Thursday, October 16, 2003


John Ray of Dissecting Leftism and PCWatch received the following email regarding political correctness within academia. It needs to be widely read.

I teach mathematics at Glendale Community College, AZ, in the Maricopa Community College District and recently protested the "Dia de La Raza" event that a Latino group was hosting. Of course, "Dia" is the Hispanic subversion of Columbus day where Hispanics celebrate the idigenous peoples of America. I posted an email district-wide challenging the event, asking the legitimate question of why such a blatantly racist event was permitted. Of course I received all sorts of ridiculous email on being racist, a bigot, "I'm offended", "La Raza isn't really racist." etc. This was last Friday, the 10th. On Monday I posted district-wide a email acknowledging Columbus Day. My email included essays by Lowell Ponte and David Yeagley and a few others. Today, when I attempted to respond to postings like "Maybe we should have a Hitler Day" (This by what seemed to be a White woman. She should realize what's really at stake, but obviously doesn't have a clue.) I found that my posting is now blocked! I can no longer post district-wide but La Raza, Feminists, Gay and lesbian organizations, etc. will still be allowed free rein in posting district-wide. I have been censored for airing politically incorrect views! The situation may change since I intend garnering support for the right to post district-wide. However, you may post this letter to your PC Watch or Dissecting Leftism web site if you want. Maybe it'll help.

Walter K. (
In my opinion, the insidiousness of political correctness cannot be overemphasized. It is a euphemism for "loss of freedom."

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