Sunday, May 29, 2005

'Stays In Vegas' Ad Campaign Prompts Investigations

(Las Vegas, Nevada) According to this report, a national advertising campaign that states "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" has created a blitz of business for private investigators. Nervous spouses and significant others have retained the private eyes to keep an eye on the activities of their loved ones.
Ed Norton, with Norton Consulting and Investigations says he's been getting more and more calls every week asking the same question. "My husband's coming into town. Would you follow them and see what they're doing?"

Norton believes it stems directly from the city's ad campaign promoting Las Vegas as an adult playground. "You know the advertisement we have here, 'What happens here, stays here.' Maybe people outside Las Vegas go 'hmm, my wife's going to Vegas or my husband/boyfriend.'"
Jason Porter, also with Norton Consulting and Investigations, stated that they followed the activities of a 60-year-old married man.
Porter explains, "We were contracted by this gentleman's wife ... sitting at a bar with a younger woman for three hours. They kiss as she says goodbye. The next day, this tape is mailed to his wife making sure what happens in Vegas doesn't stay here."
Although it's not cheap to hire an investigator, they do produce results. It's estimated that targeted individuals are found to do something suspicious about 80 percent of the time.

This is probably bummer news for some people.

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