Monday, May 30, 2005

Fidelity Written into Mortgage Contract

A Japanese couple were concerned that their faithfulness in marriage would be challenged by the corroding temptations of the flesh so they decided to put a fidelity provision in their mortgage contract.

From the Mainichi Daily News:
When they took out a housing loan they composed a written agreement to the effect that if either of them is caught in an adulterous relationship, the guilty party not only forfeits the right to live in the new condominium but also agrees to pay off the entire loan singlehandedly.
It's not clear as to whether the contract would be legally binding since it hasn't been challenged in court, however, the couple believes it to be a form of insurance.

It's also been suggested that marriage contracts be written to include requirements on frequency of sexual relations and prohibitions on bad-mouthing the in-laws.

Um -- that last one might be a deal killer.

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