Monday, May 01, 2006

Mexico Boosting Illegal Alien Flow

It's beyond me why the politicians and the American people are not having alarm bells reverberating in their skulls. Check out this report.

The Mexican Red Cross (CRM) and the National Migration Agency (INM) will boost their help for Mexicans on their journey to the United States, Mexico's Interior Ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

The two bodies support migrants through the Beta Migrant Protection Group, with the INM funding first aid, medical emergency and humanitarian assistance to all foreigners, regardless of their nationalities.
Evidently, without regard to nationality, the Mexican government has a major program greasing the skids to put illegal aliens across the border. I confess to unfamiliarity with the finer legalities of international relations but, even so, these actions sure appear to be openly hostile acts by Mexico against the United States. To top everything off, the Mexican government has the audacity to announce the expansion of the program to make it easier for trespassers to enter the U.S.

While some Americans believe that nobody should be illegally in the U.S., the Mexican government believes that there currently are too few and has devoted additional resources to increase the number of illegals and to also increase the rate of growth, regardless of nationality.

One might believe that the Mexicans have adopted a mindset that no international border exists and their real problem is not being able to send people north fast enough.

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