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More on 2016 being "hottest year on record"

On 21st, I pointed out that the prophecy about 2016 becoming the "hottest" year was a flight of fancy.  I put up the actual GISS temperature figures and pointed out that global temperatures were in fact dropping like a stone.  Steve Goddard has made a similar point, saying that: "The past four months is the largest four month cooling in the GISS LOTI record.  WMO describes this as "2016 warming faster than expected.""

He provides the following graph to ilustrate his point:

Unusual Japanese bikini

Very brief beachwear is common in Japan

If you thought you'd seen some racy bikinis this summer, brace yourself. A string-thin 'bikini' is taking the internet by storm having just landed in Japan as it's hailed the hottest new piece of swimwear in the Far East this summer. The two-piece, by fashion house Buyma, lets wearers show a very generous amount of 'under-boob' and just about covers their nipples.

Not only does the bikini top not encase the wearer's breasts properly - like a bikini is supposed to - but it features a lot of unnecessary criss-cross straps across the chest and cleavage - as if to accentuate its lack of support in other, more vital areas.

The bottom half, on the other hand, shows everything except your most intimate body part. It features a tiny piece of material at the front and widely spaces straps which encase your bottom - leaving your cheeks showing fully.  Women in Japan are snapping up the bondage-inspired swimsuits from Pocket Tokyo, where it retails for around £28"


Friday, July 22, 2016

Man finds woman LIVING in his attic - who insists it's actually HER house

Davis Wahlman was stunned when he heard rustling around in the upper levels of his Green Lake, Washington home Monday night, and pulled on the door to his office, only to find it locked. In the unusual position of knocking on a door in his own home, he knocked a few times before a woman called out, 'Jimmy? Is that you, Jimmy?' according to KOMO.

Minutes earlier, Wahlman had also heard rummaging around in his attic, and thought that was strange. But things got even more odd when the noises moved to his office, and then a dark-haired woman opened the door and Wahlman was confronted with the face of a total stranger. The woman then, according to the startled homeowner, insisted it was actually her house.  'This is my house. I live here. I've been here for three days. Jimmy said I could live here, Jimmy said I could stay here,' he said the woman told him.

Wahlman, who had dialed 911 as soon as he heard someone in his office, tried to keep the woman engaged until police could arrive, but because Wahlman says they took almost 20 minutes to get there, the woman absconded before cops showed up.


Teacher, 51, 'was caught on camera performing oral sex on 17-year-old student in a parking lot'

A teacher is set to appear in court charged with performing oral sex on a 17-year-old student.

Sandra Mayfield, 51, is accused of sexually assaulting the teenager in a parking lot in Oklahoma City in February.

Mayfield - a teacher at Moore High School in Oklahoma - was also seen kissing and hugging the boy, who also attends the school, as they drove and took the metro around the city, investigators said.

The alleged inappropriate relationship, which is said to have taken place on the back seat of Mayfield's car, was captured on surveillance cameras.

School officials learned about the alleged incident in March and went to the police, KFOR reported.

Moore Police Sergeant Jeremy Lewis said: 'They met at a business here in Moore, drove around in Oklahoma City, made a few stops, ended up late that night at a park here in Moore, Buck Thomas Park, where she performed oral sex on the 17-year-old.'

Police have interviewed the teenager and his story is said to match what investigators saw on CCTV.

The alleged encounter is believed to be the only one between the student and the teacher.

In a statement in March, the school board said: 'Moore Public Schools places the safety and welfare of its students ahead of any other interests, and will continue to take necessary steps to safeguard their emotional, physical, and educational well-being.

'Information was received of possible improper behavior on Friday, March 4, 2016. The teacher was suspended immediately and placed on administrative leave. Law enforcement was also immediately contacted by the District.

'The charges filed this afternoon against our employee are shocking and upsetting and are not representative of the hundreds of other teachers who work hard every day to provide a safe and quality education for the students in the Moore Public School District.

'As always, we will continue to cooperate with the police department and District Attorney's office. We are thankful for their diligent work in this matter and have full confidence in the legal process.

'At this time, being consistent with any incident such as this, the employee remains on administrative leave while the case works its way through the court process.'


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Is there anything duct tape can't do? Fisherman saved by DIY leg bandage after he was bitten by a shark

A Gold Coast man bitten by a shark while he was running a charter fishing trip on Wednesday afternoon used padding and duct tape to treat his wound so his customers could keep fishing.

Scott van Burck, 31, was about 20 kilometres - or an hour and a half - off the coast of Main Beach when a customer caught a one-metre reef shark, reported the Brisbane Times. After helping pull the catch aboard, it flipped and bit Mr van Burck on the calf. Deckhand Adrian Gray told 9News he used pliers to pull the big fish off his colleague.

Instead of panicking, the experienced fisherman applied some padding to the wound and secured it with duct tape, and decided to call his mum instead of an ambulance. Luckily, his mother Tiana van Burck called emergency services for her son, and an ambulance met the fishing group at Muriel Henchman Drive in Main Beach just before 1pm"


he Antarctic peninsula is COOLING

Laughs all round with this one. They want to say that this finding has no implications for the globe as a whole.  Since Antarctica has 96% of the world's glacial ice, it surely has BIG implications for the scare about rising sea levels. Zwally has shown that Antractica as a whole is gaining mass so put the two findings together and it undermines the very thing that Warmists have made central to their cries of doom!  Unless there is significant warming and melting in Antarctica, there is no doom! The way it's going, we are headed for a sea-level FALL!

And their explanation for the cooling is pathetic.  They say it's caused by the ozone hole shrinking.  But it isn't. The hole was at its largest in October.  Not October 10 years ago or even October 5 years ago.  It was October LAST YEAR.  The ban on our best refrigerant gases has clearly had no effect whatever.

Their other explanation is: "Temperatures have decreased as a consequence of a greater frequency of cold, east-to-southeasterly winds". But why?  Why did these winds spring up promptly at the beginning of the 21st century. If they have been going for around 20 years now, why did they not spring up earlier?  What has  changed?  It's essentially a non-explanation, which is why they have defaulted to "natural variability" as an explanation.  But in that case why is the slight warming of the 20th century not natural variability too?  They're getting into some very deep water there.

When big icebergs break off Arctica or Antarctica that is regularly said to be evidence of global warming.  I wonder why "natural variability" is not invoked on those occasions?  It seems to be a case of Warmists trying to have their cake and eat it too.

But whatever the cause, we have in the work below yet another example of global warming prophecy failing.  I append the extract from the underlying journal article

The Antarctic is one part of the world you might have thought would be affected by global warming.  But for the last two decades, the Antarctic peninsula – the tip of the continent nearest to South America - has not got any warmer, scientists have found.

Research stations on the peninsula show that a while temperatures rose rapidly since the 1950s, the temperature has stayed steady and even declined since the late 1990s.

A new study has recorded an ozone increase in the icy region, suggesting the agreement signed nearly three decades ago to limit the use of substances responsible for ozone depletion, is having a positive effect.

As well as creating an identifying ozone increase, it’s slowing the rate of ozone depletion in the stratosphere - Earth's second major atmospheric layer.

Part of the answer why the Antarctic peninsula has not got any warmer in the past two to three decades is because more cold south-easterly and easterly winds are blowing towards the area from the Weddell Sea.

A further reason is because the hole in the ozone layer – caused by gases in aerosols called CFCs – is beginning to heal up – helping to shield Antarctica from solar radiation.

The hole has started to close since the polluting CFCs have been banned.

The scientists behind the finding are keen to stress that the ‘pause’ in Antarctic warming does not mean that global warming worldwide has come to a stop.

They say the six research stations on the peninsula cover only 1 per cent of the total continent of Antarctica.

Glaciers are still retreating – and ice shelves are still collapsing in the region.

They also note that temperatures are still warmer than at the beginning of the century.

Reporting this week in the journal Nature researchers from British Antarctic Survey (BAS) said changing wind patterns may also be ‘temporarily masking’ the warming influence of greenhouse gases.

The authors also note that the ‘pause’ in warming coincides with the controversial ‘global warming hiatus’ or slowdown, which claims that global temperatures started to slowdown from 1996 from rising 0.14°C per decade up to 1996 and rising to 0.07°C per decade afterwards.

But the authors argue that the pause in the Antarctic is ‘independent of the global warming hiatus’.

Lead author, Professor John Turner of British Antarctic Survey says: ‘The Antarctic Peninsula is one of the most challenging places on Earth on which to identify the causes of decade-to-decade temperature changes.’

They said that the peninsula ‘shows large natural variations which can overwhelm the signals of human-induced global warming’.

He added: ‘The ozone hole, sea-ice and westerly winds have been significant in influencing regional climate change in recent years.

‘Even in a generally warming world, over the next couple of decades, temperatures in this region may go up or down, but our models predict that in the longer term greenhouse gases will lead to an increase in temperatures by the end of the 21st Century.’

Antarctic Peninsula temperatures increased by up to 0.5°C per decade until the 1950s when they stopped rising, the researchers said.

The research team analysed ice cores taken from drilling into the soil – which allow scientists to calculate the temperature at the time the ice was laid down.

They found that the warming of the peninsula ‘was not unprecedented’ over the past 2,000 years.

Recently, they found that warming started in the 1920s, and revealed ‘periods of warming and cooling over the last several centuries that were comparable to those observed in the post-1950s instrumental record.’

The authors said the findings ‘highlights the large natural variability of temperatures in this region of Antarctica that has influenced more recent climate changes.’

Dr Robert Mulvaney, is a leading ice core researcher at British Antarctic Survey, said: ‘Meteorological observations from the Antarctic Peninsula research stations only cover the last 60 years or so. If we are to get a better idea of the long-term trend we need to look back in time.

‘The ice core record helps us see how the climate evolves over the longer term. We can also look at the levels of carbon dioxide and other chemicals that were in the atmosphere and compare them with observations from today.’

‘Climate model simulations predict that if greenhouse gas concentrations continue to increase at currently projected rates their warming effect will dominate over natural variability (and the cooling effect associated with recovering ozone levels) and there will be a warming of several degrees across the region by the end of this century.’


Absence of 21st century warming on Antarctic Peninsula consistent with natural variability

John Turner et al.

Since the 1950s, research stations on the Antarctic Peninsula have recorded some of the largest increases in near-surface air temperature in the Southern Hemisphere1. This warming has contributed to the regional retreat of glaciers2, disintegration of floating ice shelves3 and a ‘greening’ through the expansion in range of various flora4. Several interlinked processes have been suggested as contributing to the warming, including stratospheric ozone depletion5, local sea-ice loss6, an increase in westerly winds5, 7, and changes in the strength and location of low–high-latitude atmospheric teleconnections8, 9. Here we use a stacked temperature record to show an absence of regional warming since the late 1990s. The annual mean temperature has decreased at a statistically significant rate, with the most rapid cooling during the Austral summer. Temperatures have decreased as a consequence of a greater frequency of cold, east-to-southeasterly winds, resulting from more cyclonic conditions in the northern Weddell Sea associated with a strengthening mid-latitude jet. These circulation changes have also increased the advection of sea ice towards the east coast of the peninsula, amplifying their effects. Our findings cover only 1% of the Antarctic continent and emphasize that decadal temperature changes in this region are not primarily associated with the drivers of global temperature change but, rather, reflect the extreme natural internal variability of the regional atmospheric circulation.

Nature 535, 411–415 (21 July 2016) doi:10.1038/nature18645

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

British woman sent naked selfies to five teens after grooming them on social media

A WOMAN paedophile who sent naked selfies to five teenage boys in the UK before going on to have sex with one of them has been jailed for two years.

Twisted Gail Wright, 44, sent explicit images of herself to the youngsters after getting in touch with them on Facebook.

Nottingham Crown Court heard she met the boys, while they were aged 14 and 15, in 2015 and struck up a relationship with them.

She befriended the first teen who said he felt he could “talk to her about things” but it escalated into sending naked snaps of herself and making sexually explicit comments.

A court heard the victim used a friend’s phone to talk to her one day and didn’t log out of Facebook.

When his friend came across the messages, he made contact with Wright and she also sent nude photos and videos containing sexual acts.

She also bought one of the lads Nike Air trainers and clothes for his 16th birthday - after she had begun a sexual relationship with him.

Wright was only rumbled when the dad of one of the boys saw the pictures on his phone and reported the matter to police.

Officers searched Wright’s home and found 42 images on her iPad, which she had sent to the youths and she was arrested.

She pleaded guilty to one count of sexual activity with a child under 16, four counts of causing a child to look at an image of sexual activity and two counts of possessing an indecent photograph of a child at a previous hearing.

Wright, of Shireoaks, Notts., was jailed for two years and ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for 10 years.

After the case, Detective Inspector Pete Quinn, from Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This was an unusual case in that the perpetrator was a woman.

“But this goes to show that although the overwhelming majority of sexual exploitation cases brought to the attention of police are perpetrated by men against girls, we cannot be complacent about the fact that it can happen to anyone, anywhere.

“The teenagers in this case have shown courage and maturity in disclosing what happened and I hope that the sentence handed down today will help them and their families move on from a very distressing time.”


This $1 million Australian coin sold just 2 days after it went on the market

At $A1 million, perhaps this coin made by the Perth Mint is small change for an Emirati sheikh driving his Bugatti Veyron around Dubai.  But even the mint's CEO, Richard Hayes, sounded a little surprised when the coin - made from 1kg of 99.99% pure gold, and with a 0.54 carat red diamond from Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Western Australia embedded in it - sold within 48 hours of going on the market last week.

The coin, dubbed the Kimberley Treasure, is legal tender in Australia because it has Queen Elizabeth's effigy on the "heads" side, and a red kangaroo holding the gemstone on the "tails" side".

The Kimberley Treasure sold to Tiara Gems and Jewellery DMCC chairman Ashish Vijay Jain, who plans to show off his newly prized possession in Dubai. “We are honoured to bring this prestigious collectable to Dubai, the luxury hub of the Middle East,” Jain said in a statement on news of the sale."


An aptly named fraud is exposed

"Krebs" is German for cancer. The UK's Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has published a new report on the risks facing the UK from climate change. In a video announcing the report, chair of the CCC's Lord Krebs highlighted the 3 main risks identified by the report.  But below are the actual facts from the GWPF

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Total abandonment of science by the Congressional Left

The professional Warmists at DeSmog Blog have put up here a number of pages from the Congressional Record that report testimony on climate change by Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren and other well-known scientists.  The testimony by Harry Reid is a particular hoot.  He has repeated for the umpteenth time his sweeping condemnation of the Koch Bros.  They are a worm in Harry's brain. He can't get past  them.  According to him they are responsible for all climate skepticism.

And Pocohontas is not much better.  She aims her spray rather more widely, with Lord Monckton coming in for a big blast.  She claims that he is not a scientist and seems to think that what he says is therefore worthless  -- quite overlooking the fact that she is not a scientist either.  Is her opinion worthless?  I think so but I'm betting that she does not.

But  in the end the whole session is just "ad hominem" argument, argument which is of zero logical force.  The pages concerned are awash with sweeping and unreferenced  personal vilification. When Pocohontas says that a Monckton claim has been disproved, we might have expected the name or names of the person/s who did the disproving.  But no such luck. And nowhere is there any mention of a single climate datum, fact or figure.

It's all rather Satanic, actually: An unending flow of hate and nothing but hate.

Monday, July 18, 2016

An amusing example of superficial analysis from the Left

The author below makes a mistake very common among even academic Leftist writers:  Assuming that correlation is causation and that they "know" in which direction the causal arrow points.  One of the first things you learn in Statistics 101 is that correlation is NOT causation and cannot determine causation. 

The finding concerned below is a correlation between anti-Muslim sentiment among the host population and pro-ISIS sentiment among the local Muslim population. Inferred from that is that anti-Muslim sentiment drives Muslims into the arms of ISIS. And indeed it may do.  But let's look a bit further back along the causal chain.  Could it be that anti-Muslim sentiment is high in some areas because Muslims seem particularly obnoxious in certain areas?  So the causal chain runs:  Obnoxious Muslim behaviour ==> Anti-Muslim sentiment ==> ISIS-liking Muslims.  Or maybe ISIS-liking Muslims ==> Obnoxious Muslim behaviour ==> anti-Muslim sentiment.

It could be any or all of those things. The case is indeterminant without proper before-and-after research. I append to the article below the academic journal abstract and I note that the author there quietly admits towards the end of the abstract that the results are largely driven by "reverse causation", which I take to mean the sort of causal chains I have outlined. But it's all just opinion, of course.

Finally, let me flesh out out briefly what I suspect really underlay the findings.  Anti-Muslim sentiment is huge in the old East Germany.  Why would that be?  Because the East retains at some level the values drummed into them by their old Communist regime: which are values of brotherhood and solidarity between people.  And Muslims breach that.  By holding themselves apart in so many ways, they destroy social solidarity.  They offend against basic East German values.  So even if they are not in fact unusually obnoxious in the East Muslims will be seen as unusually obnoxious there

So the East German case is pretty clear.  In other countries other or similar influences may be at work.  In Britain, for instance, anti-immigrant sentiment is by far the strongest in the North, as we saw in the Brexit vote.  And where is the North ideologically?  Solidly socialist.  They are the great redoubt of the British Labour party.  And as such they too have strong values of brotherhood and social solidarity.  So we see again that anti-Muslim sentiment is in fact associated with LEFTISM.  Not the Leftism of the elites, of course, but the Leftism of the people. The gulf between the Leftism of the elites and the Leftism of the people has of course been much discussed in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

And who in history was by far the greatest hater of minorities?  The socialist Hitler.  Hitler united socialist and nationalist thinking in the propaganda placard below -- a Wochenspruch for the Gau Weser/Ems. The saying is, "Es gibt keinen Sozialismus, der nicht aufgeht im eigenen Volk" -- which I translate as "There is no socialism except what arises within its own people". You need social solidarity to have real socialism, in other words. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

MANY PEOPLE WANT their political leaders to take a harder line with immigrants and Muslims, but new research suggests that this approach may, as President Obama has repeatedly asserted, make us less safe.

A political scientist (who “worked four years as a counterterrorism research officer in the Israeli Directorate of Military Intelligence”) scoured about 15,000 accounts of ISIS activists and their social networks on Twitter. She “matched users’ location data to local-level administrative data” and found that “local-level vote share for far-right, anti-Muslim parties in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Belgium is a significant predictor of online radicalization.

In substantive terms, an increase of one percentage point in the local-level vote share for far-right parties is associated with a 6 percent, and 3 percent increase, respectively, in the probability of a user being flagged as ISIS-affiliated and being among the top 1 percent posters of radical content.”

Local unemployment or immigration were not associated with pro-ISIS Twitter activity; in fact, “the proportion of asylum seekers and/or asylum seeker centers in a location is negatively linked to these radicalization outcomes.”

The fact that pro-ISIS Twitter activity increased right after anti-Muslim protests across Europe on Feb. 6, 2016 — but only in those areas with high levels of far-right, anti-Muslim voting — suggests that local voter attitudes are driving local radicalization, not the other way around.


From Isolation to Radicalization: The Socioeconomic Predictors of Support for ISIS in the West

Tamar Mitts


The steady stream of foreign fighters from Western countries to join the Islamic State has gripped the attention of scholars and policymakers around the world. In this paper, I provide the first systematic micro-level study of the socioeconomic predictors of online radicalization and support for ISIS in Europe. I argue that lack of integration in Western countries, coupled with anti-Muslim discrimination and hostility, drives individuals to support ISIS on social media. From December 2015 to May 2016, I collected real-time data on the activity of thousands of ISIS activists and the full social network of their followers on Twitter, a central platform for the organization’s recruitment efforts. I captured and analyzed the online activity and textual content produced by ISIS supporters before their accounts were deleted from the Internet. Using data on the geographic location of ISIS supporters, I matched online radicalization indicators with offline data on voteshare for far-right, anti-Muslim parties in Europe to examine whether the intensity of anti-Muslim hostility at the local level predicts support for ISIS on Twitter. Results show that local-level support for far-right parties is a significant and substantively meaningful determinant of pro-ISIS radicalization online, including posting tweets sympathizing with ISIS, describing life in ISIS-controlled territories, discussing foreign fighters, and expressing anti-West sentiment. An event study of the marches organized by the anti-Muslim movement PEGIDA in 2016 suggests that the results are not entirely driven by reverse causality. Of particular relevance to the current debate over refugee policy, I also find that the number of foreigners or asylum seekers in a locality are not significant predictors of radicalization.


A university promotion in Russia

A video of women in bikinis and skimpy dresses has been released in a bid to entice young Russian men to study in their home town. Education officials launched the clip to encourage school leavers to favour universities in Tyumen in south-central Russia over more glamorous establishments in Moscow and St Petersburg.

But instead of focusing on facilities, staff and educational courses, the crude footage showed female students sunbathing in bikinis and horse riding in tight clothes. The video was intended to show off the benefits of studying locally in the Tyumen Oblast region.

The video does also show a male medical student - riding a skateboard in his white medical uniform.  And at one point, a sexy female student can be seen on horseback wearing a white T-shirt with the logo: 'Study in Tyumen'"


Sunday, July 17, 2016

A hedge worth crowing about! Cockadoodle the sculpted yew has watched over this cottage for 100 years

"When it comes to ruling the roost, Cockadoodle the sculpted yew has more experience than most. For well over 100 years, he has watched over this grade II-listed cottage thanks to successive owners who have passed down the topiary tradition. Today he is around 20ft tall – almost as high as the cottage – and has become so famous he is visited by tourists and schoolchildren.

When he was first pictured in 1910, he was missing quite a few feathers, and by the middle of the 1920s, his head had been pruned to a few twigs. But now there’s not a gap to be seen in his plumage – and his spectacular comb is positively bristling with pride"


Why is it that only a tiny minority of Muslims in the Western world take up terrorism?

I wrote a post on the topic above recently.  In reply, a  fellow psychologist has also addressed his mind to the question.  See below:

I think many more Muslims are involved in Jihad than is visible. All things are part of spectrums between extremes, and aggression and Jihad are too. The bulk of Muslims support the few active Jihadis in ways ranging from conscious active support through passive support to the most unconscious subtle encouragement of it.

I think Islam is to Jihad what HIV is to AIDS. One arises from the other, inevitably and automatically, as the fulfilment of its nature. Beliefs are the drivers of individuals and nations. Islam is driven by its beliefs in its scriptures.

Depending on the individual and their place in the collective, the attitudes, thoughts and behaviour resultant from those beliefs may be active or passive, conscious or barely conscious, but is still of the same beliefs, and is made active and conscious in its circumstances, order, or in its turn.

Not every HIV virus is involved in actively destroying the infected body as AIDS, but they are all at least passively involved. I don’t think Islam is a cancer in the body of the west, it is more like a virus, although it eventually makes Islamic no-go zones that are like tumours, its main behaviour is more as a virus waging its war on the body of the West rather than as a cancer as some say Islam is.

Every individual virus by its existence in the infected body is supporting those viruses that are actively attacking the body, because each unit of the virus in its own way is part of the spectrum of activity from most unconscious/subtle activity to most conscious/active. Naturally those virus units most active are the least numerous, but they are being produced and replaced by the lesser active reservoir of viruses from which they come, and which must have greater number.

I think the only solution is to cause Islam to turn against itself. Its leaders must reform it, must make Jihad an individual effort against oneself, against one’s own bad habits and lesser aspects, or against one’s own internal infidels, rather than a group effort against us external infidels. That is the only change that will keep roughly in keeping with the Koran, for that book is always going to drive them.

So far no Islamic leaders are voluntarily stepping up to the plate to do that job, though some like Ayaan Hirsi Ali seem to be preparing the ground. What happens in individuals is reflected in the collective, so, such a movement of individual internal jihad within islam will reflect itself in a division across collective Islam, possibly a greater intra islamic divide or a war which may or may not be fully external/hot.

Their leaders may need severe prompting to do this, and so applying extreme external pressure, even to threaten their survival, may be required. So I agree nuclear bombs may have to be part of the solution as destroying one city after another may indeed be the motivation necessary to turn Islam against itself and bring forward the Islamic leaders it needs to lead it in a reforming direction.

Other pressures may be needed too, or better suited – containment, famine, starvation, disease? But something powerful and clearly death dealing will probably have to be used to motivate them.

They are not smart like the Japanese. Generally, the Japanese's intelligence is stronger than his emotions, his ability to restrain himself is at least as strong as his ability to let loose. The average Japanese can reason, can foresee, and has an internal locus of control.

Muslims/Arabs lack these qualities and abilities. They are generally of low intelligence, their emotions and impulses are stronger than their intelligence and ability to restrain and redirect themselves. Their locus of control is not within their own faculty of conscious choice, of which they are unaware, but is outside of themselves, and they actually believe it is and cannot see it any other way, which is why the males believe their sexual control depends on how females dress, and why they blame others for everything they feel and do.

Whereas the Japanese substantially changed within one generation’s lifespan, I think the Muslims/Arabs are unlikely to do that. The Japanedse were concentrated in their islands and that made change easier.

Muslims are dispersed around the world and millions are across Europe. That could make changing their attitude more difficult and take long time. Civil strife, even civil wars, in western countries between Muslim and non-Muslims could be part of the picture.

Also, and significantly, Leftists of influence in the media, politics, academia, in community work fields,... are currently using Muslims as pawns, as foot soldiers to do their dirty work by proxy, subtly and cunningly encouraging and manipulating Muslims towards their worst, bring out in them their propensity towards resentment and envy, and subsequent hostility towards the West, which extreme leftists want to see fall.

The Japanese didn’t have Leftists smarter than themselves manipulating them and trying to undermine their change for the better. Any persuading force applied by the West upon Islam to prompt its change is going to have to come from a West that has largely silenced its Left or is unaffected by its Left – perhaps a temporary excursion to the Right, even by the Left, which the Left could easily do. Of course all this is surmising. Something different altogether might occur.


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