Sunday, November 27, 2005

Teacher Charged with Corrupting Boy

(York County, Pennsylvania) A 29-year-old teacher, Erica Rutters, faces a first-degree misdemeanor charge of corrupting a minor based on evidence she allegedly had an inappropriate sexual relationship with 16-year-old student at Oxford Christian Academy.

The boy's mother, Vicki Klinedinst of Reading Township, found sexually explicit letters among her son's belongings and notified authorities. According to Eastern Adams Regional Police Officer Randy Reichert, the boy confirmed that the letters came from Rutters and that "on numerous occasions he and Rutters would leave the school and go to different locations and engage in sexual foreplay and on at least one occasion they engaged in sexual intercourse."

Rutters' husband, Bryan Rutters, said the allegations are false. However, the boy, Jason Klinedinst, confirmed that the relationship occurred. Interestingly,
The Klinedinsts adopted Jason in 2001, when he was 13. In the years before his adoption, he had been through several foster homes. During that time, he was diagnosed with several mental disorders, including reactive attachment disorder [ed. note: Reactive Attachment Disorder! He's RAD.], Klinedinst said. Children with the disorder construct emotional barriers as a means of survival, usually because of trauma they have suffered in the past.

When Jason started having problems at a public high school in Adams County, Klinedinst called Oxford to see if they had any openings.
Subsequently, Rutters became his teacher and attached herself for some disorderly reactions. In so doing, Rutters got compliments from the boy.
"All the chicks my age are either airheads or sluts," he said. "She was really smart, funny and had a personality."
Jason Klinedinst found it strange that she was attracted to him but it was a plus for him to "pull a 30-year-old." I wonder. Was Jason the puller or the pullee? Nevertheless, it's wrong either way.

[Update 03/08/06]

Erica Rutters pleads guilty to corruption of a minor and is sentenced to three years probation and fined $300.

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