Sunday, May 29, 2005

Shootings Kill Six in Ohio Farmhouses

(Bellefontaine, Ohio) Outside Bellefontaine, four adults and two teens were found shot to death in two adjacent farmhouses this morning. The farmhouses, separated by less than a mile, had four and two victims, repectively, and are owned by the same family. Officials found multiple weapons at the scene and suspect that the gunman may be one of the dead.

No motive is presently known for the killings that probably occurred between 6am and 10am. A seventh victim, a female teen shot in the neck, survived and was flown by Careflight to Miami Valley Hospital. The Logan County Sheriff's Office is investigating the developing story.

[Update 1930 EDT] According to a FOXNEWS broadcast of a police press conference, the deceased victims have been identified as:
Paige Harshbarger - age 14
Sheri Shafer - age 37
Megan Karus - age 19
Scott R. Moody - age 18
Sharyl Shafer - age 66
Gary Shafer - age 67
The surviving victim was identified as Stacy Moody, 15, who has undergone surgery for the gunshot wound to her neck. Officials state that a rifle was used.

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