Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rumblings of Major Chaos in Venezuela

(Caracas, Venezuela) What's with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez? From Babalu Blog, we learn about a buzz of speculation created by mixed rumors of a possible military coup, an assassination attempt, a heart attack, or maybe a dramatic staged set of circumstances to expose political enemies. In any event, Chavez has canceled public appearances and it's reported that people have gathered in the streets, but no military has been called in.

Reports (here, here, and here) from Communist Cuba are downplaying the rumors, saying Chavez's health is fine and everything is normal. Venezuelan government officials have stated that security measures have been taken to prevent any assassination attempt. Of course, from Fidel Castro's press, it's to be expected that all news would be supportive of a stable situation in Caracas. The Venezuelan press is stifled and no bloggers have posted on the situation yet.

If something major has happened or is happening, it won't remain hidden for very long. I expect some type of independent confirmation soon. Hopefully, the confirmation won't involve International Election Certifier, Jimmy Carter.

Hat tip: Dr. Sanity

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