Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hot British Teacher Shows Her Thong

(Cambridge, England) In 2002, a 23-year-old British beauty, Natasha Gray, was named Britain's sexiest teacher after winning a phone-in competition promoted by a television program.

As a result, Miss Gray qualified to compete in a competition with six other professionals to determine "Britain's Sexiest" overall. Unfortunately, Miss Gray lost the top prize for Britain's Sexiest to a fitness instructor.
Speaking after the competition she said: ''It was absolutely fantastic. I had such a brilliant day. The audience was great and helped me get into it.''
Moving on with her life, Miss Gray started work as a PE and dance teacher at Manor Community College in Cambridge a mere two weeks after the beauty competition. Sometime within the ensuing seven years, Miss Gray started modeling and her provocative photos in thongs and other revealing underwear became available on the Internet at the website iModel.com.

Teacher Natasha Gray

Naturally, it wasn't a secret very long within the student body of Manor Community College with 355 pupils between the ages of 11 and 16. In fact, Miss Gray's saucy images became "common knowledge" and resulted in one disgusted parent sending the school an anonymous letter of complaint.
It said: ''I am a parent of a pupil at Manor Community College in Cambridge and was surprised when my child came home from school informing me that one of their teachers had some what I would call provocative pictures on a website.

''From doing a bit of digging, it is apparently common knowledge about these photos, and has been for some time.

''Any teacher is in a position of trust and surely this is inappropriate for not only the school, but also pupils. I am disgusted that, even if these were taken before she became a teacher, Miss Gray has not even attempted to remove them. I assume the pupils have a good giggle about it but I find it rather crass."
Consequently, the school's principal, Ben Slade, said Miss Gray would be punished. Slade said he would ask Miss Gray to take the pictures down even though he doesn't consider them to be pornographic. All in all, it looks like Miss Gray will only receive a letter of strong reprimand.

Frankly, I don't see what the big deal is and I suspect that the reason this story is reported throughout the British media is because it involves one universal element of salaciousness -- hot female teacher in a thong.

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[Update] For comparison sake, art teacher Tamara Hoover was forced to resign from her position at Austin High School in Texas for having topless photos on the Internet. Natasha Gray appears as though she will at least keep her job.

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