in July, there was another huge fight, this time involving boys from the centre and more than 100 other asylum seekers during a football match against another centre.



Doom said...

Isn't that a fringe benefit of government work? From teachers, to U.N. "peace keepers", to aid workers? Hmm... And they wonder why we don't trust or want them, and understand why more and more want to be government workers.

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