Monday, October 23, 2006

Israel May Retake Gaza-Egypt Border

(Jerusalem) Since the Israelis vacated the Gaza Strip, weapons have been arriving from Egypt at a disturbing and deadly rate. Given that they are then used against the Israelis, it's logical to take action to stop the supply.

From AlertNet:
Several Israeli cabinet ministers called on Sunday for a military operation to retake control of Gaza's southern border and prevent Palestinian militants smuggling weapons from neighbouring Egypt.

"Action must be taken without hesitation. Any hesitation is dangerous and we must act immediately," Industry and Trade Minister Eli Yishai of the religious party Shas told reporters.
It's estimated that tons of weapons and ordnance have been smuggled into Gaza from Egypt via tunnels. The flow needs to be stopped but nothing will likely happen prior to Prime Minister Olmert's Washington trip, scheduled for mid-November. Of course, any action by Israel will be reported by the elite media as unwarranted aggression.

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