Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Mother, 59, paralysed by back pain is cured by 20mile hikes wearing just a swimsuit

A mother who was inspired by a near-death experience to get 'body confident' and go on 20-mile hikes in just a bikini and boots is facing a backlash from other women.

Ann Wheeler, from Clayton-le-Woods, Lancashire, suffers from Cauda Equina syndrome - a rare spinal condition that can cause paralysis. The 59-year-old claims that the post-op experience motivated her to take up walking and wild swimming as natural pain management as she believes it is as strong as traditional painkillers.

However, since taking up hiking, Ann has encountered criticism online with some wives ordering their husbands to steer clear of her. 'I took a week off work and was due to hike with some male walkers from Essex but they said they couldn't because their wives had got wind of it.

The exercise has also helped Ann lose weight and she has gone from a size 16 to a slinky size 12.



Wireless.Phil said...

Watched a program this morning, a woman who was almost paralysed was cured by honey bee stings.

Doom said...

Everyone who is killing themselves to avoid pain has no idea. I do think pain is what keeps me alive. Though, in fairness, mines comes from my conditions, I didn't really seek it. Those who avoid pain, I think, are the ones who die much more quickly. Although, how much to seek... gotta be careful with that. I have had bruised/cracked ribs, but couldn't really handle the painkillers. Pain was better, for me. So... ymmv.


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