Monday, October 16, 2006

Italian Journo Kidnapped in Afghanistan

(Kabul, Afghanistan) Italian photojournalist Gabriele Torsello, nicknamed Kash, has been documenting the conflict between India and Pakistan in Kashmir for years. He was kidnapped on Thursday.

Five gunmen seized Gabriele Torsello on the highway from the capital of Helmand province to neighboring Kandahar province, Pajhwok News Agency quoted traveling companion Gholam Mohammad as saying.
The kidnapping was confirmed by a spokesman in the office the Italian Ambassador to Afghanistan. Also, a call to Torsello's mobile phone was answered by a man who stated, "We are the Taliban and we have abducted the foreigner on charges of spying."

However, a Taliban spokesman denied involvement in the kidnapping, saying criminals committed it. Excuse me but based upon just general behavior, it's hard to tell the difference between Taliban and common thugs.

From another source today, the kidnappers are reported to have contacted an Italian aid agency and said that Torsello is fine and they would make their ransom demand soon.

It's noteworthy that the Taliban is able to access the media so swimmingly.

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