Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mr. Nose, The Talking Elephant

(Yongin, South Korea) This is unimaginable.

From The Seoul Times:
A 16-year-old Asian male elephant surprised his trainer and other people because the male elephant speaks the human language, said the elephant trainer Kim Jong-Gap.

Kim, 39, who works at Everland Zoo in Yongin, South Korea's Gyeonggi Province, said on Sept. 7, 2006 that he heard his elephant named Mr. Nose speak words of the human language. It happend while he was working.

Kim said that Mr. Nose is able to pronounce eight words including "Good," "Lie Down," "No," "Not Yet," and "Turn Around." The elephant's pronunciation of the Korean language is nearly the same as any Korean person.
Good! That means only Korean-speaking people have to be nervous if Mr. Nose tells them to turn around and lie down.

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