Saturday, May 28, 2005

Zarqawi Reported Dead

From The Jawa Report, via LGF, via Hammorabi, it's reported (unconfirmed) that Zarqawi suffered massive infection after taking a bullet or schrapnel in the lung and died. The MSM hasn't mentioned anything yet.

Gateway Pundit reports that Zarqawi's Jordanian relatives are preparing for a funeral in Zarqa, Jordan. Vodkapundit says the USAF rumor mill supports the story of Zarqawi's death from its sources.

Assuming Zarqawi's essence is with the virgins, some other people have been left with his putrefying carcass. And, whoever is the keeper of the carcass is going to want to move it a few hundred miles to Jordan, presuming that there will be a funeral. I wonder, just from a logistical standpoint, how the body would be secretly moved. Also, given the customary state of medical facilities in war zones, especially war zones in hot, stinking deserts, it's not clear that his body has been properly refrigerated and embalmed. Surely, the location lends itself to rapid decomposition which means his remains are raising a stench that even Michael Jackson's modified nose could detect.

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