Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bali Bombers Freed

How can there be an effective campaign against terrorism when there are virtually no meaningful consequences for the perpetrators? This report really frosts my cookies.

From The Courier-Mail:
Two Islamic militants jailed for the Bali bombings that killed 202 people were freed today and nine others had their sentences reduced to mark the end of the Islamic fasting month, officials said.

Indonesia traditionally marks national holidays by cutting prison terms for inmates who exhibit good behaviour - usually by several months - but the decision is likely to anger countries that lost citizens in the 2002 attacks on two crowded nightclubs. [Ya' think?]

Eighty-eight of those killed were Australians.

Sirojul Munir left the jail in East Kalimantan's capital of Balikpapan early today after 45 days were shaved from his five-year sentence, said Edi, a prison official who uses a single name.

The paperwork has been completed for the other militant, Mujarod bin Salim, said Ilham Jaya, the warden at the main prison on Bali island, and he was technically a free man.

He was expected to leave the jail within an hour.
The international community needs to do something about the regular miscarriage of justice occurring in Indonesia. People are being murdered by thug Islamist terrorists with impunity. And it's going to get worse unless pressure is applied on the government to take stronger action. The Bali bombers should have been executed.

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